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Been feeling really discouraged lately. It's like no matter how I try, it's either not enough or too much- there's no happy medium, no way to do anything without causing someone to get riled up, or upset, or annoyed, or questioning, etc., etc. I know my creativity is usually mediocre at best but does it really not count for that much? I've been afraid to debate certain things for fear of getting bitched at or rejected for it, and that hasn't helped much when I try to be diplomatic. idk, I think I've been lonely, too. bawww see Akai whine about feeling unwanted

Sometimes I wish I was a more interesting person.

I should probably just sleep it off, this whole thing is retarded. ...Maybe a hiatus, after all this month's modly crap. Who am I kidding, I don't do anything but rp and go to school.

Edit: I slept and I'm alright. Thanks, guys.

here, have an rp meme instead. )


Apr. 4th, 2007 06:17 am
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You know, Akai, a bedtime of 6:00am when one is supposed to wake up at 10 is generally a bad idea.

... Generally.

Those on my f-list who are part of Hearts of Paradise:

Have at thee.

The ad-free option is temporary due to what a hassle it ended up becoming - enjoy it while you can. No pop-ups, though. It's actually a really good host.

I have no freaking clue where the administration posts went. I'll take care of that later. I also appear to have two accounts. This sucks, but eh. I'll futz with it tomorrow. Right now I need to get what little sleep I'm allowed before my alarm goes off.

I'll send off a mass e-mail to everyone not on LJ tomorrow, too.


(Someone give me a hug for this? Please? ._.)
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I... am both physically and mentally exhausted here. x.X The past few days have been a mix of suckage and awesome, what with all the drama, and flailing, and stepping-on-toes. I was looking forward to a long rest this afternoon, but due to a series of more suck and not enough awesome, that's not going to happen.

The first year shop class I help supervise is... not very good. They have a couple of awesome students, and a couple of in-the-middle. The rest? Slackers. Or just incompetent/lazy. Dude, what is so hard about measuring? Bringing your tools (I swear if one more person asks me for my tape measure there will be death)? Checking the route sheet? It's not that hard. In my first year we did the exact same project. We were organized, we worked our asses off, and we were finished a month and a half early. We did so well the teacher took us out for breakfast, O__o This class? There is so going to be some failing grades. I'm glad they're being marked individually, because some of them deserve full marks, and others deserve nothing. Because that's what they did.

Because of this class, everyone's being called in this afternoon for a few extra hours in the shop. Including me. Aren't I lucky. Because I so wasn't going to work on stuff today.

The big incentive is he's buying pizza. ... Yay? (I wanted a nap. ._.)

[ profile] fabre: I'm sorry, ;.; I'll be around later. ♥


In regards to Hearts of Paradise: I'm working on it. Still working on it. Waiting on a response from a server. Progress is slow, but still progress.

Yes, I am frustrated. But I can't do much else but wait at this moment in time.

... I hate waiting. >.>;
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So. Whole lot of crap happening lately that I really didn't want to deal with, Whoop-the-friggin'-do. Last week was made of suckiness and this week isn't looking much better.

Naela, question for you: did you change any of the FTP info for Shantoir? I'd love to grab the full forum but I can't access it at all. Hit me up on AIM (or I'll ping you) if you can lend a hand.

HoP stuff )

The countdown continues...

May I just say that Celestial Kitty is win? I was all down and mopey about the whole situation, and I got a PM from her waving that cute, celestial flag of hers. Sometimes you just need that.


Between this, schoolwork, and stressing about certain people I won't name here, I've been a bit bitchy lately. Apologies if I snapped at people. The back snapped quite a ways back and I'm dragging my feet at this point, ^^;

Thankfully my financial situation is a lot less drastic than I thought it would be. My tax return is going to make me a very happy camper both this year and probably next, and once I start making more money, I still have that $2000 donation waiver from my trip to Africa, so I'll be in good shape when I actually have to pay taxes. Hopefully. >_>; AND NO HOLLY I AM NOT BUYING A FREAKING DOLL.

Because of my happy bank, I surrendered and bought that Guy/Asch doujin off Ebay. I've been stalking it for like, two weeks now but haven't dared buy a thing until I knew I'd be able to feed myself in August, ._.;; And then that Guy/Luke from Twinbells was just so pretty, and Twinbells is win. ♥ I still have five Gundam Seed doujinshi from Anime North to scan...

[ profile] fabre demanded a fic exchange, and she went and requested Luke/Mieu. Oi. This should be interesting. (Actually, I already started it and it's going surprisingly well...)

I need to write more TotA. Epic!fic is coming along, but once I leave House Gardios I'll be screwed for characterization, ._.; Anyone have any requests? :D;; no guarantees, since it's been proven in the past that I fail at this kind of thing, but inspiration is totally welcome. Just be nice. *glares at [ profile] fabre*

I need more TotA people on my f-list. FRIENDING MEME ANYONE?
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Dear spammer-bots:

You have officially been bitchslapped.

No love,



Modification of HoP coding has closed for the moment. Ye gods that was tedious. PHP is a pain in the ass.

(This better work.)

Thanks to [ profile] rem_sama for helping me fix my idiocy and [ profile] northerncross for therapy sessions. Much love.

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That spammer is one determined little pissant, isn't he?


Suggestions on how to deal with this issue would be much appreciated. I'm pondering changing the url (would be a simple matter of shifting the file folder's name); I'd send a collective e-mail to all the members prior to doing so to prevent people from spazzing and being all ZOMGZ HOP IS GONE. But yeah. I don't like the idea of making changes just because of one asshole. It's just obnoxious, but it's not like there's a way to block them.

I have no idea what the point is, but hey, if they want to put this much effort into causing trouble, more power to them. The 'delete member' button is there for a reason.

... grr, anyway.


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