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I don't geeeeeeet iiiiiiiit...

Checked beta 6 of the KH dvd the other day. The glitches went from 30 or so to... five. Yay, ^_^ Jace seems to think the video freezes are random. I'm just happen that we managed to get all the way to Agrabah before the glitches started, unlike last time when it was right at the beginning! Slowly but surely, I think we're getting there. It needs to be done by July after all, ^^;; But hy does it keep freezing... I wish I knew...

The auction ended for the Zack doujin, and I still don't know if I won. Les (who's Paypal account was used to bid) seems to think that they might use this as an off-business day (which annoys me because it ended on a Friday...) and we should at least wait till Monday before pestering them with e-mails. If this is a scam I will have to hurt someone.

Or at least madly flood their inbox with spam. *snicker*

I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. The house had a very odd smell floating around, oO For once I can't blame it on my brother. *snicker* It was like a mixture of perfume and gasoline. Yeah, I was just as confused as you probably are. At least I was good and didn't stay online for too long.

I finally figured out what it was, though - it was my mom's big laundry basket from Zambia. The woven grass smells really weird after a thunderstorm, I guess. And I have a smaller basket in my room so that's why my room smelled the same. *sigh* I just can't escape it!

I was writing yesterday, but probably not what I should have. Managed to finish up an RSoD side-story for Meg, ^^;; She seemed to approve, so I guess I did all right again. I love writing senseless, angsting fluff. I have no idea why... I should probably go back to LSRV, though. *eyes it warily* Just one vignette away from the next arc... I can do it... maybe...

Soon after I posted my little rant on that review for Manslayer, I got my response... several lovely, encouraging reviews that I really needed. *hugs those who reviewed* Thanks so much, I needed a boost and that helped a lot, ^_^ I'll try to be a little faster in updating that one, and maybe the chapters will be a bit longer. Not because it was asked for, but because people who genuinely enjoy the fic deserve to have more if I can give it!

Work story time, since I'm in a good mood, ^_^

Laugh, I tell you! )

Sniped from Dagas:

1. Go into your LJ's archives.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

My post:

and bought the Lord of the Rings, and two Great Big Sea CDs for a very nice price

Now that brings back a few memories, ^^;; I remember that day...

And to complete my entry as being full of useless randomness, I present to you a quote from Yahoo Japan's auction page, after using an online translator. In one of the ads, I found the following sentence:

"A picture is seen with a crunching sound."

I love this stuff. XD Did I miss something there?

I just realized that it was just over one year and a month ago that I actually started this thing. Happy birthday, Akai's unoriginally designed LJ! *throws confetti* Way back when I used to update twice a month and I had no friends. How things change. ^_^;;
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This has been the most demented week EVER, oO Had a good day, had a bad day. Good day, bad day, good, bad... it just went on like that. Come on, life, make up your mind! I know it's supposed to be up and downs, but geez...

Everything that comes in the mail is something I don't want, -_-;; Bills, ads, "Please vote for me" letters... everything excluding the little postcard thing from Conestoga. This is getting complicated. First I applied. Then I got accepted. I sent back the form that said I accept their acceptance... and now they send me a card that says they accept my acceptance of their acceptance of my application... oO Wonder what Mohawk would have done. *snicker*

My necklaces still haven't come. Gaaah... I'm giving up, here. The nice thing is, Jace says that if they don't arrive, the seller will send some more. Veeery nice, ^_^ Wonder if they'd arrive, though. *kicks the postal service* I guess he -really- doesn't want bad feedback, ^^;; It would be good if they arrived, though. If he sent two sets, we'd have to either pay for the other or send it back, oO

We won the auction for the graphics pen! And this means - booya, coloured drawings care of Photoshop, ^____^ Finally. I've been whining for my dear brother's pen for years. Now I'll get my own for like, a fifth of the price. I love functional no-name brands. Heh.

And... and... I'm bidding on another Zack doujinshi. -_-;; Yes, you heard me. I don't care. I want this one, and I'm getting it. End of story. But... I can't stop... staring at it... Oo I really can't wait for these suckers to come in the mail. I'll be a little distracted, shall we say, ^^;; I wanna see Zack as a little kiiiiid... ;_; he's so adorable...

