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Posting this because Eggy told me to.

For Career Strategies class, we had to write a report on the Six Keys to Success, one of them being "facing your fears". This was my section on it:

"Facing your fears can often be a complicated hurdle to overcome, because most people prefer not to acknowledge their fears. The secret to dealing with fear is to recognize it and find the best way to handle it. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Simply facing your fears directly doesn’t always work; many require extra help or support in order to deal with it. I prefer to use intangible solutions. Naming your fear is an effective method; in my experience, giving your fear a silly, nonsensical, or unusual name can make the fear seem inconsequential or pointless. For example, if someone is afraid of being alone, naming that fear something strange like “Gilligan” might make the very concept amusing enough to overcome – if you can laugh at your fears, they won’t defeat you."

Yes, I did just reference FFVII for my college project. 8|
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Sob, my sleep schedule is so fucked. I'm sorry, Eggy ;_;

Okay so, since I woke up at 5:30am and NO ONE WAS ON, in a fit of boredom I watched a bunch of Crisis Core videos and pondered doing another character analysis. So, here goes:

I've been meaning to nitpick at Luceti!Zack for a while now... )

Uhhh. Yeah that's all I've got right now. I may write more later |D
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I LIED, I FINISHED IT. Sorry for the double post, I wanted a separate entry for this.

This wound up as more of a threesome ship manifesto, oi.

In which I tl;dr about Zack's relationships )
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This is... uh. A bit different?

Kind of a continuation of the doujin I just got, because it wouldn't have worked otherwise xD Odd, because the doujin was so insanely Zack/Aerith it hurt.

And yet. Zack/Cloud fluffy plotbunny, because of (and therefore FOR) [ profile] takefuji. All blame is hers. ♥


Save the Last Dance for Me )
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So I trodded through the snow and blah to get to class for 8. Halfway there I realized class starts at 8:30.

I suck.

But I got ficbite out of it. (I love One Word.)

Create )


May continue that later. *ponders*
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He loved the scent of her.

There was something about it. Something wonderful, something intoxicating, something indescribable. It was sweet and addictive, a drug of homegrown flowers, untouched by the filth of the slums, the impurity of pollution. It was his pain and his pleasure - every moment was a joy, lined with the pain of a parting to come. The flowers she gave him held only a sliver of that joy, because the scent was her, not simply a blossom he could tuck behind an ear. The flower was a promise: We will meet again. He kept every flower with him each time they were separated, no matter how long, to be replaced only when she gave him another. It was how he reminded himself that it was time to see her; it was cruel, after all, to let the flower rot. If the scent vanished, he always knew he'd kept her waiting too long.

He loved the scent of her, and so he kept her flowers, as a promise, as a vow, to himself and to her, though he never said it aloud.

We will meet again.

She felt the flower burn, the day Nibelheim died.

She knew.


.... well then.

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Some days it was harder to hide than others; some days the pain was so severe that all he wanted to do was lie in bed. Some days it would take too much energy to smile for the kids, because he needed every ounce of it to move his body. Most days he lied to her; some days he hated himself for it. Some days it just hurt too much to care. Some days she couldn't smile for him, because she knew he was lying when he said he was alright.

One day he grew so tired of lying that he left, without a word, without a trace. Most days he hated himself for that, too.

Some days he told himself she was better off without him; some days he actually believed it.

Most days he missed her.


Go me for repetition. Augh I fail. xD I blame [ profile] takefuji, because it was writing itself in my brain as I watched her Advent Children music video. WHICH BY THE WAY KICKS ASS AND EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT. HEE.

For any dorky Cloud/Tifa people. Uh. If they still exist.

Btw, Take~ can I get that song off you sometime? If it's going to be in my head all damned day it may as well be correct >___>;

I lack emo-Cloud icons. Huh. Zack will have to do.

To bed with me!
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She'd said she wanted to visit the hill before we went to Kalm, and after what she'd just been through, the rest of us figured it would be alright to indulge her. She hadn't asked for much, and it wasn't too far out of our way.

I guess the only one who had a problem with it was me - Sephiroth was too far ahead of us to waste time on the sights.

When we got there, though, I knew it was more than that. Something in her expression, the way she knelt in the faded, dying grass, the way the touched the earth beneath her fingertips, the way she looked at me as if I ought to know what she was thinking. There was nothing but mud and wrecked foliage, yet she sat there for a long moment, praying like it was a grave.

It was a grave, I somehow knew, and couldn't help but wonder who it was, for her to put off saving the world for the sake of a prayer.
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Drabble for [ profile] otp_100

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Zack, Aerith
Prompt: 038 - Seed
Word Count: 451
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Because Farmer Zack is the best thing since sliced bread.

What do you say to a seed? )
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Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Zack, Aerith
Prompt: 036 - Flower
Word Count: 423
Rating: G
Author's Notes: These just seem to get shorter and shorter, ^^; but I hope the meaning isn't lost.

