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The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I played more MMORPGs.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

And you know what the really freaky thing is?

... I DID!!!! *grins* Got this on my first try, too. Weird.

Ne peeps, check it! I finally got my Africa piccies uploaded! *pose* Go me! Some stories are included, because some of them reeeeaaaally need one, x.x

Cut for the sake of your friends' page )

And that's it. Uwah, that took forever, x.x
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Okay, you'll have to forgive me if this entry's a little mellow. I had half of it done when LJ decided to hate me. I figured I had better finish this up soon, though... so here's part one of the tail-end of my trip - starting... JUly 21st, was it?

Hitchhiking Cross-country )

Till next time!
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Wow, a grand three days since I last updated. Did you miss me? *grin* It's been busy, that's for sure...

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

I guess that's it for a while, ^^; I probably won't have time to update until I come home, unless I get a chance moment at the lodge in Livingstone (have to pay for it tough, ick). I'll be kept busy from now till then - Monday we have a zillion things to do, and Tuesday is the same... then Wednesday, it's road trip time!

For those who care, I'm somewhat worried about the travel safety from here to Livingstone (it'll be kind of like hitchhiking, neechan says, and this makes me wonder, oO) so, um... I don't often ask for this, but keep me in your thoughts, if you're so inclined, ^^; I'm sure everything's going to be fine and we'll have a great time. But even the optimist can fall victim to logic. (Say it ain't so!)

Hugs to all, will miss you much - and I shall be back the night of August 1st! (Though suffering from the most brutal of jet-lags, so be warned...)
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Here I am again! Wow, busy busy week. I saw so many people. Do I remember most of them or their names? Haha... don't ask.

Akai's Massive Cut of Doom )

I'm kind of hoping next week will be less busy, but I'm not too hopeful about it. I know there are still a lot of people to meet, but thankfully we only have one more week in Mongu, then neechan and I going on a road trip to Livingstone! That should be exciting, ^^ At least I hope so, anyway. No net access though - as soon as the road trip is over we'll be going straight to Lusaka, then I'll be on my way home. So after July 21st, I'll be out of contact for a week and a half. Just to warn you all...

And because I'm a spazz, it's fic-talk time.

Where there is much hair-tearing )

Have a good one, all!
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Well! It took me quite a few days but I finally got to where I'm supposed to be living for the next month or so. Phew! Talk about a trip and a half, ^^ Guess I'll start from the beginning...

A quick hello to those who were with me in the late night chat - I only got 2 hours sleep, but I loved it and thus am happy. *grin* Wokie up around 8, got ready for the drive to Detroit - we were on the road around 10. The trip itself was boring so I won't get into that - but here's the interesting stuff!

Plane Ride #1 )

London )

Plane Ride #2 )

Africa - Lusaka )

More Driving )

Africa - Living in Mongu )

Akai's Random Daydream Spazzing )

I guess that's it for now! More updates will be... um... coming randomly. Like... later. ^^ Hope you all enjoyed that. Or at least a bit. Anyway, still tired. *yawn* Have a good one!
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Wow, this month is just flying by... kinda sad and scary at the same time. Only 15 days left! *weeps* I feel likeI've accomplished nothing at all this year. Well okay, I wrote a bunch of stuff and made new friends, but other than that I did... nothing, ^^; Life was so uneventful. And now everything's happening at once!

Neechan sent me an e-mail about one of our side trips in Africa. The plan? Take a bus from Mongu to Senanga, which is say, two hours away, on the Zambezi River. We'll stay the night and then continue on to Sesheke, which is on the border of Namibia, and we might go there too. (I still have to check a map about where these spots are, though...) We'll stay a day in Livingston too, then go on a day trip to Chobe in Botswana. Fun? You bet. ^_^ There's a game park there, and we'll get to see the big kitties. (yay!) Elephants, too. A bunch of cool animals.

