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I am so freaking exhausted you have no idea nnngh.

Ahaha so you know all those questions you guys asked on my last entry? I'M STILL WRITING SHIT FOR THEM. God I suck. My motivation has been complete fail lately; I've barely done anything but lounge around and RP, and even that's something I've been completely bombing. I have a growing list of backtags and I keep staring at them and going "....derp, can't touch this" and flopping somewhere. Or playing a game, that's helped me somewhat. I started playing SO1 a few weeks ago, and I've been really enjoying it. Would've played more at the cottage this weekend, but my PSP charger decided to completely die on me, so I was screwed until I got home to my backup. Stupid USB cable. Also have been playing Abyss again; Nebilim completely slaughtered my party on Unknown mode. Stupid bitch B| Looks like I have some leveling up to do.

Probably gonna be dropping from RS soon. Which makes me feel like a complete ass for joining, introing, and then completely failing to get into things, because I hate hate hate when people do that in Luceti. But it's occurred to me that I really can't stretch myself too thin right now. It was fine in the summer when I had nothing but free time to kill, but now that classes have started, I'll have fewer hours in the day to devote to my hobbies. I'm already behind on everything else, including mod duties, and I know RS will always be getting the back burner. Honestly I'm lucky I haven't been able to get things started at [ profile] damned yet, or I'd be completely burned out already. And I'm on day 2 of classes. The profs are not making this semester look good at all.

Guh. Guys why am I so pathetic ;_;

On the flip side, this means I'll be bringing him back to Luceti during the next app cycle. Honestly? I think half the problem is not recognizing many people, or the characters they play. In Luceti, the characters are way more familiar, Zack had a very developed CR, and even if I reset him, he'd easily slip back into his little social niche. I just see a whole not more potential for me staying active there, if only because I'd just have one f-list to check, RP-wise.

This also means I have some thinking to do. ...Crikey, as if I don't have enough going on already. 8|

OH AND DID I MENTION I HAVE BRONCHITIS AND IT FUCKING SUCKS. I will never take regular breathing for granted ever again.

lol so now that I've wasted your time with my bitching, I must get to class. Hopefully I'll have some better news later on.

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Hola, I haven't posted here in ages. I suck.

I finished exams last week and I think I did okay with them |D Time shall tell, however. Still looking for a co-op job, but I can't do much more about that than just... like... apply for shit. THOUGH YOU KNOW WHAT I am so annoyed at the posters, it'd be nice if they, you know, STATED THE LOCATION OF THE CO-OPS? I'm tired of Googling the company name and getting shit for results. I can't work in Toronto or Brampton or Guelph, gaiz :c

Otherwise, suddenly I find myself with far too much free time. Luckily there's plenty that could keep me occupied at the mo...

Anyway, meme. DOIN' IT 'CAUSE I'M COOL LIKE THAT also everyone else is doing it

meme thing )
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Guh. Yesterday could've gone better. Crappy week is crappy.

In regards to my last post, Akela was my brother's old husky; we got him when he was 2, then when my brother moved out he went to live on a husky breeding farm, where my brother visited him often. He was there when Akela died, and he died quietly in his sleep at age 13. For me, it's sort of like losing a relative you haven't seen for a long time, so I'm okay. I just wanted some sort of memorial for him, I guess. Anyway.

In a fit of boredom between studying I watched the Gurren Lagann Movie, and FFFFFF. They didn't change much during the Kamina half (which was expected), but afterwards? DAMN. Nia wasn't... really that annoying for me. It was like the Twilight Zone, I actually kind of liked her in it. Kind of. Probably because the whole part where the Gurren Brigade turned into her fangirls was bypassed in favour of a really sweet, somewhat altered scene with her, Simon, and Yoko, right before the big attack. And Simon was supremely badass (he tried to take on Cytomander IN THE AIR WITHOUT LAGANN, seriously Simon those are some balls), and the Yoko/Adiane fight was as fanservicey as I expected but fff it was also badass enough for me to not care. At all. Apparently the secret to Yoko's power is to take her tits out. Go fig.

