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Guess what time it is, kids?

Eclipse is out, and it's time to snark once again! /o/

This time around, it's a little different. I decided to try an experiment:

1) Watch the new Airbender movie
2) Watch Eclipse immediately after
3) Decide whether or not watching utter shit beforehand makes Twilight good.

Results? Well, aside from the following tl;dr snarkfest, I... uh... sort of? It wasn't good, but it wasn't as godawful as... well.


So basically Airbender is what it took for me to lower my standards. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-

Let's start with The Last Airfilmer Shamalama Will Ever Make )


the most wretched hive of scum and villainy )

Haaaa that was bad. All of it, but especially Airbender, sob. I had to watch a few episodes of the Avatar animation to purify myself ;_; wryyyyy Shamalama. Why you do this. You know what was a better summary of the first season? EMBER FUCKING ISLAND PLAYERS. Hell yeah.

Related to that- I finished the actual series itself on Monday, and good god was it ever wonderful.

Happier blatherings about )

I was gonna do a meme but this entry is already too tl;dr, so maybe later. D|
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Okay, so we all loved Druids, didn't we? Raise your hands if you did so I can put you out of your misery. Well, I found something better.

I found Chinese subbers.

Oh yes.

I also found what has been dubbed "Azumi III: Kazumi Female Ninja". I was intrigued, and since I couldn't get a low-size version of Azumi II with subs, I thought, what the hell? And picked it up.

What I got was "reflect beautiful", and it truly is.

And lo, how I laughed. )

I feel dirty now.
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Posting because Av told me to.

The Cast that Xemnas Screwed )

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Be amused. Or ignore. Whatever works. It's long. Like six episodes XDD;

Random observations while watching FY OVAs )

Egad, that was... uh. Well. *cough* No comment. I've made enough.

I'll watch the rest of Eikoden when my brain builds up more barriers against the stupid.
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The saga of omake mockery continues. Kekeke.

Fushigi Yuugi in a nutshell. Warning: Contains spoilers and capslock abuse. )

To be continued when more stupidity ensues :O

I should note that this is not to say I hate the series. I think it's all great fun. Most of the characters are such love. But the main charas and the plot run around in so many damn circles it's driving me up the wall and I needed an outlet XD
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Okay, so I watched Druids today. (Jace, remember that movie I bought when I got the first Stargate DVD because it looked interesting?) Anybody seen it? If you haven't, don't. It sucked. Like... badly. Worst movie I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. It was worse than Jeepers Creepers, and it takes a really awful movie for me to say that. The acting was bad, the script was godawful, the music was meh. The only reason I survived the whole two hours was I needed something playing in the background while I focused on my CAD drawing. It's perfect for a distraction that one really doesn't want to pay attention too.

That means I wasn't really paying attention to a lot of the dialogue - it was so freaking lame. You'd think during the course of the movie they could have written more than ONE decent line, but no... anyway, to get it out of my brain I decided to share the horror with you. Because I love you all so very, very much. Fear my attempt at comedic recap!

Druids in a nutshell )

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In which star and I have waaaay too much fun. (And I'm studying, really I am! but... anyone needs a break... >.>)

Let there be PINK )

... mwahaha.

And now back to your regularly scheduled exam cramming.
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Okay, I know I just posted like, 2 hours ago, but I had to, I really did. This one nearly killed me.

VICTORY! Meg/Akai Omake #2! )

Mwahaha. Fear it.
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Poor squeak, having such a hard time with Roy/Hawkeye... they really do like to be difficult, ^^; I sent a special delivery to help out but they still didn't want to work. Silly people in denial... mou...

Fear the Matchmaker )

To be continued!
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Today was, um... long. I'm totally exhausted and have no idea why I'm doing this now, -_-; But if I don't it'll never actually get DONE. So... here goes.

Woke up at 11 - mum and dad were supposed to pick me up at noon to go to a woodworking convention for the afternoon. They show up at 11:15. Cue spazzing Akai. We finally got on the road at noon as we previously planned... so much for leaving early. If they had called to warn me maybe it would've worked... *shrug. But it actually worked out perfectly - I had to work the Conestoga College booth 3:30-6, and we finished walking about the con at 20 after 3. Good timing, ne?

But oh. My. Gosh. Akai was like a kid in a candy store at this place. Tools. EVERYWHERE. And they had exotic wood and tools and spray finishing and tools and demonstrations and TOOLS and the most amazing carvings EVER and TOOLS...

Um. Yeah. I had fun, ^^;; And the best part is I GOT SQUEAK'S PACKAGE!!!! *FLAILS* Oh gosh, I died. I read Jchan and squeak's letters on the way to the con, and I was just about to read star's letter and Zack!fic when we arrived, ;_; I had to wait six hours to see it... *wails* Probably because I spent too much time oogling the pretty pictures, ^^; squeak, your omake had me squealing in the car, seriously. And jchan? Winking Zack? *screams* Love. Forever.

