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Anon, I am disappoint.

...Okay, actually, I expected that. But at the same time I am disappointed. Why? Because there is no player trust anymore. Typically I don't even bother getting excited or involved in plots because I know I can't get involved without this sort of wank stirring up about favouritism and whatnot. And just trying it out once when there were FIFTY positions available for myself and other players to have a go at it, only to get razzed about it being nothing but "mods and their friends" (when in fact I am friends with less than half, possibly a third, of those chosen), that's... not good incentive to do it again. Which is probably the whole point of them wanking in the first place. Still- it doesn't seem fair, that being... well, fair is earning this much ire.

So here is a question to all you roleplayers out there:

If mods are just players with a password, why can't they be allowed to have fun when plot is involved?

The obvious answer is that there's too much risk of bias; mods getting picked for NPC interaction, mods knowing to ask the right questions, mods always getting to do the "cool stuff". Since mods are the ones picking the participants and all.

But. You know. It's the fact that people are going "Of course the mods were picked", "It's obvious", etc. etc. is really hurtful, and kind of upsetting that we're considered to be so untrustworthy; that after years of showing as little favouritism as humanly possible, when trying to be really careful about letting everyone have a fair go, this time in particular because there were so few positions at first and several mods did sign up, the worst is still expected of us. And it makes me sad, even if it was predictable. Because I was the one making the random selections, I was the one putting the names on the list. I'm the one who sees all those accusations and thinks, wow, after all the effort I put into giving everyone - everyone, including myself and the three other mods who were interested in getting involved - a fair chance at getting picked. I used a random generator. I doctored nothing. The only ones I showed favour to were active players. None of them mods. And that is because they earned it. Masa and Kyo were given their positions when their numbers were picked after everyone whose number was chosen had gotten their first choice. Susumu was on infiltration because I'd only picked one and my number was selected just as randomly as everyone else. I assigned the roles in the order that they were generated, giving first choice to everyone I possibly could. Hell, I even tried to avoid showing favour to friends or the obvious ones but opted not to because they deserved the chance just as much as anyone else. So I was fair and was accused of being biased. AWESOME. And I guess they expected me to only be fair to the normal players who aren't friends with the mods, or the mods themselves. Because... selective fairness is the ultimate way to do it. Uh. Yes.

This is the first time I've gotten involved in a selective plot since becoming a mod. And since this sort of response is such a buzzkill, I won't be doing it again. Even if it's just a couple of anons being butthurt, it's better not to deal with the hassle. Even if you don't track the anon meme, it always gets back to you and fucks with your day.

So congratulations, whoever is behind this, though I suspect I know who it is- again. I will go back to feeling disinterested and detached from plots after this to be all PC and let everyone else have fun while I supervise. Just like always.

Man, it must be nice for mods who run their game anonymously. I bet they get to have fun during events.

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What!? You gave me loaded dice?

She gave me LOADED DICE! Anons! Arrest her!
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Oh. Now I'm the bad mod? Take a look in the mirror, pal!
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I LOL'd so hard at this!

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Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week!

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I'd say mushy stuff to make you feel better, but I'm more interested in dat ass. Buttmonkey likes what buttmonkey sees..

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Also, clearly, Superman is us here.


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Ah... are you referring to the Luceti kidnapping/rescue event? I was afraid that might happen, but darn it, I really didn't want it to. ; ;

If you ever felt like you could hold one of these plot events again, what if you put let another Luceti member (possibly someone you're not friends with) be in charge of picking the players at random? That way, even if you DO show up as being selected for the event, no one can point fingers at you? I suppose even THEN they could pin it back at you, but I'm just trying to think of anything, really. .-. I hate that some jerk is ruining this for you.

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Yeah, I read that and was utterly WTF at it. But it seems rpanoncomm is just full of that today.

Screw them, Akai. You're allowed to have fun in your game. :|

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But yeah, I'm with KJ. Don't stop getting involved in fun shit, because the people who whined on the rp anon comm are pathetic, self-centered individuals who put themselves first and foremost and deserve to be shut out of every good game on LJ.