Er... tangent... you know, I kept telling myself I should at least finish the LSRV vignette before I leave, but... I don't know if I can do it. My muse has really fallen in love with Blossoms, as well as the RP and my daydreams. I just haven't been as inspired to write RK. It's not that my interest in the fic itself is waning... while, granted, it's fallen a bit, but I like to blame that on certain people rather than my own interest. *coughcough* Maybe it's nasty of me to think that way, but I was always inspired to write until... weeeeell, it's a long story. *muttergrumblescowl* Doesn't help that I rarely talk to my betas anymore... but I blame that on rarely being online these days. I'm sooo busy... ;_;

However, I just finished the latest chapter of Blossoms, and this'll probably be the last one for the summer... so I guess if I finish my new daydream, I'll take a few days and take a good look at my RK fics. Maybe during the summer I'll get a few ideas and I'll finally toss something together and actually start enjoying the fic again enough to write a chapter that's half decent, ^^ That's the idea, anyway.

Gah... I'm rambling again... -_-; *needs to learn to shut up about this*

Lotta quizzles! )

*tiptoes off*
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Okay, not really. But I can pretend, can't I?? Hmph.

Today (yesterday, technically) was quasi-dvd day. Went to Jace's early in the morning (maybe 10-ish, which is early for us...). I dropped the letter holding my money orders for the plane ticket off at the post box (*cries* soooo much money...) and deposited the cheque from Dad into the bank. I probably don't have nearly enough money for college, -_-; When Mum first said I wouldn't have to go through college in debt, I almost laughed at her. (This is only because oneechan and aniki made it through relatively unscathed by debt) Now I think I will laugh. Good grief, I'll probably need over $7000 a year... that's money I don't have. And definitely WON'T have by July (which is when I need to pay for the residence & tuition). Goody. Time to pay a visit to the bank again... it's kind of upsetting because I was pretty optimistic at the beginning. Gah... too many bad decisions. I think I'll probably end up using the rest of my money to just buy the tools I'll need for college. I really don't think I can avoid borrowing money... where else am I supposed to get it??! My parents certainly can't afford it. I'd regret the trip to Zambia if I wasn't so excited about it. It's a once in a lifetime chance, here. Conestoga will be around forever - and so will the banks. My money won't, but once I get a job... well, interest sucks, but-but... ZAMBIA! Sheesh.

*is torn*

Okay, ranting here. The dvd went okay. I finished the chapters and we burned the dvd just as we were getting ready to leave. It was POURING rain outside so Mum came to pick Jace and I up, ^^ When we got back to my place aniki, Dad, and the grandparents were already there. We had a nice dinner and after that, presents of course! Heehee. What I got in a nutshell:

- clothes (predictable! But they were nice, ^^)
- utility knife with some extra blades (definitely needed that)
- combination square (again, needed it. And it came with a built-in level. SQUEEEEE!)
- cabinet scraper (never used one of those, ^^;)
- a full set of hex keys

In a smaller nutshell? Akai got tools. Akai is happy, ^______^ Lordy, I'm such a spazz...

Ooh, and I almost forgot! Aniki got me a really interesting gift - he always does, ^^ He's good at that. (sometimes it's annoying because I suck at gifts and his are so good, -_-;) But anyway! I got a little set of sake cups and a jug to go with it. It's all so tiny and cute. I thought that was it but then he pulls out this other bag... and he gives me a big bottle of sake, oO I think I mulled over trying some for about 15 minutes before I finally caved. We heated up the jug in a pot and served it up. Hey, I'm almost 19... ALMOST legal. So it's sort of okay, ^^; Sake is... interesting, to say the least. It has a terrible burn at first, >_< Jace says it's probably because I'm not used to alcohol, which is true. I had a second cup, though! It tasted better when it cooled down. I probably won't drink it very often, but it was really cool to try. Now I can say I've had sake, ^_^ I'm going to store the cup set in the china cupboard, and probably put the Japanese teacup I got for Christmas from aniki with it. (See, what did I tell you? Cool gifts...) Jace and I pooled our money and got him Harvest Moon for Gamecube, which he was happy about, so I guess it was okay. It looked like a really boring game, but we have very different tastes, ^^; Give me a good RPG anyday.

So my left arm is all better today, except that Grandma smacked it by accident. ;_; But now my right arm is the one that hurts! There's a nasty red bump right where I got the yellow fever vaccination-thingee. I think I should ice it before bed... arg, it hurts. Sleeping will be fun tonight.