However, between these babies and my passport, there goes most of my tax return. Can't complain - I think it's money well spent, ^_^

The KH dvd wasn't a total failure this time. My report on Beta 5-e:

- it actually loaded in the player this time! XD
- Three links in the menu didn't work
- Destiny Islands didn't fade in properly
- there were scattered playing glitches in some worlds - 5 freezes in DI, one in Olympus Coliseum (right in the Cloud walk-by scene, ;_;), two in Monstro, and a whopping 23 in Atlantica. Joy.
- the audio/video is desynched in one scene of Deep Jungle and nearly all of Agrabah
- the "continued on disc 2" screen did not load, but that's probably a setting error
- end action isn't set to the main menu

That's it, which isn't bad. Most of these are probably my fault for running six windows when the videos were encoding, ^^;; My bad. I just can't sit around and do nothing while it goes... we'll try again, though! And again, and again... with this much work put into it, we are NOT giving up... right? *puppy-eyes to Jace*

And it's omake time with Dagas! XD

A grand tea ceremony )

And now, for something completely different. (c/o Monty Python)

What do you dream about?
Zodiac Sign:
Fav. Color Combo:
Your dreams generally include: Dramatic/freak accidents such as car wrecks and falls
Approximate number of monthly nightmares: 115
The worst monster you've seen in a dream:
Your dreams are usually in greys with splashes of color
Percentage of dreams involving sex - 100%
Will your dreams ever come true? (8) - My sources say no. - (8)
This QuickKwiz by cutelilangelx - Taken 28159 Times.

So... I have dreams about people having sex in car wrecks? oO No wonder I never remember my dreams. They're that traumatic...

akai_kitsune's Word Usage
1. i (671) 26. on (99) 51. or (61) 76. first (39)
2. the (605) 27. it's (96) 52. can (61) 77. good (39)
3. to (493) 28. with (94) 53. him (60) 78. know (39)
4. a (399) 29. would (91) 54. now (58) 79. go (39)
5. and (323) 30. i'm (89) 55. how (56) 80. can't (38)
6. it (276) 31. we (85) 56. fei (54) 81. that's (38)
7. you (254) 32. not (81) 57. from (53) 82. though (38)
8. of (222) 33. customer (79) 58. think (51) 83. there (38)
9. that (204) 34. this (79) 59. really (49) 84. could (38)
10. me (188) 35. up (77) 60. want (46) 85. dvd (37)
11. is (175) 36. one (77) 61. your (46) 86. didn't (37)
12. for (170) 37. do (75) 62. time (45) 87. because (36)
13. in (150) 38. about (74) 63. been (45) 88. got (35)
14. be (145) 39. just (73) 64. are (44) 89. will (34)
15. so (140) 40. get (70) 65. too (44) 90. well (34)
16. he (139) 41. they (69) 66. she (44) 91. her (33)
17. but (133) 42. eon (69) 67. an (43) 92. dagasisa (33)
18. was (132) 43. all (67) 68. duochic (42) 93. going (33)
19. have (126) 44. out (65) 69. i'll (41) 94. see (33)
20. zack (122) 45. as (65) 70. when (41) 95. again (32)
21. if (113) 46. like (64) 71. them (41) 96. even (32)
22. akaikitsunedono (112) 47. his (64) 72. had (41) 97. pyry (32)
23. at (107) 48. were (63) 73. back (40) 98. much (32)
24. my (101) 49. don't (63) 74. pizza (40) 99. did (31)
25. what (99) 50. no (61) 75. some (39) 100. way (31)
Word Count by Hutta.
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ARG! Shoot me now! *tears at hair*

So... DVD day. Spend the entire time either playing FFIX while Jace fiddled with the menus, or I worked on the menus while Jace played X-2. (Yeah, we're real productive, but with only one computer... *shrug*) Poor Jace worked for hours trying to get the subpictures to work - what a pain those things are, -_-;; Encore is a horrible program, whatever people say. I feel badly though, because I got on the computer when we switched and the subpictures were working within five minutes, ^^ I think the computer just likes me better.

Anyway, Jace figured out how to change the colours for the subpictures - and for those who don't know, the subpicture is basically what happens to a menu item when it's selected. For most dvds, it's either a colour change or underline. Our subpictures are colour changes, and while they're still pretty glitchy, I think they're decent.

