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good morning world...

...oh good grief, this again?

So a few weeks ago I got an e-mail regarding an old fic on that I wrote for a good three years and then had to abandon:

Hopefully you still check this email account. I was wondering if you would mind if I edited and continued your story "The Light of the Snow-Red Village". I really enjoyed the concept, and I'm sad that you never finished it. I will probably start posting edited chapters, but I would love to have your blessing. If you don't want me to continue, email me and I will take down whatever I have posted. I will probably post on FFN, and I will be sure to link to your original story.

The Roving Pen

I was in the middle of exams, so I didn't get around to responding, and then I ended up forgetting... I did check the site, and the author had made a profile the same day as they'd e-mailed me. So they had really intended to post.

Just this morning I got an alert from another user had reported the story as being plagiarized, and was letting me know.

The fic is here:

It's one thing to ask to continue a story that was abandoned. Even if the author says no, there's nothing wrong with it.

This person did not ask; they stated their intentions and told me to complain if I had a problem with it.

This is Not Okay, people 8| a sidenote, don't read the fic, lol. It's so bad now, seriously.

Another sidenote: I should consider myself lucky it actually took this long for someone to decide to copy my fics. A lot of authors don't get off so easily. Then again I don't check very often, so idk. D|

Also, hi, I'm alive, really. Hopefully a better, happier entry coming soon. ...or at least a meme.

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But I liked that fic. >_>

Anyway. Let me know if you need a lynch mob or something. They're fun to summon. |D

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Was the link to hers or yours? Cause it's not there anymore.

And yeah, her wording was...she was basically saying "lol i'm gonna copy but if you don't like that then tell me and i'll maybe take it down lololol"
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... I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at this.

Just. People seriously do this? And think it's okay? Seriously?

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This actually isn't the first time it's happened; if the fic wasn't so popular amongst readers, I'd be inclined to remove it. Last time, at least, the person... sort of asked. Sort of. (We actually came to a reasonable agreement, eh heh.)

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Multiple facepalms happened.

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LOL at "I want to have your blessing but I don't care to wait for you to say yes or no"

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jsyk i read your subject line as "good morning wood"

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I don't understand why people feel so entitled to do whatever they please, these days. Granted, this is fanfiction, but it's still a piece of written work that should have been respected and left untouched until you, the original author, had responded -- and left entirely with no reply.

It's so mind boggling!