Speaking of which I should probably do that... soon... I want to RP so badly but I won't have much time online this week. Dad checked the hours... six hours for 9 days. Good grief. I'll have to be careful when we chat with neechan on Saturday.

Ah, c'est la vie. At least that's what people tell me. Anyway, thanks for enduring all that, if anyone did, ^^;
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Ow, ow, ow. Fegging OW.

Went to visit the doctor today, so I could get my shots for my trip. Three needles in total - Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. I also got a prescription for Mefloquin (malaria) and another drug that I can't remember the name of (just antibiotics in case I get sick). Owie, my arms are so sore, ;_; I got injections in both arms, too; two in one arm and one in the other. For some reason the arm that got two isn't as sore as the other. Although the yellow fever needle STUNG like mad going in! I've been feeling a little dizzy all day, but I don't feel like I'm about to fall over yet, so that's good. ^^; Mum says I probably won't get sick for a few days, if I get sick at all. Hopefully I don't.

The good news is I finally got the shots over and done with, so now I only have to worry about getting killed in an accident, as the doctor said - you know, the fun stuff like car crashes and getting eaten by crocodiles. ^_^

After I got my shots, Mum and I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get my prescriptions and finally get a money order for Kids Alive (to pay for my plane ticket). We went to the bank first so I could transfer some money from my savings account into the active one. This really weird guy came over to the line and got in front of us. Was I ever pissed, >_< He acted like he didn't do anything, and Mum let him do it because she didn't want to get into a fight, but I know he wasn't there before like he says he was. How rude! I so wanted to smack him. Okay, I probably would have smacked anything at that point, I was so wired and out of it from the shots, ^^; But the point is, we were there first and he deserved it. Grrrr to rude people. And then I had to stare at his nasty dreadlocks for like ten minutes afterwards! ... okay, I'm starting to sound really incoherent so I'll shut up about that... (must blame drugs, must blame drugs...)

So we made it to Shoppers, and they of course have a limit for the MO. I had to make two orders (each one was $831 US). I planned to pay with my debit card, but I didn't even think there would be a limit on my account... when the lady tried to charge me, it didn't go through, ^^; We ended up trying three times - once with the entire amount (failed), once with only half (went through okay) and the third time with the second half (failed because of my limit). I had to run across the street to get my mom so she could put the amount on her MasterCard, oO It was all pretty amusing, but I was so embarrassed... at least we finally got it done and went home. Dad says we can take that amount out of what they were going to pay for my residence, so now I have to pay for most of it myself. I think I might just be able to manage it... hopefully, anyway. This is the most money I've ever spent in one day... it must have been at least $3000. Oi.

There's a bit of a problem with the insurance for the mefloquin, though... apparently I wasn't in the database at the pharmacy, so they'll need proof that I'm covered. Goody, -_-; I'm so happy to hear this. Dad's going to call them tomorrow and see if he can fix it.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, to say the least... DVD day for one thing (getting up earlier than ever - woo!), and it's also a bit of a birthday party with the relatives for my brother and I. I'll probably only get stuff for college (or clothes as usual) so I probably shouldn't get too excited, ^^ Jace and I need to get aniki's present tomorrow, too. (ne, Jace, if you read this... want to come over for supper after we finish with the dvd?)

The RP is getting really exciting too... I can't wait to see how everything goes. I mean, as guilty as I feel for what we're going to do... heh. Definitely going to be fun. Too bad the Eon-angst will have to wait. Er, not that we won't be getting more than enough angst afterwards... lol.

Fic talk! The funniest thing happened this week. For a couple of months I've been having a lot of trouble with LSRV... it hasn't gone anywhere, I don't know what to do with this arc, and anyone I talk to has ideas I don't agree with. I was totally at a loss and have come close to scrapping it several times, -_-; But when I was waiting for my sister on Saturday, I got a random message from some guy on ICQ, asking if I was into anime. Usually I ignore people like this since I get bored of the conversation too easily (I hate random-find...), but I was sick of sitting by myself waiting for oneechan, so I figured, what the heck. So as we were talking, he started asking about fanfics... I told him I wrote RK fics, and he asked which ones. It turns out he's actually a reader of LSRV, ^^ He wondered if I was going to update soon, so I had to admit I was stuck. WELL. Was he ever a big help! He began to give suggestions neither I nor anyone else I'd talked to had even thought of. I wasn't too keen on the ideas at first, but after I went to work I started thinking about it. And I kept thinking about it all night, until finally I started writing ideas down.