But the dvd itself... I'm really at my wit's end. Every time I try to play it, it skips ahead, it freezes... it's loading way too many video/audio streams all at once in order to play. The first test disc was using one stream, with the entire movie playing at once. That worked decently aside from a few quirks.

The second test disc (the one made today) is much worse, -_- It won't play for longer than 10 seconds without freezing, and when it freezes, it can skip ahead as far as 2 chapters. It's loading 2 streams for every world, though, both video and audio... that means instead of loading 1 file, it has to load more like 20. I can understand why that would slow it down, though it really shouldn't. What a pain... I'll be checking again tomorrow, but it seems that disc 1 isn't quite finished like we thought it would be. Suckage.

Two bits of good news, though: The menus are perfect now! We don't have to change anything with those. Now if we could get the video files working...

And secondly: I tested the dvd in the Playstation 2, and it worked. You don't need a dvd player/rom to run the dvd! w00t. ^______^ This also means we can test the dvds we burn at Jace's house instead of waiting till I get home. Even better!

Well, enough dvd talk. I received two more letters today - one from Mohawk (big surprise) and a second from St. Clair college. Both acceptance letters. Too bad I already sent my letter in to Conestoga, heh.

Chelle-san e-mailed me about LSRV. I'll try to get the editing finished up this week and finally post that chapter. I'm way behind... my bad. I also want to get another Blossoms chapter written soonish. Busy, busy.

Akai's list of things to do:

1) Get passport letter/photo SOON!
2) Contact residence at Conestoga (in case they need my acceptance letter returned before I apply)
3) Apply for residence following above contact, ^^
4) Contact Kids Alive and find out when they want money for the plane ticket
5) Get more hours at Pizza Pizza! >_<

... I think that's enough for now.
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Wow, a ton of stuff happened this week so far, ^_^;; Jace brought the beta of the Kingdom Hearts dvd for me to test. Uh, yeah. Talk about being riddled with defects. I suppose it's not bad - in the entire 2 hour dvd, I found 26 errors. That's including menu errors, chapter misplacement, and audio/video glitches. I suppose it could have been worse... the odd thing is, it's the programs we're using. Adobe Premiere and Encore are terrible for putting things together! *glares at them* I can hardly believe the trouble we've had. Jace is recompiling the dvd with VirtualDub which will hopefully fix those errors. Other than that I'm really not sure what else we can do.

I finished editing LSRV and send it off to the beta readers, ^_^ I decided I would just wait for Chelle-san to respond - if I waited for Lee I'd be sitting around till mid-summer for his comments. The poor guy is so busy, ^_^;; I'll post after Chelle looks it over and rework it if Lee has anything to say about it later. I feel badly but it's not fair for me to hoarde the chapters after so long.

I think the ending will surprise a few people, though. I hope I don't get yelled at for it, ^^;; Lee-san is going to be angry with me for a while. I did something he didn't want me to. *whistles innocently*

Gonna try to make some progress on Blossoms tonight. Now that I've updated a few RK fics it's time to go back to KH. It's only fair, after all. Plus I hate to leave poor Cloud hanging!

Speaking of the KH fandom, Zack finally made it to the other thread in the RP! So much for a rescue attempt. Instead of helping Rhett and escaping Jericho, he turned around and decided to fight. And since Rhett is a long-distance fighter who is almost out of magic, Zack is sort of fighting Jericho... one-on-one.

Yeah. Who the heck decided this was a good idea??!! *dies* Well the good news is, I made Griff promise he wouldn't do any permanent harm to poor Zack. I couldn't get much else out of him, though. We'll have to see what happens.

Squeak and I amused ourselves with an omake though, so I feel better knowing Zack will eventually join the party at the hotel...

AIM omake )

Uh, yeah. Gotta love random insanity. ^_^;;

College letters were sent out today. *prances around the house fretting about random things*
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Ah, today was AWESOME! Got to Jace's about half an hour earlier than usual, so we got a lot more done, ^^ I finished editing the KH files for the dvd itself - all that's left is the summons for the Extras, and it'll be all done! Next week we finish up the transfers from avi to mpeg2 (dvd format) and then it's work, work, work on the menus! And we all know what happens after that... BURN! *evil Dilandau cackle* We're hoping to test the first dvd (at least) by the end of next week. The menus will be a lot of trail and error, though... *sigh* But we're SO close!