And when I finally got home and got to read star's ficlet I DIED. Maybe times. With much twitching and writhing. So. Funny.

Then I had to go and watch an episode of FMA. It was 14 that I was on, not 15, silly me. Quite a nice episode. Then I thought, I'll watch Chrno just to pass the time. Was on episode 19.

Yeah. Akai died again. Squeak? Don't plan on watching that one unless it'll immediately be followed by 20. Just... don't. -_-;

So after that I was writing... I feel badly, because I've kind of abandoned Blossoms for this daydream I'm writing ^^; Not my fault Zack seems to like Hojo!torture, and Fei has always loved his maulage... *whistles innocently* I'll finish Blossoms... uh... later. Right now I really want to get this thing done. (Trouble is I have NO idea where it's going, oO) But I'm really glad people are excited about it. I was a little worried about the idea at first, but anything star approves of (and contributes to) must be fegging awesome, because she is.

But I think I'm done writing for the night... I'm so dead and I wrote maybe two-three pages, which is good for me right now, ^^; Apologies to Meg, to whom I promised I'd write more... *shrug* But you got Fei maulage, so...

... is it sad that that's all I could realy offer? ^^; Anyway, that's Akai's uber exciting day. Ooh, actually, I missed something...

I GOT MEG TO DO AN AIM OMAKE!!!! *bows muchly*

Darn, I'm good. After all this time, I did it, so GO ME! FEAR IT:

Victory! )

And now I'm going to bed. Got a bunch of homework, writing, and reading to do. Must read Lacan's ficcie... must watch Stargate... zzZZzzz...
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Okay, so my first assignment in college is: read chapters 1 & 2 of "Understanding Wood". Doesn't sound too hard, it's only 40 pages. So I start. First line:

"Wood comes from trees."

Um... excuse me? Why...? In a college level text... ugh. Okay, it must have a purpose. So, hoping for the best, I continue.
Next paragraph:

"our goal is to understand wood"

... um. Yeah. I hate this book already. Hence...

Wood Angst = SEX )

EDIT: Ah! totally forgot to say... squeak called me today! she actually called me! *flails excitedly* god, I'm pathetic, ^^; but it was cooooooool even though the stupid phone kept dying. I talked to squeak! *waves*

... I'm such a spazz, ^^;
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Because it amuses me to do so. The RP kids strike back - I present Eon (a la Fei) and Kiara (a la Zack), fnally RP'ed!

Zee Old Man )
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Having a little too much fun on AIM one day. ^^;

Lady's Man? Naaaa... )

We probably would have continued, but Arccy had to take off, ^^ Maybe next time, heh...

I was playing FFVII the other day - met up with Hojo at Costa de Sol. I realized something.

Zack is a lady's man.

Hojo is also a lady's man.

This means Zack and Hojo have something in common.

Disturbing, no?

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled randomness.
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Probably one of the most amusing conversations between Eon, Zack, and Fei ever made in an omake. Seriously.

Basic premise - it's time for Meiro babies! *grin*

Zack's Sex Ed 101 - Take 2 )

I love how we got angsty after Meg had to leave... we're so awful to her, I swear, ^^; But that was way too much fun. Ended all pretty and bittersweet. *sniff* Zack/Eon always makes me want to laugh and cry...

*dashes off to edit*
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This is an omake that only the HoP crew should read, because only the HoP crew will understand.

Oh, and Megumi? Don't kill us, ^^; It's my birthday, remember? Mercy...

Zack vs. Sevarius - Round 4 )

Aaaaand my work here is done. *dashes off*
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Zack vs. Sevarius - Round 3! )

Oh good grief, that was fun. And now random memes.

I'm a Christian!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

You know, I was expecting something bad to show up, so... ^^;;


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

Double Kinky! Fear it!

(Off to bed!)
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You RPers, you... thinking we're all perfect innocents.

And then we turn around and do exactly what we did last night.


Fear the conspiracy that is hidden perversion. )

Yeah, so we went a little nuts, ^^; But it was fun... I think what I love the most is that we were so repetitive... between the dying and the comments on how it was "so much fun" we probably repeated ourselves dozens of times...

Now for random memes.

Memememeeeee! )

Well, that appears to be all, folks... oh, as a note... I'll be at the cottage until Wednesday night, so I won't be around (obviously), ^^; Miss you all, and see you then! *waves*
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This is a post just for star, so she'd better appreciate it. I promised I'd post this, so... here goes.

First, the irony of bad judgement. (When discussing that eeeeeeevil evil picture in the Zack doujinshi...)

And I meant it - at the time... )

This one... I'll start by saying, as I was told to say, that this is NOT my fault, and that I was coerced into doing this by star. Thus, I shouldn't get yelled at.

(Unless of course you're complimenting it, in which case I claim full credit. *snicker*)

Fear it, for we are mad, I tell you! )
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This has been the most demented week EVER, oO Had a good day, had a bad day. Good day, bad day, good, bad... it just went on like that. Come on, life, make up your mind! I know it's supposed to be up and downs, but geez...