The result? I have half of the next arc outlined, plenty of ideas, and the muse is finally working with me, ^^ I'm going to try writing it this week, so we'll see what happens. A big thank you goes out to my mystery friend, who seems to have (unknowingly) saved the fanfic!

Looks like that's it, ^^ ja for now!
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I found Squallie! Finally! *huggles the Lionheart necklace* It's been a while, ^^;; Very distressing. I also finished numbers 2 & 3 on my to-do list (applying for residence) which is a good thing... I guess. ^^;;

Neechan e-mailed me yesterday asking about the plane info for my Zambia trip. I gave her the flight plan, so I may as well post it here so people know when I'm gone.

BA #202

Sunday July 4 - 6:20pm depart Detroit - 6:50am (July 5) arrive London.

BA #255

Monday July 5 - 7:15pm depart London - 6:15am (July 6) arrive Lusaka.

BA #254

Sat. July 31 - 8:45am depart Lusaka - 5:55pm arrive London.

BA 3203

Sunday August 1 - 12:35pm depart London - 3:05pm arrive Detroit.

So yayness, I'll be back on a Sunday afternoon/night in August, ^_^ (I can't remember how long the drive from Detroit will be...)

I've been playing FFIX like crazy lately. Zidane is adorable! But Steiner is SO getting on my nerves, -_-;; It's a good thing he and Dagger have left the party. Right now Dagger's useless (Vivi is more or less the same except in boss battles since I'm paranoid about using MP) but I'm rather impressed with Zidane's new weapon. I had a new one forged, so now he has the Ogre... heh. 300+ damage done to every monster, and he's only level 8. Now that is what I call a cool FF game. I swear he changes accessories more than anyone else, ^^;; Freya's pretty good too, but no one holds a candle to my dear monkey-boy.

I'm done editing LSRV, so I'll be posting that momentarily. Now I must go do a cartwheel. *tries and falls over* Okay, maybe not such a good idea... well at least I'm happy, ^^;; I was reading Kendo no Go last night to try and get into the mood for writing Manslayer again... I don't know how well it worked.

Big Brother decided to call me up yesterday for some help on his fics. I ended up giving him a grammar lesson, ^^;; I was using stuff I'd learned from Stephen King's book - I even ended up quoting parts of it, which made oniichan laugh. But most of it is SO true. Especially his stuff about passive voice. I should quote that one, too. So many people use passive voice when it should be active. *raises hand* I'm guilty! I hope he didn't get too discouraged. I'd give him my old school notes if I had the slightest hope that he'd ever read them. He'll probably regret signing me up as his beta. *snicker* But if he's going to enter the big bad community of, he may as well make a good first impression.

Anyway, back to fics. I'm writing dual chapters of Blossoms this week (yeah, pretty insane, I know) because I can't decide which one I want to post first! The chapter itself, or Zack's little interlude? I think the interlude would be good because it finally gets us away from Hojo (JERK...) and poor Cloud, but I feel badly because I keep putting off the big rescue. If I were to post the Zack chapter first, it would end up delaying it... granted, it would probably be only a few days (considering how quickly they're both coming - I wrote for three hours last night) but still... ah, well. I'll see which one gets finished first and go from there, ^_^

Ah, I'm suffering from RP withdrawal. I feel badly for Griff-kun, who can't post, so maybe I'm just being really selfish. But with only a few months left and so much to get done before I leave for the summer... it's just hard having to watch and do nothing. And now Eon and Fei are getting worried about Zack!! *dies* I need to get Zack back to the inn before Fei starts a search party and finds him fighting Jericho... again. Honestly, it'll get to the point where Fei will have to lecture Zack about being reckless instead of the other way around.