At the end of the day though, the computer decided to be a pain, -_-;; We went out for dinner after we had set up Premiere to join up all the files. From the game intro until the end of Agrabah - that's how long the first dvd will be! When we came back, though, the computer had stopped when it ran out of harddrive space! The entire file was going to be around 25 gigs. Yikes. But that's uncompressed... we tried compressing it. First Premiere crashed. Then the files started to screw up in the middle. ARG! Why, why, why?! *tears out hair* I left while the files were still screwed up... Jace is still trying to fix them, and I'm sure he'll figure out a way, ^^;; I swear he's a tech genius. *hugs* We just need to give the computer a few good whacks...

We finally got around to re-encoding the file that I accidentally deleted, too. *snicker* You know, I'm really lucky it wasn't the middle of the game or something, like Monstro... honestly, I'd have to really hurt myself then. I was so embarrassed! Geez. But we have every file we need now, except I think the final dalmatian cut scene. Oh, and we also have to encode "Another Side, Another Story". I thought we didn't have to but the version we have say a stupid little "Insert Credit" thing at the bottom. *grumble* Thankfully "Deep Dive" doesn't have that. Otherwise we'd be stuck!

I decided to add the optional Coliseum cut scenes and Hundred Acre Woods into the extras section, as well as the optional bosses and the hidden scene with Pinocchio. The summons will be there, and the intro that plays at the beginning... ah, so much to add, ^^ I wonder if it'll all fit... but I will be making a full list of all the things the dvd includes. We still have to go looking for the dvd cases... I would rather find them here instead of ordering them online. It would be so much faster that way!

When I got home, I went online of course, ^^;; Joined a chat with Meg, Squeak, and Star. Griff was there too but only for a minute. We chatted randomly for a while, but after Meg left we eventually wound up talking endlessly about Rurouni Kenshin! I haven't really chatted about Rk for ages... well, except for Lacan, but his discussions are a bit in depth for me. I usually end up nodding and going "yeah, uh huh" because I don't really understand but am too tired to try to understand his explanation. This wasn't exactly in depth, ^^;; But it was a riot. Random Tomoe-ness all the way! *cheers* And when squeak asked me to quiz her... heh. *passes over some cookies* I felt a bit badly for making the questions rather obscure (like the opium question - that one was kind of mean) but I also felt like such a dork for knowing so much random RK facts. I am a fandom dictionary. I'm SO pathetic! ^^;; Where in life will knowing the name of Kaoru's father, or the number of kids Anji took care of, or the number of rocks Sano broke while learning the Futai no Kiwami EVER help me?! *dies*

Don't worry though, squeak, you really can humiliate me by asking all those Zelda questions someday... just don't forget - oro! *snickers and dodges a possible punch*

Speaking of which, I played LoZ: Wind Waker for the first time in 5 months today. Wow, Kingdom Hearts has really changed how I play... hm... nope, actually, I'm still Hack an' Slash Akai. A sample of me playing:

Me: Ooh, a rupee! Er.. the music changed? Where's the enemy?! Where is it-AH! There, there! Sword! Stab! Kill! AH! He hit me! RUN! AH! Stop chasing me! AAAH! Die! Ah? Where-? It died? Wow, cool. ... ooh, a rupee!

Eh-heh. I'm so pathetic. But I managed to kill a Zelda boss all by myself - something I have never done. As in, never in my life. And I did it today. ^____^ Progress is good. Rescued cute lil' Makar. You know, it had been so long since I played that I didn't even remember who the heck Makar was. I was like, "Oh, a leaf dude! Better save him!" and then it ended up being a plot point... go fig. Next time maybe I'll take a break from the dvd menu and play again, ^^
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Okaaaay, votes are unanimous for the 2-disc set for the KH dvd, ^^;; Now I just have to convince Jace to hurry up and get Final Mix *wink wink* so we can encode good versions of Showdown of Fate, the Unknown Battle, and those wonderfully random extra scenes. I doubt we'll be able to get them, but wishful thinking is what keeps me alive. ^_^ We'll probably just try to find decent quality encodes, or just not bother with them. After all, there's always the KH2 dvd. *grin* Don't think I'm kidding, either.

