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So [ profile] northerncross has occasionally brought to my attention what a great couple Xigbar and Larxene would be. Once I got past my "OHMYGODTHEIRLOVEISSOSADISTIC" amusement, I thought about it. And thought, "Eh, what the hell."

Then proceeded to write pr0n.

Heterosexual pr0n, to boot!

So yeah. THIS IS SEX. Consider yourself warned.

For Av, who denies responsibility for the sex part but wasn't too objective to me writing it, either... >D

It wasn't love. )
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Making progress with Mausoleum, :3 This makes Akai happy. Even though Seph isn't.

That aside, I was randomly floating through my harddrive, and I found a totally random KH fic on my harddrive. This was like, way before I was reading a lot of fanfics for the most part - at least in that fandom - and I don't think I was talking too much with the people I am now...

Anyway, [ profile] tonberry pestered me, so I found a few excerpts that were written like FOREVER ago (okay, more like December of two years ago >.>), but can actually work decently in the normal timelines. Kinda unfinished as far as the start and finish are concerned, but eh, drabbles are like that sometimes. Especially drabbles written for an entirely different fic entirely...

I didn't edit these at all. Just to warn you XD

Riku & Mickey - the Realm of Darkness )

Riku & Sora - After the final battle )

My writing style has changed quite a bit, I think, ^^; hopefully it's an improvement.
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Me again. (Tired of me yet? X3)

Finally posted Mausoleum. God I suck. *flees*

And I should be in bed. Shop class at 8. I suck again. *emo*

Fic dump!

Mar. 12th, 2006 04:12 pm
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Where Akai whores out her accomplishments.

~I UPDATED LSRV. HOLY SHIT, YEAH. New chapter. Yes, you have my permission to die of shock.

I... have no idea when I'll write the next chapter. But HOLY SHIT UPDATED.

~Zack/Aerith 1 Sentence drabbles: 38/50 complete.

~Mausoleum chapter 2: 1,715 words in. Got a few more scenes to write.

~Ideas galore for the end of Mausoleum and the maybe!sequel revolving around the Nobodies and the 13th Order. We'll see how that goes.


In other news, I had an awesome night with [ profile] cutiecat yesterday. Went out, chatted, had a good day all around, ^^ She lent me lots of anime crap! Rawr! FYI:

- Absolute Boyfriend is freaking hysterical. I want more.
- Alucard is creepy. I want to molestify him.
- Fushigi Yuugi is crack. I think I like it.
- Japanese is FREAKING HARD.



Finally, grandma did come home from the hospital, but Kiba's gone missing; apparently he's been gone since yesterday afternoon and no one can find him anywhere.

I have decided that March officially sucks.


I'm determined to be happy.

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I have decided that there should be a law - a person should not be conscious before 2:00pm. I feel so incredibly refreshed right now.... ^______^

Of course, I *did* go to bed around 5, so I was understandably tired... anyway.

It feels good to have a Sunday off! I can go to church tonight, something I haven't done in three months, and my parents were starting to pull the guilt trip on me like they did with my brother. Well pfffft. At least I *want* to go, thank you very much. I tried to get Sunday off, but work isn't exactly sympathetic about weekends. Saturday I don't mind, but Sundays are never busy...

My mom gave me something cool the other day - a rice paper screening for my window! I've been needing new blinds for a while now, and she said she was going to be me some bamboo screens, but this is cooler, ^_^ The rice paper is so light and breakable, though! I have to be careful when I move it. Now I understand why people go crashing through the shoji so often in anime. It's just so easy!

Well Naela convinced me (with little effort, *grin*) to post my Kingdom Hearts comedy ficlet sooner than I planned, so it probably won't be revised. Looking over it, the beginning... I can't say bad or good, but the entire fic is pretty sporadic so I guess it fits. It jumps around a LOT. *sigh* Well, can't be helped.

Chapter 5 of Ephemeral Blossoms is almost done. I need to get some editing done before it gets posted, but it won't be long, which makes me happy. I've even written part of 7, but that's going pretty slowly, so that update may be a bit delayed. Gr.

I need to e-mail Haku Baikou - her fanfic is the inspiration of the next chapter of "Footprints in the Waters", ^_^ The first one turned out really well, so hopefully number 2 will be as good.

Speaking of RK fics, I'm making rather good progress on the Kendo sequel. I think I've finally decided on the title (shhhh! No telling, ^^) and I'm up to I think chapter 17 in the planning stages, and I finally decided how to fix the chapters I'm not sure of! I can't do the full chapter count like I was originally going for. If I can't write a chapter, I'll take it out. It's not a set number like Kendo was, so I can alter it to fit my inspiration, ^_^ I think it's a good idea and while it will lower the chapter amount, it will also (hopefully) lower the wait between updates...