Fei: Now what have I told you about doing cartwheels in front of savage beasts?
Zack: .... Watch out for broken glass?
Always fully extend arms and legs for a proper form?
Don't stick out your tongue so you won't bite it?
Fei: *whacks him with a rolled-up newspaper* Punk.

Plus I wanna beat up Jericho some more. Come on, it's ZACK! He's gotta do some damage (however minor) before running away, ^^

Here's a quiz I did the other day but forgot to post...

blah blah blah )

Earlier I went to visit a friend to keep her company while she burned a bunch of CD-RWs before she formatted her hardrive. We ended up watching old Fraggle Rock episodes that she'd been downloading. Talk about bringing back memories. That show it such a riot.

Red: Quick! Throw the horrifying round thing!

Boomer (I think): That's a rather spirited mosey.

*snicker* One day I'll have a gang of friends over and we'll have a Fraggle marathon. And we shall laugh, ha ha ha.

And that's life as we know it.

Eeni sha!

Feb. 23rd, 2004 03:37 am
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Kena, u fitile! Mu zuhile cwani? Ni zuhile hande, n'itumezi. Ni katezi! Ka baka lang'? Hakuna...

Ki kwachisa kacenu - batile! Kwim? Haha...

Ni bata mashilling. Lu ka me bona!

(Oh yeah. ph34r my l33t L0zi sk1lz. I am totally ready for Africa.)


Jan. 25th, 2004 04:10 am
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I've been trying to get this song for ages! *glomps Megumi for recommending it*

Anyway, subject. AGAIN! I never have anything interesting to say anymore. Grr. It's always work, eat, sleep. What a wonderful life it is, >_<

Okay, a few semi-interesting things. I talked to my sister today for the first time in three weeks! She finally got her computer working again, which is nice. Now she's back to bugging me more a definite date for when I'm going to visit her... -_-;; Oi. I need to contact the leader for Kids Alive! so I can find out for sure if I can travel with his group. They're heading to the same place as me (well, I don't know if they'll be going to Lusaka or Mongu, but either way my sis can meet me when the plane lands) so it would keep my Mom from having a heart attack. She'd do that if I had to travel alone.

Although it would be SO cool to see London like my sister and my parents did, ;_; I've never been further than Ottawa or that week in Indiana so my travel experience is kinda limited. Even if it was only for 7 hours, a tour around a bit of England would be kinda neat, ^^;; I mean, they can't possibly expect me to sit on the plane for 7 hours!!

... but chances are if I leave, I'll get more lost than Ryoga. *sweatdrop*

Anyway, I'm thinking July would be a good time to go. KA will be going then I believe, plus the weather will be decent. At least that's what my sister tells me.

Monday I'll be working on the Kingdom Hearts dvd again, ^_____^ I'm getting so excited about it!! So far we (I and my partner in crime, BrorJace) have captured up until Deep Jungle. Not bad for only 1 day of work, ^_^ If this keeps up, we should be able to get the whole thing captured in about 5 sessions - if we work on the for the whole time, and if we keep up the pace.

Back to work: Tomorrow I have a nice short shift. I plan on dabbling a bit with my Kenshin fics - maybe get the next chapter of Battousai of the Teahouse sent over to Lee like I promised, oh, two weeks ago, >_< I also want to plan out more chapters of the Kendo sequel. It would be nice to see me get *some* progress done.

I also joined a new Kingdom Hearts RPG. As if I'm not part of enough already, ^^;; But Lacan bugged and bugged until I registered to Unbound Hearts, the RPG run by Rem-chan from I think that since I'm already using Zack for the rpg at HoP, I could try working with Sotaru, ^___^ It would cause a few spoilers for what I have planned for the poor kid in my original fic, but considering how little progress I've made on that, I may as well go for it.

Aaaanyway, that's life. In a nutshell, or whatever. ^^;; As I said, not very interesting. Except for Zambia of course.

Actually, one odd little tidbit. I had a dream the other night about being eaten by a crocodile. Not a nightmare or anything, it just... happened. So today I told my sis that when I finally go to Zambia, she'd better keep me away from the river. *grin* I suspect she makes no promises about hippos or stampeding elephants, though.


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