Speaking of which, Jace has joined the LJ community! *waves* Now I have Pizza Pizza customer service rants at the tip of my fingers. Cheers.

I got another letter from Mohawk College today. I swear they're trying to give me a heart attack. If you're going to send a letter, send an ACCEPTANCE LETTER!

Letter 1 - Thanks for choosing Mohawk!
Letter 2 - Thanks again! By the way, you applied for this program.
Letter 3 - Thanks again! Hey, you haven't submitted your transcript, even though we received it 2 weeks again. You need to call in and make fools of us now.
Letter 4 - Thanks again! This time it's from the president!
Letter 5 - Thanks again! Here's another reminder of your courses. We'll be sending out a letter telling you if you're accepted or not on March 31st.
Letter 6 - Thanks again! Come visit us in May!

... the HELL...? I can understand sending a letter or two. But SIX?! And they all say the same thing! The third one didn't even have to be sent if they'd gotten off their lazy butts and clicked the little link on the OCAS website that says "Transcripts". Geez. My transcript was entered in the system on March 2nd, and they sent the letter on the 11th. They probably sent it out without even checking. Grr. [/rant]

Oh well. Hopefully they'll stop tormenting me. I don't even want to GO there and they're hounding me like this. Go awaaaaaay...

Chelle-san has come back! *waves to her beta* I suppose that means I should finish the next LSRV chapter, ^^;; Lacan actually requested that I release it for his birthday (March 30th I think he said). Can you believe that? oO I suppose I do owe him a bit for helping me get past one part, but still... I hate deadlines. The chances of me contacting Lee in ten days are... kind of slim. I never did hear back from him on Battousai of the Teahouse. Of course, it would help if I was on ICQ more often, ^^;; My computer just can't handle two chat programs at once, and everyone is always on AIM! Ah, decisions, decisions... I suppose I could always use ICQ on dvd days.

Okay, it was mid-March, but the deadline for LSRV is now March 30th! Maybe it'll get me working. Kind of like finishing the KH dvd for Meg's birthday... ^_~

So I started playing Final Fantasy X again when I got home from work last night. Yeah, you heard me. At 3 in the morning I started playing a video game. We finally reached Zanarkand. I must say I was VERY disappointed. When people told me to hurry up and get there, I was promised angst. Oh, I got angst. But it was YUNA ANGST! I don't want Yuna angst! I want cuddly Tidus angst! GRRRR to video game writers!

I am so looking forward to getting the RP group out of the fight thread so Zack and Fei can have that chat Meg and I have been talking about. It's going to be huge, I just know it... because now Zack is getting angsty! Not only is he going to tear into Fei for being reckless, but Fei saw him cartwheeling around yesterday, so now Fei can actually retaliate! That is, if the poor kid ever gets a backbone. *pokes Fei* Poor kid indeed, ^^ He and Zack are so perfect together though. They really do have to get drunk and have an angsting session someday.

I'm a little hesitant to go too far with that conversation though, since a lot of the things Zack might go into could spoil future chapters of Blossoms... I mean, it's already an alternate universe in a lot of ways (some of which I'm only developing now... heh heh heh...), so not everything will be a spoiler, but I'll have to either tread carefully or write really fast.

And I still have no idea what I'm going to do when I go to Zambia for a month. Zack either has to die (which would be... sort of uncool...), get kidnapped, or the RP has to go on vacation so he doesn't look like a mute collecting dust in the corner. I have a hard time dealing with any solution, especially the last since it doesn't affect just me. I mean, it's true that it's taken us months just to get through the first day, but so much has happened! I shudder to think of how much catching up I'll have to do when I get home...

Well, we're still five months away, so hopefully something will work out. Just gotta wait it out and enjoy it while I can, I guess.
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Aaahhhh... Canada is cold again. And snowy. And wet. Grr to snow. My arms feel like they're going to fall off... too much shoveling!

Any of you people in warmer climates want to experience snow? I have lots for you, ^^

Er, anyway, the real entry now...

