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...Will do other stuff later. Man my entries have been bland lately.
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I am so freaking exhausted you have no idea nnngh.

Ahaha so you know all those questions you guys asked on my last entry? I'M STILL WRITING SHIT FOR THEM. God I suck. My motivation has been complete fail lately; I've barely done anything but lounge around and RP, and even that's something I've been completely bombing. I have a growing list of backtags and I keep staring at them and going "....derp, can't touch this" and flopping somewhere. Or playing a game, that's helped me somewhat. I started playing SO1 a few weeks ago, and I've been really enjoying it. Would've played more at the cottage this weekend, but my PSP charger decided to completely die on me, so I was screwed until I got home to my backup. Stupid USB cable. Also have been playing Abyss again; Nebilim completely slaughtered my party on Unknown mode. Stupid bitch B| Looks like I have some leveling up to do.

Probably gonna be dropping from RS soon. Which makes me feel like a complete ass for joining, introing, and then completely failing to get into things, because I hate hate hate when people do that in Luceti. But it's occurred to me that I really can't stretch myself too thin right now. It was fine in the summer when I had nothing but free time to kill, but now that classes have started, I'll have fewer hours in the day to devote to my hobbies. I'm already behind on everything else, including mod duties, and I know RS will always be getting the back burner. Honestly I'm lucky I haven't been able to get things started at [ profile] damned yet, or I'd be completely burned out already. And I'm on day 2 of classes. The profs are not making this semester look good at all.

Guh. Guys why am I so pathetic ;_;

On the flip side, this means I'll be bringing him back to Luceti during the next app cycle. Honestly? I think half the problem is not recognizing many people, or the characters they play. In Luceti, the characters are way more familiar, Zack had a very developed CR, and even if I reset him, he'd easily slip back into his little social niche. I just see a whole not more potential for me staying active there, if only because I'd just have one f-list to check, RP-wise.

This also means I have some thinking to do. ...Crikey, as if I don't have enough going on already. 8|

OH AND DID I MENTION I HAVE BRONCHITIS AND IT FUCKING SUCKS. I will never take regular breathing for granted ever again.

lol so now that I've wasted your time with my bitching, I must get to class. Hopefully I'll have some better news later on.

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So while the rest of the internet is off playing Pokemon or FFXIII, I've been playing something else D| I felt like doing a little review post to avoid homework woo so here goes.

Hotel Dusk )

Ace Attorney: Investigations )

My brother's coming over this weekend and it sounds like we're having another Rock Band party, woo. Also applied for a co-op job, so we'll see how that goes. *hopeful* Amusingly enough it's for a place I worked at in high school. Wonder if that'll count for anything.

SERIOUS FAIL ON THE ACTIVITY CHECK, JESUS CHRIST. Also I think I'm going to be keeping better crack of who goes on hiatus and when/how often. I keep making a :| face at certain people. As an aside, I need to post for a couple characters myself. Luckily I have some ideas for that, just need a bit of free time. I've been so lazy with tags lately, orz

...also ,I'm supposed to be asleep. :|

EDIT oh right I forgot. To the Pokegeeks! Randomly, how do you guys decide whether to get one or the other (eg. gold or silver)? I never really understood the logic behind the choices, but I never really researched the games much besides "oh they have like 20 different pokemon idk".

...Also how many Pokemon are there these days? I'm still from the retro generation of 150. >_>;


Mar. 26th, 2004 12:45 pm
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Next chapter of LSRV has officially reached 8 pages, ^^ I finally got past what was holding me up, and now I'm amusing myself with Sano/Megumi interaction. I swear, those two are way too much fun. If they're not insulting each other they're exchanging those familiar glances... heh. I'm hoping the scene I'm working on will at least keep the S/M fans happy, even if they don't end up as a pairing.