FFX-2 update: I'm beginning to like these little things. *waves to Megumi* I am proud to say that I now have enough money to pay off O'aka's debt! Woooo-! Off I go from paying 50 gil to 5 gil for potions, ^_____^ It's a lot of work but it's worth it. Paine's special dress sphere is about half-done, so once I do that I'll move on to Yuna's. Rikku's sphere looks really cool though, so that should be interesting when I find it. Other than that, little to nothing accomplished.

Wednesday I think I'll be working on the Kingdom Hearts DVD compilation again. Now that the capture card is working, I should get at least 5 or more hours of capturing done! It's so exciting... all we have to watch is the harddrive space. But it'll be nice to learn exactly how long all the cut scenes add up to...

Hm. Life seems pretty good right now, ^____^


Jan. 6th, 2004 10:05 pm
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I'm so proud! This month has been awesome. Not only have I become Megumi's beta (*waves to Megumi with a BIIIIG grin*), but I've also joined the staff of an upcoming Kingdom Hearts fanfiction archive! This is going to be so much fun! I've even learning php coding for it, which was... interesting. But thankfully I've worked out a pretty easy way to convert files to php, (thank YOU dreamweaver!) so it shouldn't take as long as it did today. Here's hoping.
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Sora *poking Sephiroth with the Keyblade*: Say it, c'mon, say it!

Sephiroth: UNCLE! UNCLE! *waves a white flag*

Um, yeah. I beat Sephiroth... that's all I really have to say today. Words cannot describe how happy I am.
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Okay, technically this was yesterday... but it's still the 14th for me since I haven't gone to bed, ^_^;; Yeah I'm a delinquent.

A day or two ago I finally beat Kingdom Hearts. The ending is soooo cool, ^_^ However, I haven't finished most of the mini-games (such as the Hades cup and *shiver* Sephiroth) so I'm going to go back and finish them up before I beat it again. I was sort of surprised at how easy it was... well sure, there's like, fifteen battles one after another, most of which are boss battles, but considering how my fighting tactic is to charge in and wail away at the enemies, I did pretty well. I managed to get through the whole thing on my first attempt. I was rather proud of myself...

Speaking of pride, I finally got past that eeeeeevil evil Grendel in FF8. Now I can actually continue on with the rest of the game! Geez, it was taking forever. I can't believe it took me this long, considering the answer was there all along. All I did was have Squall cast Doom on the darn thing and keep healing my characters until the thing keeled over and finally died. I feel like such a dummy for dying so many times when it was that simple... *sigh* Oh well. You live, you learn. I was so psyched I immediately went to save and exited the game before I screwed up, ^_^

What else... no news from job peoples. Evilness. I'm hoping to hear from my sister to find out if we're chatting on Saturday as usual... I haven't talked to her for a few weeks, and I miss her, ;_; We just had a carpet cleaned, so I'm getting used to wet feet... we're also doing a draft test on Thursday, so it's inside or outside for two hours, no going out or opening windows at all. Joy.

Oh yeah, and I'm graduating Thursday night. Cheers, ^_^ Finally gonna say farewell to the ol' high school. (er, until reunions and stuff, hehe...) It should be interesting, considering the bakas who measured the grad gowns did it wrong. I hope everyone wears six-inch heels.

Wish me luck... ^_____^
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One thing I forgot to mention. I tried to fight Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts today.

He killed me in three shots. It would have been two but I had the Second Chance ability so I had one HP left after the second shot. Lucky me.

I won't be trying that again for a long while. O_o Sephiroth is scary...

Thankfully, Kenshin will now proceed to cheer me up.

Oro Kenshin

What Kenshin are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Actually, to be perfectly honest, after Sephy-chan whooped my butt it was so unbelievable that I started to laugh hysterically and couldn't stop for about five minutes. My friend (who was with me at the time) must've thought I was crazy...
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I'm not sick anymore. As usual, it passed without much trouble. Almost makes me worry. Almost. ^_^;;

Speaking of which...

Livejournal Mood Ring

is happy.

You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.

brought to you by [ profile] interim32. wanna know your livejournal's mood ring
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(Thanks Ariane!)

I'm applying to Radio Shack and a few other stores at the mall tomorrow. er, today. *yawn* Hopefully it won't rain. I can't really hand in wet resumes.

Speaking of wet, I made it past the Atlantica world in Kingdom Hearts after the fifth or sixth try. My friend beat Ursela (form 2) for me. I was kinda peeved because he'd never played the game before and he managed to beat her after dying a few times, but he's a well-rounded gaming genius, so I should have known... *sigh* Oh well. It was a pain anyway. But I was so proud... I had done it all myself till then.

Oh well, enough gaming talk. Maybe I should take a break. (Yeah yeah, I know. I say it, but I won't.) It's too addictive...

I'm falling behind on my fics. I'm falling behind on job-hunting. Damn this beautiful world called RPGing. *is sucked back into the void*

Well, I'll smarten up when my dad hits me for rent, ^_^ Until then I want to enjoy my holiday.


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