The Kingdom Hearts dvd compiliation yesterday went a lot better than last week! I did 5 & 1/2 worlds, which isn't bad considering how distracted I was. *stares at the HoP crew accusingly* Heh, just kidding. We all had fun. Next week I'm thinking that I'll have everything completely edited and the transitions worked out, which gives us two choices: either take a break for a few weeks and do the hours-long shift from uncompressed AVI to MPEG2, which is the format needed to burn to a dvd, or work on the dvd menus. Maybe I'll end up doing half and half, ^^;;

However, one problem has appeared... thus, I need to ask everyone a question. The dvd itself is going to be 2.5 hours, excluding the extras section. That means you guys have two choices:

1) Have a single dvd with the entire movie, at a lower quality than I originally hoped for

2) Have a 2-disc set of higher quality

Now the choice would be obvious, but it would mean the dvd would cost a few bucks more to make. I'd have to do some hunting for 2-disc cases, and I'll do my best to keep it as cheap for everyone as possible (especially for me, though - I won't deny that I'm first priority here, ^^;;), but we'll have to see what happens.

I'll keep you guys posted on it, but I need opinions! Help a poor kitsune out here...

Moving on. I tried to write last night... did a paragraph of LSRV. Gave up, moved on. Did a paragraph of Blossoms. Gave up, moved on. Did a paragraph of Manslayer. Gave up, played video games.

Yeah, I'm so focused. *snicker* Oh well. I reached the Fayth fountain spot in FFX... big dream sequence with Tidus. Answered quite a few questions I had. Poor guy... now I really don't want to reach the end!

I got a letter from my sister last night! It's such a riot - she started it January 31st and didn't finish writing it until 20 days later. Ah, she cracks me up. She sent me some kwacha, though! Zambian money is so pretty. Sometime I'll have to scan it and post the pics. I have 1000, 500, 100, 50, and 20 kwacha bills. How much is all that worth here? About 3 cents, ^^;; But it'll get some good stuff over in Zambia, so I won't complain. It's scary about the currency rate, though.

Random tangent: A news story I heard on the radio yesterday - I didn't hear it all, but as I walked in, I heard the reporter announce:

"... neighbours say she was a quiet woman who kept mainly to herself. One reports that she saw the woman's son on the front porch last week with a plastic bag over his head. When she asked him what he was doing, he said he was cooking."

Um... did I miss something? One of those cases where there's not quite enough information, ^^;;

This is getting lengthy. Don't forget to cast your vote, you guys! I really need some opinions... thank you kindly.
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I outsmarted a scammer today! *snickers* This guy called in claiming to be at a hotel with his wife since he just got married (he said this about seven times!), but for one thing, that wasn't a woman in the room with him... ^^;; The guy was really rude and impatient with me, and he kept interrupting and being an all around nasty customer. Near the end of the order:

Me: So is that cash or credit card?
Customer: Visa.
Me: Can I get the number please?
Customer *getting angry*: I'm not giving you my number over the phone! You bring the order and then charge me!
Me: Sir, the driver has to bring the receipt for you to sign. We don't have portable credit card machines.
Customer: Fine! I'll pay cash.

Jerk. If he had cash, why didn't he say so in the beginning? So when we're really unsure about an order, we're supposed to send it to verifications. I told the customer he'd get a callback to verify, and he got angry again.

Customer: No! Don't call back! Just send the order! *click*

Uh-huh, right. I sent the order off to verifs anyway, making a note that the customer hung up and the order needed to be confirmed.

I'm so happy I did. Jace, who works in Customer Service, later told me he got the verifs order and the customer wasn't in the room. Stupid scammer thinks he can pull a fast one on ME, eh? Bwahaha. Sucker. No pizza for him.

Other than that... I'm pleased to announce that this month I had 2 errors per 1000 orders. That's a pretty sweet ratio. ^____^

Ah... it's so good to be happy again. And now I must be sleeping...

EDIT: Jace figured out the MPEG2 settings for the Kingdom Hearts dvd. I won't delve into the list of complicated terms he was using, oO (mostly because he lost me after the second-pass VBR...) but long story short, the dvd is going to look veeeeeery smooth once we burn it, ^_^

Check it out:

Now keep in mind that this is a lower quality jpeg on a computer screen. Imagine how it will look in high quality dvd format, on a TV... *sighs happily*
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Ah, Tuesday. Video editing day. The day where the dvd comes one step closer to creation... not. -_-;; Today was brutal. I got partway through one of the worlds when I discovered that several of the files were corrupted in some form after they were edited - the audio was glitchy, sort of... tinny, if that makes any sense. I was completely lost as to what the problem was, and it getting pretty aggravating. Every single file I tested gave the same results. It got to the point where I was wondering if I had to re-encode the entire game AGAIN... something that didn't make me very happy, >_<