Shines Right Through )
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The English (and I do mean English, mwaha) voice of Genesis has been confirmed as Robin Atkin Downes.


Downes > Gackt


Apparently the English cast of AC is being recalled for Dirge of Cerberus, which makes me SQUEE UNCONTROLLABLY despite my low expectations from the game itself. Except Vincent. Vincent's voice can die. I'm so glad he's an antisocial character.

(Jamieson Price! Eeeeee! Go go Reeve~ You get more than three lines this time!)

From what I've heard, the game got such lousy reviews in Japan, they totally revamped a bunch of systems for the English gameplay. Win.

Now if only the plot wasn't crap... >.>

How~ever~ I would totally play that game just to hear Downes. Because he is sexy.

Too bad I probably won't get to play for ages. Even if it sucks, I want to try it out xD
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Drabble for [ profile] otp_100

Title: To Tell the Truth
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Zack, Aerith
Prompt: 018 - Taco
Word Count: 735
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Immediately following prompt #1. Location-wise, Aerith's church is on the edges of Sector 5. The guidebook states her house is in Sector 6, but that can't be right since at the point in the game where you first go there, Sector 6 is blocked off.

To Tell the Truth )
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Finally posting! Hee!

First drabble for [ profile] otp_100


Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Zack, Aerith
Prompt: 001 - OTP
Word Count: 1,087
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Typically people write the meeting between Zack and Aerith as a dramatic rescue from thugs. I thought I'd try something different.

First Class )
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Square-Enix Conference Report

"During the recent Square-Enix Conference, president Youichi Wada hinted that towards more to come in the Compilation of FFVII, saying that he believes the franchise will be alive for two decades, meaning ten more years. The company also announced a profit of 17.08 billion yen for the 2005/2006 fiscal year, indicatating that the Compilation project has sales of over 50 billion yen so far."


vnjkfsbvajbdfavbk YAY.
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As promised, the Zack/Aerith [ profile] 1sentence drabbles. Read on!

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Zack x Aerith Gainsborough
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: PG to PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for Final Fantasy 7, I guess? ... also, semi-colon abuse. Eh-heh.

Sweet Forget-Me-Not )

Hope it was enjoyed. Thanks for reading~
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Sooooo this is me updating from school since I have nothing better to do for the next half hour...

I'd write or something but a) I can't remember where I put my Blossoms!fic notes (prolly at home, knowing me) and the room is way full and I hate writing with an audience. Though it wouldn't be so bad if the college hadn't gotten new monitors that are FEGGING HUGE. Yeah.

For Meg: I've been daydreaming, >.> Shall get back to you later. Mwahaha. Unless I forget, in which case I'll laugh and you'll wibble as usual. Mwahaha again.

And go me, random.

Dentist appointment tomorrow, which means I'll prolly have to leave early (I have noooo idea where the hell it is, x.x) and will be back late. Here's hoping I don't get lost in Kitchener, >.>

Bwa. Class is gonna start soon. *flits off*

EDIT: Got bored. Wanted to write. Had a minute or two. Bwa.

(One Word.) Unedited. Go me.


He hated looking back. Always had, always would. It was a weakness, a shadow of the past, something unnecessary. It was pain that he would not relive, an agony that could never again be acknowledged.

There were plenty of other things he hated - how people feared him, how they saw him as anything but human, how he could be so much stronger yet weak enough to suffer in the past - but memories rose above it all, angering him, burning in his throat like bile that refused to be swallowed again.

So when the hate grew to be too much, when the pain was too much, he stopped remembering. He stopped remembering what was important to him, to anyone he knew. He stopped remembering who he used to be and became someone new - someone who didn't have to feel that pain. He stopped being human and believed what they said he was, though never, ever to his face.

He laughed inside when he killed them, tasted their flesh in the air as they burned.

He forgot what a friend was and believed he needed no one, wanted no one.

In retrospect, he was wrong.
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Happy birthday, Canada! *whistles and blows kazoo*

Oh dear... I guess I need to do this pairing meme...

Tagged by [ profile] kmegumi2

1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them
5. Tag 5 people from your flist to do this meme

Paaaairings )

Aaaaaand done! Onward, ^^ except it's 3am and I need sleepy. *waves to all*
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I'm happy. Bwa.

Finally! Drabble for [ profile] northerncross.

This probably isn't what you were looking for, exactly... but the idea came to mind and it wouldn't go away, ^^; Hope it's enjoyed!

Contains a spoiler for Before Crisis (the upcoming cell phone game for the uninformed). Consider yourself warned!

Also whored out a Heather Dale line. Because I can. Bwah.

A Secret Meeting )

I despise the ending, ^^;; but alas, muses are teh fickle.

Sorry to squeak for skipping - I needed a few hours to play X-2! But I've got an idea now and shall give it a try! *is busybusy* *flits off*


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