Pretty much the whole finale was glorious and I want to watch it again. Nnf. I think Kamina would've been very proud of the Dai-Gurren Shoot. |Db Will be downloading that later.

Little critique: Simon's rise to glory wasn't as good for me, but that's one of my favourite bits in the entire series, so I wasn't expecting it to top that. And they totally could've done more with Kamina. Gdit.

And now a cut in which I tl;dr about Pokemon )

and now an old RP meme )

/slinks back to studying
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"Hello Marcia

You can write Tuesday evening March 2 at 6pm in A226 next week. If you choose not to be available that day the next re-write date will be on Tuesday April 6th at 6pm. I will forgo the doctor's note or verification because you are always in class.

No exams will be written in the Math Learning Center. I prefer being available for questions you may have.

If you do not write either of these days you will receive a grade of zero.

See you Tuesday."

I am never skipping that class. Ever.

;_; I'm so relieved. (And thank god it's in the evening.) I'm... not sure what the test will be like and I'm a little mortified about this, but better this than getting zero, right. :|
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One midterm down, five to go. I currently have 2 hours to kill before the next one, and while I have some homework/studying to do (for tomorrow's; today's second exam is a no-brainer practical), I'm taking a break to update because it's been a while, apparently.

School rambling )

RP/writing rambling )

*glares at snow* Go awaaaaay you are too cold.

My sister and her husband are going to Venezuela on holiday :| Lucky hos. Since they're away, though, I'll be house/cat-sitting, which means I get a bigass house and a little kitty all to myself |D The benefit is the house will be mostly quiet with just Apple (the cat) and I, so studying should be relatively easy. And I'm taking the wireless modem with me since Mom and Dad won't need it, woo. Probably bring the GameCube so I can work on Twilight Princess after Friday. ...Maybe a little bit before if I need a break. >.>;

I am slightly ashamed of the fact that I read Gamerz Heaven in its entirety and found it oddly compelling. Though it was almost too gay even for me. (The shota, it burnses me.) I will not app Rush somewhere I will not app Rush somewhere I will not app Rush somewhere. He'll probably be filed away in my ever-growing list of briefly-lived characters I get the urge to play now and then, like Aldred up there. *points to icon* Actually they're similar in the regard that idk how they could be played well without a certain other character... oi.

...Another thing I need to do: make a custom mood theme. I am tired of the unoriginal little kitties and I have a multitude of doujinshi I could use for material.

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The How's My Driving? Meme

why do I do this to myself


First of all an obscenely belated welcome to the people who friended me during Luceti's meme. I may not update often but MY LOVE FOR YOU ALL IS STRONG. Really. Also a happy belated New Year's. Hope everyone's doing well so far!

I'm working on an intro post because my profile is pathetically lacking, and my old one is a steaming pile of outdated wrongness, but as I will state frequently I am lazy.

I spent New Year's Eve watching stuff at [ profile] cutiecat's apartment; we watched my crack sub of Advent Children and then a marathon of True Blood. Surprisingly interesting series, though definitely not for everyone. I didn't think I'd like it because it seemed like your typical vampire story, and... well, okay, it sort of is, but something about it made me want to keep watching. So we'll see where that goes D| s-so much sex

Otherwise the rest of my holiday was shiny. I'm sorry it's over (and that I didn't do more) but that's life, and I am lazy. ffff (that's twice). Though I guess not in all aspects of life; in a random bout of geekery I started going into extreme depth on the Luceti nitpicker's guide, so now there are detailed descriptions of the lakes and topographical maps >_>; Next up is wing structure and weather patterns. ...It's getting really long.