Everything that comes in the mail is something I don't want, -_-;; Bills, ads, "Please vote for me" letters... everything excluding the little postcard thing from Conestoga. This is getting complicated. First I applied. Then I got accepted. I sent back the form that said I accept their acceptance... and now they send me a card that says they accept my acceptance of their acceptance of my application... oO Wonder what Mohawk would have done. *snicker*

My necklaces still haven't come. Gaaah... I'm giving up, here. The nice thing is, Jace says that if they don't arrive, the seller will send some more. Veeery nice, ^_^ Wonder if they'd arrive, though. *kicks the postal service* I guess he -really- doesn't want bad feedback, ^^;; It would be good if they arrived, though. If he sent two sets, we'd have to either pay for the other or send it back, oO

We won the auction for the graphics pen! And this means - booya, coloured drawings care of Photoshop, ^____^ Finally. I've been whining for my dear brother's pen for years. Now I'll get my own for like, a fifth of the price. I love functional no-name brands. Heh.

And... and... I'm bidding on another Zack doujinshi. -_-;; Yes, you heard me. I don't care. I want this one, and I'm getting it. End of story. But... I can't stop... staring at it... Oo I really can't wait for these suckers to come in the mail. I'll be a little distracted, shall we say, ^^;; I wanna see Zack as a little kiiiiid... ;_; he's so adorable...

However, between these babies and my passport, there goes most of my tax return. Can't complain - I think it's money well spent, ^_^

The KH dvd wasn't a total failure this time. My report on Beta 5-e:

- it actually loaded in the player this time! XD
- Three links in the menu didn't work
- Destiny Islands didn't fade in properly
- there were scattered playing glitches in some worlds - 5 freezes in DI, one in Olympus Coliseum (right in the Cloud walk-by scene, ;_;), two in Monstro, and a whopping 23 in Atlantica. Joy.
- the audio/video is desynched in one scene of Deep Jungle and nearly all of Agrabah
- the "continued on disc 2" screen did not load, but that's probably a setting error
- end action isn't set to the main menu

That's it, which isn't bad. Most of these are probably my fault for running six windows when the videos were encoding, ^^;; My bad. I just can't sit around and do nothing while it goes... we'll try again, though! And again, and again... with this much work put into it, we are NOT giving up... right? *puppy-eyes to Jace*

And it's omake time with Dagas! XD

A grand tea ceremony )

And now, for something completely different. (c/o Monty Python)

What do you dream about?
Zodiac Sign:
Fav. Color Combo:
Your dreams generally include: Dramatic/freak accidents such as car wrecks and falls
Approximate number of monthly nightmares: 115
The worst monster you've seen in a dream:
Your dreams are usually in greys with splashes of color
Percentage of dreams involving sex - 100%
Will your dreams ever come true? (8) - My sources say no. - (8)
This QuickKwiz by cutelilangelx - Taken 28159 Times.

So... I have dreams about people having sex in car wrecks? oO No wonder I never remember my dreams. They're that traumatic...

akai_kitsune's Word Usage
1. i (671) 26. on (99) 51. or (61) 76. first (39)
2. the (605) 27. it's (96) 52. can (61) 77. good (39)
3. to (493) 28. with (94) 53. him (60) 78. know (39)
4. a (399) 29. would (91) 54. now (58) 79. go (39)
5. and (323) 30. i'm (89) 55. how (56) 80. can't (38)
6. it (276) 31. we (85) 56. fei (54) 81. that's (38)
7. you (254) 32. not (81) 57. from (53) 82. though (38)
8. of (222) 33. customer (79) 58. think (51) 83. there (38)
9. that (204) 34. this (79) 59. really (49) 84. could (38)
10. me (188) 35. up (77) 60. want (46) 85. dvd (37)
11. is (175) 36. one (77) 61. your (46) 86. didn't (37)
12. for (170) 37. do (75) 62. time (45) 87. because (36)
13. in (150) 38. about (74) 63. been (45) 88. got (35)
14. be (145) 39. just (73) 64. are (44) 89. will (34)
15. so (140) 40. get (70) 65. too (44) 90. well (34)
16. he (139) 41. they (69) 66. she (44) 91. her (33)
17. but (133) 42. eon (69) 67. an (43) 92. dagasisa (33)
18. was (132) 43. all (67) 68. duochic (42) 93. going (33)
19. have (126) 44. out (65) 69. i'll (41) 94. see (33)
20. zack (122) 45. as (65) 70. when (41) 95. again (32)
21. if (113) 46. like (64) 71. them (41) 96. even (32)
22. akaikitsunedono (112) 47. his (64) 72. had (41) 97. pyry (32)
23. at (107) 48. were (63) 73. back (40) 98. much (32)
24. my (101) 49. don't (63) 74. pizza (40) 99. did (31)
25. what (99) 50. no (61) 75. some (39) 100. way (31)
Word Count by Hutta.


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