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Sup LJ, it's meme time, because like always I have nothing better to say or do.

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five a few ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Uhhhh also Muse List.

Tell me a pairing, and I will tell you:

1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:

Can also count for friendships, family, etc. Would probably help if you specified |D;

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And also Simon/Anise Anise/Simon! (Because Anise tops, obviously.)

Re: 1/2

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/matches with an Asch-being-a-creeper icon

One of Ion's goals in life is to make Asch smile. That's obviously a lost cause, but hey, maybe they can get to the point of being able to have a decent conversation someday! 8Db like 5 years!
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...lmao that icon is beautiful

And I think it might happen someday. Possibly under the guise of an experiment, but SOMEDAY.

Also to avoid drowning you with replies, I am so in favour of Simon/Ion for Valentine's. It would be hilarious xD and poor Anise. (Just as he's getting the balls to ask her out too!)
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They just need more excuses to talk! Of course, right now talking would just be painful for both parties, given Asch is untalkative and Ion... still can't talk because of his mallynap. :|a

Ohman now I am excited for February. /brb making cracky awkward Simon/Ion icons just for the event

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BUT SHIPPING REPLICAS IS FUN~ Especially by Fedex. It's hard to find a box that'll fit, though... /shot

...also I still totally think we should do a Simon and Ion Valentine's Day thing to break Anise's mind. > 3>

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And and ASCH/STELLA since I'd like to hear your thoughts on it 8|

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SIGMUND/EDOWAADO [edit; had to fix the order there >_>]

and zack/guy
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