So my first day back to college hasn't exactly been the most magical experience ever. I got approved for my OSAP loan, so I thought I'd head in early (don't have class until noon on Mondays) to get through the financial aid office and pick up my books after. The line was obscenely long and terrifying ;o; Unfortunately I didn't have the right ID with me (serves me right for not double-checking that my G1 was in the wallet I carry with me) so I'll have to go back tomorrow. I did manage to get my books, though. AND I FORGOT MY LUNCH, SOB. I told myself I'd do better with that this semester, and already I failed. /facepalm

first RP rambles of the New Year )

....holy god that was long. What was I thinking. WHO ACTUALLY MADE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THAT MESS D8

hoshit time for class /scampers
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Swiped from Take-take.

I'm 24... and I act 24 )

I think this meme backfired slightly.

I... am kind of in awe at the sudden influx of snowflakes. For Luceti, too, crikey. And kasjdksjaf wh-whoever gave Asch some paid time, thank you ;__; he's good for... a long while, fff. I'm very, very grateful for it ♥

Does anybody know if LJ's having their annual Christmas sale? :c I have a couple accounts that need to be renewed and I always wait for the sale...

One more hard exam left. JUST ONE MORE. ;_;
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Posting this because Eggy told me to.

For Career Strategies class, we had to write a report on the Six Keys to Success, one of them being "facing your fears". This was my section on it:

"Facing your fears can often be a complicated hurdle to overcome, because most people prefer not to acknowledge their fears. The secret to dealing with fear is to recognize it and find the best way to handle it. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Simply facing your fears directly doesn’t always work; many require extra help or support in order to deal with it. I prefer to use intangible solutions. Naming your fear is an effective method; in my experience, giving your fear a silly, nonsensical, or unusual name can make the fear seem inconsequential or pointless. For example, if someone is afraid of being alone, naming that fear something strange like “Gilligan” might make the very concept amusing enough to overcome – if you can laugh at your fears, they won’t defeat you."

Yes, I did just reference FFVII for my college project. 8|
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So uh. That midterm?

Question on page 1:

*blah blah insert situation here* Which of the supervisory skills would be used here?
a) planning
b) scheduling
c) organizing
d) controlling
e) leading

Question on last page:

List the five supervisory skills.

........ *FACEPALM*

What a waste of a night.


Guy/Luke smut for [ profile] manicalpha and [ profile] fabre. Yay?

[ profile] manicalpha also made me that adorkable picture my icon is from. *squees over it* Guy is such a geek. *dubs it her new "fangirling-over-wood-stuff" icon*


Speaking of fangirling, I've decided that someday I want a Thermwood M40-55. It's just so cute. The table's only 5x5! It has all the features of their regular machines, and I absolutely adore working with all things Thermwood. Even if their software sucks. :x I'd probably write my own code for the easy stuff. Hell, when I can afford my own CNC machine I can afford to buy MasterCAM with it.

... er. Ignore my spastic machine geekery, ._.; (Though if anyone cares/is curious, this is CNC machinery, basically. It's pretty accurate as far as I can tell, though the M codes tend to vary from machine to machine. At least the G codes are pretty universal. I don't see why anyone wouldn't find this terribly interesting

I have memes to post, but that'll have to wait till later. The icon one is fun :D

*zooms back to class*
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Just wanna take a moment to thank [ profile] fabre for handling my odd wank today. It's been... a really frustrating weekend, x_X so I've been kind of high strung. Yeah. OMG AKAI ANGST WOES.

I miss my gaillardias, ;.; I had to leave them behind because I'm back in Kitchener now, but I'm only here for two days, so there's really no point in driving them up just to drive them back. I hope Mum takes good care of them. They're growing so fast, o_o I can't wait till they get bigger ♥ ♥

I've gone and hurt my leg somehow - I've been limping all day, x.X This does not bode well, considering tomorrow/Tuesday is the RIM Park convention. I'll be helping to man the Conestoga College booth both days, which means I get to be on my feet for six hours both days. How fun. (I totally would not complain if my leg wasn't bitching at me every step I take.)

