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This is where people can post constructive criticism for my roleplaying.

Am I not IC? Don't like something I've done? Think I handled a plot badly? Am I attention whoring? Let me know here.

Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to ignore any critique posted here if it's incoherent or just plain trolling. If I'm doing it wrong, don't do it wrong while telling me off for it.

Currently this is for the following characters:

[ profile] luceti:

Asch the Bloody | Tales of the Abyss | [ profile] mirrorbirth
Edward Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist | [ profile] truthget
Mikage | 07-Ghost | [ profile] notakor
Suki | Avatar: The Last Airbender | [ profile] sokkafangirl
Zack Fair | Final Fantasy VII | [ profile] wingenvy

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