Five hours Jace and I tried to figure this out. I took a break partway to make the menus (which is incredibly easy, thankfully.) but the entire day was just all around frustrating. I was so afraid I might have to start all over - it was enough to make me think of giving up and scrapping the entire project. My thanks to Megumi who kept telling me not to, ^^;;

Thankfully, Jace is pure genius and managed to figure out how to fix it. We still don't really know what the problem was, but for some reason the files were corrupted when the audio was uncompressed. We ended up having to compress the audio a tiny bit to remove the tinny sound. Isn't that unusual, having to degrade the quality of the file to make things sound better! oO I'll never understand computers.

But at least it's working, and next week will be much more productive!

Finally got Blossoms moving again after a two-week hiatus. I blame Ehrgeiz for that. OH! And this one is for Naela - Zack's hair isn't as long as we thought it was! ^_^ It's actually only a little but longer than Cloud's.

It looks pretty good, though. Gotta love those bangs. ^^

LSRV went back into hibernation again *glares at it* but this time it's Sanosuke's fault! Curse these RK men who refuse to cooperate. Manslayer went with it, but I knew that would happen anyway. The next chapter is something that's been done before, so I'll probably end up rewriting it.

Mom was watching Schindler's List when I came home. I hate that movie. Well, maybe hate's a bit strong. But I really don't like it. It was a good film to be made because it not only teaches a harsh lesson but reminds people of a history we really ought not forget, but I honestly can't watch a film with so much flat-out suffering. It's too depressing for a person like me to stand. Now, Life is Beautiful. There's an incredible movie that I can watch. Bittersweet is my thing.

Sorry if I seem like I'm trying to offend anyone; I'm really not trying here...

Anyway, an all-around sucky day, but things do seem to be getting better.
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While working on the Traverse Town menu of the dvd, I was talking to Jace on AIM. I asked for more screenshots since we found out the 459 we were originally using isn't enough... and what does he find out? The background behind the world changes too much, and it doesn't begin to repeat until after TWO rotations of the world, not one. -_-;;

What does this mean? It means the KH dvd will not have rotating worlds on the menu. I'm willing to 600 shots per world... not over 1000. Can you imagine editing close to 13,000 screenshots? I think not, ^^;; So we'll just use a single background shot for each world. Still haven't figured out what to do for Destiny Islands and Dive to the Heart, though.

The good part about this lovely little development is that it'll probably cut the dvd's creation-time down by about half. I'm thinking that if we keep at the pace we're at right now, the dvd should be finished sometime in April-May. Optimistically speaking, probably earlier.

Exciting, ne?

I'm totally baked from work last night, -_-;; I didn't even go online when I came home... THAT is how tired I was. (Believe me, this is a big thing.) I had been working for about an hour or two, the woman who had trained me asked if I was willing to Y-cord with some new trainees. That meant that I'd work with them for a few hours, hooked up to the computer and two headsets, one for me and one for them. I would work for an hour or so taking orders, and they would listen to what I did. After that, we'd switch and the trainee would talk to the customer and I would type out the order. Then I'd talk and we'd type. I went through the whole thing when I was a trainee, and it was really helpful.

The problem is, I Y-corded the first time on a Sunday afternoon. I had a call every few minutes, so I had a chance to ask questions between calls, take a break and a breather because it was nerve-wracking at first. These poor trainees were Y-corded Saturday night. Everyone in the known universe orders pizzas on Saturday night. This is not a good time to be training newbies! What's worse, we were so short-staffed that I ended up Y-cording with not one trainee, but two. So there was so much switching around of headsets, I'm lucky I didn't get chewed out for going on Unavailable so often. It was neat to be able to do that and help out the new people, but on a Saturday night, in the middle of the supper rush? It's just not something you do. You don't do that to people you want to work for you. Honestly, it was brutal. I've been working there for five months, and even *I* was having trouble dealing with the number of calls coming in. It was endless, streamline calls from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. Hence my exhaustion.