I can't believe I did that though. After such a long hiatus, I figured it would be out of commission a lot longer... but half a chapter in one day... not to mention this chapter will be much longer than the regulars I've been pumping out lately. That should make a few more people happy. I hope, anyway. *eyes it warily*

Anyway Chelle-san, it looks like I'll be putting you to work real soon, ^_^ Hope you've enjoyed your vacation.

Yesterday was an exciting day, ^_____^ A lot of stuff happened, but most importantly, besides the fic, I FINALLY BEAT FFX-2!! AAAH! I'm so happy... yep, talking (accidentally) to Megumi about it confirmed some suspicions I had (as well as a fic summary I read unintentionally which completely RUINED the surprise... grr...) and made me really want to see the ending. I'm so glad I went for it rather than waiting till today. I'll probably do it again today anyway, just because I want to see that final ending again, ^^;; I'm so bad.

my spoilerific ending )

Anyone who didn't like Final Fantasy games... too bad for you, but this one rocked. Plain and simple. ^^

Good news is, if anyone happens to write some FFX-2 fanfiction, I can now read it and understand! Amazing. I think what I actually find the most amusing is the irony of this whole thing... when I bought the PS2, I bought FFX, but Jace was the first one to beat it. This time he bought X-2, and I beat it before him... *snicker* We really need to work on that! Well, a promise is a promise, so on Monday I'll probably take a break from the dvd to show him the ending.

I have another short shift tonight, so since I got chewed out for net overuse last night (okay, so 60 hours in 15 days is a bit much...) I'll take some time to write. Hopefully my muse will behave and LSRV will be done within a few days...
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Hugs for everyone! I'm feeling way upbeat today, ^___^

Exciting fact #1: ast night I found out from Jace that the harddrive isn't lost forever! Yay! He managed to recover most of the data, for both me and my brother. I'm heading to his place tomorrow to check out the damage, but it's not totally gone which is really nice. The only thing that really worried me was my Final Fantasy 8 saved game which was kept on that harddrive, but he says he saved that, so I'm cool with it. I'm just glad he managed to save some of my brother's stuff. I'm still mad at him but it would really suck for him to lose all his files. (Maybe this'll teach him to backup more often!)

Exciting fact #2: Jace has been teasing me for a while about getting me a (very) early birthday gift. It finally came in the mail today and... *dies* He got me Squall's lion-head necklace! AAAAH! It's so cool, ^_____^ I'll try to upload a pic at some point. It even came with a little gunblade model! So neat. The only problem is the chain is too big for me! I think it was meant for someone taller, ^^;; Oh well, can't complain. It's so great!

Exciting fact #3: Since my brother wasted most of our KH-dvd encoding time yesterday while trying to fix his harddrive (and mine), I'm going over there again tomorrow and we're going to chill out and encode before we go to work. We're hoping to reach Hollow Bastion at the very least, maybe even finish the whole level off. I doubt we'll get to the game ending.

Oh, and here's something I found amusing - Jace said that Antisora was hard to beat. Using cheat codes, or current Sora is at level 100. Even Sephiroth is easy at level 100! This is suspicious. Or maybe Jace just has bad luck...

Exciting fact #4 )

Exciting fact #5: In the RP, Zack is happy again. Well, not happy, but he's making things better. This is cause for celebration. Fei needs to smile again, ^^

Hm, lots of things happening today, but I think that's it for now. I've been avoiding my fics this week. It's actually a nice feeling, just... taking a break from everything. I'll have to work double-time next week, but I think my Kenshin muse is starting to twitch. Heh, maybe that's exciting fact #6...
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Sora *poking Sephiroth with the Keyblade*: Say it, c'mon, say it!

Sephiroth: UNCLE! UNCLE! *waves a white flag*

Um, yeah. I beat Sephiroth... that's all I really have to say today. Words cannot describe how happy I am.
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Okay, technically this was yesterday... but it's still the 14th for me since I haven't gone to bed, ^_^;; Yeah I'm a delinquent.