You making a post like this would make any normal individual with a healthy respect for other people feel like a cockmunch for wronging you, but these are not normal people we're dealing with over here.

What we're dealing with is the foul-smelling THUNDERCUNT, which roams the plains of Roleplayopolis in search of good times to shit upon. The Thundercunt does not care for any inconvenience it may cause, and aims only to vandalize various Good Times by humping it furiously, with great distaste, before romping off again to go lick its non-existent wounds with others of its kind. There have been attempts made to reason with the Thundercunt, but usually these attempts are unsuccessful due to its inability to perceive anything that does not directly relate to the self. Its low intelligence and inability to empathize rank it below the domesticated hamster in terms of usefulness. There have been many efforts to hunt down the Thundercunt, but as some well-meaning morons have constructed safe havens for these douchebags to hide within capture and torment is all but a far off dream.

Most residents of Roleplayopolis have taken to ignoring the Thundercunts in favor of having Good Times. It can be aggravating for the mayors of Roleplayopolis, but luckily several citizens rise to the cause and combat the Thundercunts either in their own territory, or by speaking out against their truly dickish behavior.

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I'm boggled at those complaints because eight of the people who were picked - EIGHT - were new players who just apped in last month. How is that biased at all? That's a huge percentage of newbies.

I'm sure I'm one of the people being complained about because OMG YOU'RE FRIENDS WITH THE MODS but really, I've volunteered my guys for stuff before and not had them picked, so you're clearly failing on that bias thing here. I mean, GOD AKAI, DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?

Basic statistics, these people have failed it. I've never even taken a stats course in my life and I still understand enough about how probability works to know that that is a perfectly reasonable list to have acquired through random selection, especially because anyone who signed up automatically had better than a 50% of being chosen.

Just ignore the haters who want to ruin everyone else's fun because THEY didn't get what they wanted.

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Aw, Akai. Agreeing with the others -- don't let anon ruin your fun. You deserve as much as any player -- strong emphasis on player -- to participate in plots, even if they are selective.

There's zero merit to these complaints, and for reals, brosis, haterz gonna hate.

Besides. The people who so easily believe we'd stoop to favoritism in the first place are unlikely to ever listen to reason and it's not too much worth our time, I think, to try and convince them. Not unless they displayed actual sincerity about treating us fairly. (Hurr. Mods deserve fair treatment too, mirite?) Everyone else has already got our back, and fuck yeah for those people, who seem to be the overwheing majority.
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This icon reflects how I feel regarding this whole mess.

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... Everyone else said it better than I could so...

/hugs :(

If anything, I never thought of it as biased at all. You're still a player like everyone else, and a really fair mod as far as I've experienced, so anon isn't worth your time.

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Sometimes in very similar situations, sometimes in very dissimilar situations.

Either way, it fucking sucks and it helps nothing and you deserve to have as good a time as anyone else. I will echo the FUCK 'EM response.
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I refuse to look at what was said because I honestly don't care. This is a game. Games are meant to be fun, for not just the players, but the ones in charge of the game, too. So on that note, for all those anons out there --

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I'm not sure I have anything to add that's better than what these fine people have already come up with.

But we like you in plots. Do stay in them.
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Favoritism is...very easy for people to hope onto, whenever they feel like they're somehow not getting their fair share. Sometimes it's an actual issue and needs to be dealt with, but a lot of time it's grasping at straws to find out why they're not getting their 'fair share' of activity. It's easier to point at the mod playing with her friends and shout 'favoritism' than it is to go over and try and join in.

And...didn't your friends become your friends by being active players in your game? If you've been a mod of a game for years and there are people who are consistently active that you get along with, it is not that unusual to become friends. That probably creates a sort of 'inner circle' maybe, but it's one that's built from genuine interest in the game, not circle-jerking.

At least that's my understanding? Either way, if you made sure to be as fair as you could then there's no need to back down when it sounds like someone's upset over not being chosen. And choosing to vent about it anonymously instead of going to you and asking about the process.