Well, I did my best, and I hope the poor girls I Y-corded with tonight will be okay on their own, when they work Wednesday...
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Must... vent... must... vent...

Tuesday, as I always do once a week, I went to visit my friend BrorJace so I could continue to capture footage for the Kingdom Hearts DVD. Usually I get there by noon and we work until 10:30. Usually that means we get a lot of work done.

Oh, heaven forbid, this week. oO The first hour was randomly figuring out how to do the ending. The computer we've been using to capture the footage is too slow to handle scenes longer than 4 minutes. This is a problem, since the ending is at least 15 minutes long from beginning to end, if not more. Finally we went out and did what we've been avoiding this entire time - we bought a better video card, one that would work in his computer. At first, it required a lot of fiddling with, because the program it came with.... sucks. It messed up our settings, our quality... basically everything! My friend fiddled with it and finally got it working, but it means the rest of our clips are inconsistent.

So that means... back to square one. *dies* We have to start at the very beginning... gah... *bashes head against wall*

Well, if it means better clips, then I guess it's worth it, ^^;; Then Jace asked me if I wanted to recapture the worlds rotating and redo the Traverse Town animation. (This is after I had already edited 350+ of the shots - about 6 hours worth)

I laughed at him. For a rather long time, actually.

Anyway, it hopefully won't take as long to recapture everything because the new card has cut our work-time in half, seriously. It's incredible how wonderfully this thing works, ^^ I wish we'd done this three weeks ago! Aw well...

RPing today... something happened to Zack, oO I'm so confused! He got all angsty and serious... he wasn't anything like my Zack... I guess it's because I was in one of those moods today. You know, the kind that makes you feel so "blah" and not want to be all happy and cheerful. I was feeling that way, so it kind of shifted into Zack. Poor guy. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow. But I kinda like him this way... it shows that he does really have a more serious side, rather than just being goofy all the time. I have to watch out for spoilers for my fic, though. I'm already crossing the line!

However, I get the feeling that eventually, he'll be spilling the whole story to poor Fei... ^_^
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Okay, since I've had a few questions, I thought I would explain this whole DVD thing. ^_^;;

A while ago, when I first became a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, I decided to tape the cut scenes. Because they rock, of course. *loves FMVs* However, scanning through 4 hours of footage was a pain when I wanted a certain scene. So I decided that I wanted to make a DVD instead. That requires capturing the cut scenes all over again, but it's not as time-consuming as it seems, plus it's fun.

But one issue was creating the DVD menus. I wanted them to look cool - no one likes a boring DVD menu. Finally I decided that I would incorporate an animation from the game into the menus. You'd really have to play the game to understand, but basically whenever you arrive at a different world, you see an outside view of the world rotating. What I'm doing is using that rotating animation and editing each and every screenshot, erasing the text and leaving a blank space so I can add my menus in later. This, however, is a lot of work - nearly 6000 shots in total, 459 for each world. Thus, me staying up a bit too late for my own good, editing them. ^_^;; I lost track of time, I swear...

Anyway, that's storytime for today. I hope that cleared up any confusion...
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So I was working on my DVD menus today (for the Kingdom Hearts DVD) and I made some progress... finally. I've been editing the screenshots for the rotating worlds - good grief, this is going to be so much work, >_< Every world has 459 screenshots. There are 13 worlds. I just finished shots 0-100 (yes, there is a shot 0, ^^;;) and it took about an hour, maybe 1 1/2. This is gonna be time consuming, but I think it's going to be really cool when it's done... so it'll be worth it, ^_^

A sample of my basic idea. )

Seems all right, doesn't it? ^_^ It's a start, anyway. Only 5867 shots left... *dies*

Fic time!

Blossoms is finally moving again. Sort of. I haven't figured out what I want to do with the chapter besides what I already have... I'm sure I'll get it soon!

I looked at LSRV yesterday. It looked back. I fell over after a while.

Updated Manslayer, too. I'm surprised I was able to do it so soon. Chapter 3 is being problematic, but that was predictable. *sigh*

I'll be missing in action for the most part, as far as chatting goes, for the next week or so. I've used up waaaaaay too many hours last month and this month, too, so I'm going to cut back until we rack up some extra net time. That means no 3-hour HoP chats on Monday/Tuesday nights. Suckage.

Time for work again, ^_^ Only 9 hours today...


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