Actually, leg aside, it really should be fun. I kind of hope we're close enough to watch the competition - it's the provincial contest for Skills Canada Ontario, and if Zach wins he gets to go to the competition in Saskatchewan. Lucky h0r. Might be interesting to see. I had a nifty time when I did the booth at the wood show in first year, so I imagine it won't be too bad.

I miss my PS2 already, -_-; I'm so obsessed. I guess if I get desperate I could play Valkyrie Profile, but all I can do now is level up my characters until the cycle ends. And PSP Katamari hurts my hands after a while.

I started chapter 2 of Ghost. (Oh glee. It's so funny to not call it epic!fic...) 1,500 words in, and Guy hasn't even reached Kimlasca yet xD Every time I plan for how big this sucker's going to be, it gets bigger...

Hopefully it'll get more interesting once he meets "Luke" for the first time~ I'm still kind of iffy on my narration style, but it's writing itself, and hell if I'm going to complain about progress.

OFF TO BED. Tomorrow's gonna be long. ♥
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(Comedic icon love. Kekeke.)

Everyone wanna see Akai be a dork?

Yeah, I thought so.

Thus far my favourite class is Computerized Product Development, because I totally pwn at it. It's so easy XD I flew through the 140-page tutorial in two days. *pose* Bwah.

The results:

Floor plan, not as exciting.

Kitchen design, perspective 1.

Perspective 2!

There's also a little MOV file I had to make, but I don't know where to load it and it's basically just a mobile Perspective 2 XD still cool to show off, though. Rawr.

Yes I am a dork. Leave me alone to my glee.
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The shop management exam went alright. One to go and then I'm on my way home, o.o; scary. I'll be gone for 4 months again, but then I'll be right back at the Stanleys in May :D yaaay for having a place to live XD;;

We had the most amusing conversation before the management exam, analyzing the great mysteries of sleigh bells and the horsies who wear them.

... Woodworkers are so full of crack.

The production equipment exam is going to be scary. Harlock = teh_evil. Maybe I should, like, study. >___>;;; but I am so sick of studying already x___X and I'm seriously lacking sleep. Ugh. I'm sleeping in all next week. *keels over ded*

And. omg. Had a very comedic moment today. I was sitting around in the woodworking lounge studying for the next exam, and was chatting with a random first-year, when suddenly this cellphone-esque sound started playing. Baffled us both.

Me: ... you hear that?
1st Year: yep.
Both of us: *silent*
1st year: ... it's gone.
Me: it's Rufus!
1st year: O__o

Yes, it's true :D the ringtone we heard was none other than Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony from FFVII. I squiggled so much and shared my dorkiness. It was an awesome moment.

And then when I left about ten minutes later and put my headphones on, my mp3 player was on and running. My exciting "ringtone" was none other than the Rufus cameo from the FFIX ost Plus XDXDXD

... yes, I felt stupid. But I was too amused to care, :D *dork*

Icon list!

[ profile] squeakchan - something LoZ :D
[ profile] vampydirector - unspecified fandom
[ profile] whiteadelphi - unspecified fandom
[ profile] kennard - Vash :3
[ profile] technobubblegum - KH - Unknown~

C'mon people, I can do more than that >( requeeeest~~ I'll have nothing to do but play video games and make crap for the next two weeks!

... besides shopping. Eh-heh heh.

*flees* I'M HAVING PIZZA FOR LUNCH. Hee. Treat ♥

EDIT: I'm sure I've said it in like two other places already but HAPPY BIRTHDAY STARRY AND SQUEAKER. Luffs on j00. Enjoy your day!

EDIT 2: The computer lab is fegging cold, >.O do these people not realize it's WINTER? And like, -15 outside? wtf.
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Dear Marcia

Re: Woodworking Technology (Co-op)
Fall 2004 - Year One Semester One - Full Time - Doon Campus

Offer of Acceptance

Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you acceptance to the program and campus indicated above.