A day or two ago I finally beat Kingdom Hearts. The ending is soooo cool, ^_^ However, I haven't finished most of the mini-games (such as the Hades cup and *shiver* Sephiroth) so I'm going to go back and finish them up before I beat it again. I was sort of surprised at how easy it was... well sure, there's like, fifteen battles one after another, most of which are boss battles, but considering how my fighting tactic is to charge in and wail away at the enemies, I did pretty well. I managed to get through the whole thing on my first attempt. I was rather proud of myself...

Speaking of pride, I finally got past that eeeeeevil evil Grendel in FF8. Now I can actually continue on with the rest of the game! Geez, it was taking forever. I can't believe it took me this long, considering the answer was there all along. All I did was have Squall cast Doom on the darn thing and keep healing my characters until the thing keeled over and finally died. I feel like such a dummy for dying so many times when it was that simple... *sigh* Oh well. You live, you learn. I was so psyched I immediately went to save and exited the game before I screwed up, ^_^

What else... no news from job peoples. Evilness. I'm hoping to hear from my sister to find out if we're chatting on Saturday as usual... I haven't talked to her for a few weeks, and I miss her, ;_; We just had a carpet cleaned, so I'm getting used to wet feet... we're also doing a draft test on Thursday, so it's inside or outside for two hours, no going out or opening windows at all. Joy.

Oh yeah, and I'm graduating Thursday night. Cheers, ^_^ Finally gonna say farewell to the ol' high school. (er, until reunions and stuff, hehe...) It should be interesting, considering the bakas who measured the grad gowns did it wrong. I hope everyone wears six-inch heels.

Wish me luck... ^_____^
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One thing I forgot to mention. I tried to fight Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts today.

He killed me in three shots. It would have been two but I had the Second Chance ability so I had one HP left after the second shot. Lucky me.

I won't be trying that again for a long while. O_o Sephiroth is scary...

Thankfully, Kenshin will now proceed to cheer me up.

Oro Kenshin

What Kenshin are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Actually, to be perfectly honest, after Sephy-chan whooped my butt it was so unbelievable that I started to laugh hysterically and couldn't stop for about five minutes. My friend (who was with me at the time) must've thought I was crazy...
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I'm not sick anymore. As usual, it passed without much trouble. Almost makes me worry. Almost. ^_^;;

Speaking of which...

Livejournal Mood Ring

is happy.

You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.

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(Thanks Ariane!)

I'm applying to Radio Shack and a few other stores at the mall tomorrow. er, today. *yawn* Hopefully it won't rain. I can't really hand in wet resumes.

Speaking of wet, I made it past the Atlantica world in Kingdom Hearts after the fifth or sixth try. My friend beat Ursela (form 2) for me. I was kinda peeved because he'd never played the game before and he managed to beat her after dying a few times, but he's a well-rounded gaming genius, so I should have known... *sigh* Oh well. It was a pain anyway. But I was so proud... I had done it all myself till then.

Oh well, enough gaming talk. Maybe I should take a break. (Yeah yeah, I know. I say it, but I won't.) It's too addictive...

I'm falling behind on my fics. I'm falling behind on job-hunting. Damn this beautiful world called RPGing. *is sucked back into the void*

Well, I'll smarten up when my dad hits me for rent, ^_^ Until then I want to enjoy my holiday.
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I actually went out and bought a PS2. I *must* be insane...

Well okay, it wasn't really a spontaneous thing. I've thought about geting it for a long time - especially since I was introduced to the Final Fantasy games - and it's the first video game console I've *ever* bought... but still, ^_^ It's a big investment.

I bought FFX with it too, for a pretty good deal, ^_^ I just have to get a memory card and I'm good to go. Actually, I want to finish playing FF8 before I get into X. So I'll be busy for a loooong time...

On another note, I got an application for Home Depot today, and will fill it out to return it hopefully Monday. If I get a job I can actually build up the courage to tell my parents I bought a PS2, ^_^;;


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