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Guh. Yesterday could've gone better. Crappy week is crappy.

In regards to my last post, Akela was my brother's old husky; we got him when he was 2, then when my brother moved out he went to live on a husky breeding farm, where my brother visited him often. He was there when Akela died, and he died quietly in his sleep at age 13. For me, it's sort of like losing a relative you haven't seen for a long time, so I'm okay. I just wanted some sort of memorial for him, I guess. Anyway.

In a fit of boredom between studying I watched the Gurren Lagann Movie, and FFFFFF. They didn't change much during the Kamina half (which was expected), but afterwards? DAMN. Nia wasn't... really that annoying for me. It was like the Twilight Zone, I actually kind of liked her in it. Kind of. Probably because the whole part where the Gurren Brigade turned into her fangirls was bypassed in favour of a really sweet, somewhat altered scene with her, Simon, and Yoko, right before the big attack. And Simon was supremely badass (he tried to take on Cytomander IN THE AIR WITHOUT LAGANN, seriously Simon those are some balls), and the Yoko/Adiane fight was as fanservicey as I expected but fff it was also badass enough for me to not care. At all. Apparently the secret to Yoko's power is to take her tits out. Go fig.

Pretty much the whole finale was glorious and I want to watch it again. Nnf. I think Kamina would've been very proud of the Dai-Gurren Shoot. |Db Will be downloading that later.

Little critique: Simon's rise to glory wasn't as good for me, but that's one of my favourite bits in the entire series, so I wasn't expecting it to top that. And they totally could've done more with Kamina. Gdit.

And now a cut in which I tl;dr about Pokemon )

and now an old RP meme )

/slinks back to studying
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Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. It uh. Half worked? >_>; The weekend kind of sucked but things are improving.

Tonight I went to the movies. I suddenly, inexplicably find myself a Star Trek fan. I don't quite know how this happened. Suffice to say the movie was amazing.

...also the parallels between that movie and Star Ocean 4 are killing me and ffff. Yeah. brb dying again.

rp rambling )
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This is a little belated, but for those who care, KAMINADOLL IS HERE. He arrived on Tuesday but I've been lazy lazy. But he is pretty.

Feel free to skip this if dolls creep you out and whatnot, this is just me doing a dorky little box-opening photoshoot \o

Simon tried to open the box using his drill. It wasn't piercing any cardboard heavens. )

Bwah, the end. Now it's time to give him shiny epic tattoos. :| Wish me luck.

...Randomly I need to upload more GL icons. >:/
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Why does the world have to revolve around freaking Nia?


No wonder the fandom is full of pussies who can't characterize worth crap. :|

I feel like one of a very tiny group of people who doesn't obsess over her.

edit: also, sometimes I really don't get people. At all.
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[ profile] fontech: I love the balance they have
[ profile] fontech: kamina's vitality and simon's calm
[ profile] fontech: they're a tornado
[ profile] iolites: yes
[ profile] fontech: spiral
[ profile] iolites: XDDDDDD
[ profile] iolites: A+

It's almost 5am and I am being silly.
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Go me I'm posting again.

[ profile] fontech: though if it's anything like the gundam seed movie project, it will be SERIOUSLY FUCKING WORTH IT
[ profile] iolites: oh?
[ profile] fontech: when they did the re-edit they added PORN.

[ profile] fontech: : I'm hoping that if one studio is willing to add a sex scene, gurren lagann will give worthwhile scenes /o/
[ profile] fontech: : because that 10 second clip of sex made watching the entire movie SO worth it
[ profile] fontech: : it was seriously that well come
[ profile] fontech: : ...done
[ profile] iolites: XDDDDD
[ profile] fontech: : well, someone came
[ profile] iolites: WTG FREUDIAN SLIP


Apr. 5th, 2008 11:21 pm
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So after a rather interesting event (thanks for nothing, GPS) [ profile] fairness and I managed to get to Pacific Mall and meet up with [ profile] taelow, [ profile] squeakchan, and [ profile] vampydirector, with their friends, /o/ It was an epic day, There was food to be had and I finally got to meet Squeak and Jchan! It was awesome. ilu guys. So so glad we managed to get together.

A million apologies to Star, even though it wasn't my fault she ended up in downtown Toronto >___>;;


picspam because I took more photos than Holly goddammit stop stealing my goddamn pictures bitch )

There are no words to how squeeful I am. I managed to get the full set without an assload of doubles. (Besides towel!Yoko but why the hell would I want that.)

Are there any Nia fans out there who would be interested in buying a figurine of her? She's the only double I got, and besides putting her in the slow cooker I don't have much use for her, :3



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