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fontech ([personal profile] fontech) wrote2011-03-09 05:51 am
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Okay, wow. Kind of dropped off the face of the planet for a while there, eh? Except not really, because I'm online all the time and roleplaying more than is healthy...

So, generic boring life update. AKA a summary of the last month and a half:

- fell on the ice about a month ago, twisted my foot up good. Nothing broken, just constant pain while walking. Yay.
- just finished up midterms, which means I get to enter group project crunch time. Yay.
- about a month and a half left of classes, and then I am finished at Mohawk College. After that I- ...will do god knows what. Be a glorified bookkeeper I guess. Or something. Sob I fear for my future still.


Um. So I started this, and it fizzled, and now I am giving up. Clearly I cannot talk about my life without some sort of prompting.


You know what I need? A meme. ...You know. Besides the ones I haven't finished yet.

Oh my god look at this rambling mess at 5am, what the hell am I doing. NO ONE CARES AKAI

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