I look forward to welcoming you to Conestoga College and would like to take this opportunity to wish you success in your studies.

Sincerely, Jennifer Leith, Associate Registrar

Boo. Ya. *cartwheels* And I never have to deal with Mohawk again! YAAAAY!
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Urge to kill... rising...

Disclaimer: I claim no hatred towards foreign people - just the following people who call me at work. )

Well now that that's out, I can move on to more amusing stuff. Since I've already made fun of the customers, I can now proceed to insult myself and fellow ordertakers - yes that's right, you guys get to see our screw ups, ^^;;

I was tired, really. )

I feel better now, ^^ I swear if anyone feels the urge to yell at me for this rant, though, I am telling you right now - BITE ME.

My parents tell me that yesterday they spoke to one of my friends who also applied to Mohawk College this year. Guess how many letters she got?


Does applying for a woodworking course automatically place me in the Stupid Applicants category? It certainly seems that way.

College people: Hm, she's applied for the woodworking tech course. She must be a no-brainer. Let's pester her with lots of letters until she pays us lots of tuition fees.

As if woodworking is little more than hammers and saws. I'd love to know how highly they view their art students. After all, it's just pencils on paper and slopping paint on canvas, right?


I sound awfully bitter in this post, don't I? ^^;; I don't mean to. I actually had a decent weekend. The RP has gone insane... Megumi and I wrote 56 posts between the two of us in less than three days. There was angst, there was comedy. There was much "yay-ness" in the chat windows. There will be much Akai-strangling when the end of the month rolls around and my Dad finds out I was online for five hours on Friday night. Yeah, we won't go into that...

I got a really, really nice email from someone about LSRV yesterday! I was at work, and we all know how I am at work, so it was a really awesome thing to get. I've been feeling down about that fic for ages - Mare-san actually woke me up to the fact about how it's sort of gone downhill since I finished the first Tokyo arc. And don't stress about that if you read it!! It's an issue I've been trying to avoid in the hopes it would improve eventually. But I can't keep ignoring it. I want to try hard and make the next chapter worth reading, rather than the trash I've been tossing together recently. But the review really was amazing. I almost cried, I was so happy to read it. I swear I get so caught up in worrying about that fic...

Anyway, this is pretty lengthy, so I'm going to shut up now. I'm expecting my brother to come by shortly. Hopefully he'll behave himself.
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Okaaaay, votes are unanimous for the 2-disc set for the KH dvd, ^^;; Now I just have to convince Jace to hurry up and get Final Mix *wink wink* so we can encode good versions of Showdown of Fate, the Unknown Battle, and those wonderfully random extra scenes. I doubt we'll be able to get them, but wishful thinking is what keeps me alive. ^_^ We'll probably just try to find decent quality encodes, or just not bother with them. After all, there's always the KH2 dvd. *grin* Don't think I'm kidding, either.

Speaking of which, Jace has joined the LJ community! *waves* Now I have Pizza Pizza customer service rants at the tip of my fingers. Cheers.

I got another letter from Mohawk College today. I swear they're trying to give me a heart attack. If you're going to send a letter, send an ACCEPTANCE LETTER!

Letter 1 - Thanks for choosing Mohawk!
Letter 2 - Thanks again! By the way, you applied for this program.
Letter 3 - Thanks again! Hey, you haven't submitted your transcript, even though we received it 2 weeks again. You need to call in and make fools of us now.
Letter 4 - Thanks again! This time it's from the president!
Letter 5 - Thanks again! Here's another reminder of your courses. We'll be sending out a letter telling you if you're accepted or not on March 31st.
Letter 6 - Thanks again! Come visit us in May!

... the HELL...? I can understand sending a letter or two. But SIX?! And they all say the same thing! The third one didn't even have to be sent if they'd gotten off their lazy butts and clicked the little link on the OCAS website that says "Transcripts". Geez. My transcript was entered in the system on March 2nd, and they sent the letter on the 11th. They probably sent it out without even checking. Grr. [/rant]

Oh well. Hopefully they'll stop tormenting me. I don't even want to GO there and they're hounding me like this. Go awaaaaaay...

Chelle-san has come back! *waves to her beta* I suppose that means I should finish the next LSRV chapter, ^^;; Lacan actually requested that I release it for his birthday (March 30th I think he said). Can you believe that? oO I suppose I do owe him a bit for helping me get past one part, but still... I hate deadlines. The chances of me contacting Lee in ten days are... kind of slim. I never did hear back from him on Battousai of the Teahouse. Of course, it would help if I was on ICQ more often, ^^;; My computer just can't handle two chat programs at once, and everyone is always on AIM! Ah, decisions, decisions... I suppose I could always use ICQ on dvd days.

Okay, it was mid-March, but the deadline for LSRV is now March 30th! Maybe it'll get me working. Kind of like finishing the KH dvd for Meg's birthday... ^_~

So I started playing Final Fantasy X again when I got home from work last night. Yeah, you heard me. At 3 in the morning I started playing a video game. We finally reached Zanarkand. I must say I was VERY disappointed. When people told me to hurry up and get there, I was promised angst. Oh, I got angst. But it was YUNA ANGST! I don't want Yuna angst! I want cuddly Tidus angst! GRRRR to video game writers!

I am so looking forward to getting the RP group out of the fight thread so Zack and Fei can have that chat Meg and I have been talking about. It's going to be huge, I just know it... because now Zack is getting angsty! Not only is he going to tear into Fei for being reckless, but Fei saw him cartwheeling around yesterday, so now Fei can actually retaliate! That is, if the poor kid ever gets a backbone. *pokes Fei* Poor kid indeed, ^^ He and Zack are so perfect together though. They really do have to get drunk and have an angsting session someday.

I'm a little hesitant to go too far with that conversation though, since a lot of the things Zack might go into could spoil future chapters of Blossoms... I mean, it's already an alternate universe in a lot of ways (some of which I'm only developing now... heh heh heh...), so not everything will be a spoiler, but I'll have to either tread carefully or write really fast.

And I still have no idea what I'm going to do when I go to Zambia for a month. Zack either has to die (which would be... sort of uncool...), get kidnapped, or the RP has to go on vacation so he doesn't look like a mute collecting dust in the corner. I have a hard time dealing with any solution, especially the last since it doesn't affect just me. I mean, it's true that it's taken us months just to get through the first day, but so much has happened! I shudder to think of how much catching up I'll have to do when I get home...

Well, we're still five months away, so hopefully something will work out. Just gotta wait it out and enjoy it while I can, I guess.
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Did you know that from a distance, a sign that says "chicopee" looks an awful lot like "chocobo"? (Yeah yeah, I'm a Final Fantasy freak. Leave me alone.)

Just got back from a tour of the woodworking program at Conestoga College. It was the perfect opposite of the sort of weather you'd want for a drive from Hamilton to Kitchener and back, but we managed it safely. I hadn't been to Conestoga in 4 years, and I was yet again amazed by the campus. We had a tour of the woodshop... Oo It's HUGE! Bigger than I remember. It's like two giant football fields side by side. I was in shop-class heaven, ^____^

One of the tech course faculty managers took a group of us hopeful students through a course outline, reviewed costs, that sort of thing. It was a ton of info crammed into one hour, but it answered a lot of my questions, which is nice. I left pretty set in what I wanted to do - that's more than I had when I got there.

After that my parents and I went out for dinner. To all you Kingdom Hearts fans, guess what restaurant we found? *grin* Would you believe I went to the Sora Japanese Restaurant? Heh. I was so amused. The dinner was fantastic, too. I didn't have maki this time, though, which is sad (since it looked really good...) but the meal was so big I wouldn't have been able to eat it all. Had the Sora Teriyaki Special (this would -so- be sequel fodder for my KH cooking fic); shrimp salad, shabu-shabu soup (beef broth - mmmm...), these wonky chicken-on-a-stick appetizers, white rice, teriyaki with tempura strimp and veggies, and orange sherbet for dessert. Talk about being worth every penny. Green tea was awesome, too, ^_^

All in all, a good day. Early to bed though - I'm going to work on the dvd tomorrow afternoon, and then later I'm going to see Hidalgo! (Aragorn on a horsie. Good stuff.)

Oh wow. I have so much stuff buried in my harddrive - just today I was looking at a bunch of old, old AIM logs, way back when I was still on Bitcom net service (a step DOWN from dial-up, if you can believe it...) and had to use my brother's internet to chat with people. Way back when I had to download images... it's so funny to look at this stuff. Logs from like four years ago, when I was still into the cheesy anime on Fox kids, just discovering the world of Zelda games, and still thought Dragonball was the ultimate of animes. *snicker*

A glimpse of ancient history )

Ah, memories.

Anyway, to bed. Carp Dios, peeps. (Hey, to a 14-year old, it *does* mean "seize the day"... or something...)
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*shakes head* Well, I relented and posted the first part of the Kendo sequel. In case you haven't seen it, it's called 'Diary of a Manslayer', ^^ Go check 'er out.

I can't believe I actually did it, though. I have WAY too many fics in progress already, a few of which are on semi-hiatus. I've been working a lot, and now that I have college application stuff to worry about, I have less and less time to write. It's kinda weird not to have all the free time I used to.

Speaking of college, I already got a response from Conestoga, but it was... really confusing. I booked an appointment for something called a "selection process" for the program I wanted, so I don't know if I have to go through some sort of testing before I'm accepted. They didn't mention that in the pamphlet I have, which sucks. Well, it sort of does, but... gah, here.

"Applicants are strongly advised to attend a Program Information Session to confirm program choice."

I assume that means they want us to be sure we want that course before we're actually accepted... but they've already given me a student number... *shakes head* I wish they'd be less obscure. Hopefully I'll find out at the session, though. It's not till March 7th. I'm going to book the day off, just to be sure. My appointment is at 3:30, and I usually work at 4:30... yeah, chances are I will never get to Kitchener and back within an hour, ^^;; (especially considering the session is at least an hour to begin with...) Will be nice to have 4 days off, though. I'm so lazy nowadays. Maybe I'll actually get some work done.

Mom was asking me today if I knew all I had to do in order to go to Zambia. I just grinned and said, "nope!" but maybe I should really start thinking about it. If I get a chance to talk with neechan on Saturday (translation - if Mom and Dad actually let me talk to her this week...) I'll ask her more about Kids Alive and the sort of shots I'll have to take. *is not looking forward to all those needles*

Of course, it's better than dying from malaria, so I shall endure it, ^^;;

It would be really nice if Kids Alive would reply to my Mom's email, though! I want to know if I'm allowed to travel with them. *glares at KA*

I finally made some progress on 'Blossoms'. It's been at a standstill for about a week now, so I was really happy to get it moving again! Hopefully I'll finally figure out what to do with it. It's difficult to get the story going without Zack! I really have grown attached to him. *pokes Cloud with a stick* HE just won't cooperate. I prefer the cheerful Zack to Mr. Grumpy.

Well I've become yet another author's beta reader. *waves to Cassidy* I wasn't sure about her fic at first, since I'm kinda baked from all the OTHER fics I beta (and those I'm writing, too) but I plowed through all three chapters in one night and I love it! ^_^ Definitely an interesting idea, despite it's semi-cliched basis. (gomen, Cass, but it IS typical at first glance) She makes it interesting enough, and I can't wait to see more. Can't wait to gloat about how *I* get it first, too. *snicker*

I love being a beta. ^^ The pay is lousy but the benefits rock my canoe.


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