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I don't geeeeeeet iiiiiiiit...

Checked beta 6 of the KH dvd the other day. The glitches went from 30 or so to... five. Yay, ^_^ Jace seems to think the video freezes are random. I'm just happen that we managed to get all the way to Agrabah before the glitches started, unlike last time when it was right at the beginning! Slowly but surely, I think we're getting there. It needs to be done by July after all, ^^;; But hy does it keep freezing... I wish I knew...

The auction ended for the Zack doujin, and I still don't know if I won. Les (who's Paypal account was used to bid) seems to think that they might use this as an off-business day (which annoys me because it ended on a Friday...) and we should at least wait till Monday before pestering them with e-mails. If this is a scam I will have to hurt someone.

Or at least madly flood their inbox with spam. *snicker*

I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. The house had a very odd smell floating around, oO For once I can't blame it on my brother. *snicker* It was like a mixture of perfume and gasoline. Yeah, I was just as confused as you probably are. At least I was good and didn't stay online for too long.

I finally figured out what it was, though - it was my mom's big laundry basket from Zambia. The woven grass smells really weird after a thunderstorm, I guess. And I have a smaller basket in my room so that's why my room smelled the same. *sigh* I just can't escape it!

I was writing yesterday, but probably not what I should have. Managed to finish up an RSoD side-story for Meg, ^^;; She seemed to approve, so I guess I did all right again. I love writing senseless, angsting fluff. I have no idea why... I should probably go back to LSRV, though. *eyes it warily* Just one vignette away from the next arc... I can do it... maybe...

Soon after I posted my little rant on that review for Manslayer, I got my response... several lovely, encouraging reviews that I really needed. *hugs those who reviewed* Thanks so much, I needed a boost and that helped a lot, ^_^ I'll try to be a little faster in updating that one, and maybe the chapters will be a bit longer. Not because it was asked for, but because people who genuinely enjoy the fic deserve to have more if I can give it!

Work story time, since I'm in a good mood, ^_^

Laugh, I tell you! )

Sniped from Dagas:

1. Go into your LJ's archives.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

My post:

and bought the Lord of the Rings, and two Great Big Sea CDs for a very nice price

Now that brings back a few memories, ^^;; I remember that day...

And to complete my entry as being full of useless randomness, I present to you a quote from Yahoo Japan's auction page, after using an online translator. In one of the ads, I found the following sentence:

"A picture is seen with a crunching sound."

I love this stuff. XD Did I miss something there?

I just realized that it was just over one year and a month ago that I actually started this thing. Happy birthday, Akai's unoriginally designed LJ! *throws confetti* Way back when I used to update twice a month and I had no friends. How things change. ^_^;;
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It's been a while, you guys - it's Pizza Time! ... er, stupid work story time, I mean.

Humour me )

Thingee stolen from Arcadia's LJ:

Who am I? )

That's all, folks. ^_^


Apr. 18th, 2004 03:22 am
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Pizza Pizza must die. I have decided this. They must be banished to the 9th level of hell. Preferably before Monday.

You know, I always thought they were pretty smart, with their happy little codes that made ordering pizza a huge freaking corporation. They made it easy. Oh, you want a large pizza? Noooooo problem.

But now.... *twitch twitch* They're changing everything. The ENTIRE FREAKING MENU. Practically every pizza code out there is being dropped, flipped over, and screwed around royally. Now we have new specials, so people get to pay even more for their cheap-ass pizza. And they're changing all the codes, giving us until Monday to learn the codes I've just spent six months memorizing like the back of my hand. Thaaaaaanks, Pizza Pizza. God I hate you. *throws tomatoes*

Today just sucked. Sucked, sucked, sucked. Sucked everything there is to suck out there.

I had some sort of spastic attack during one of my calls. I literally stopped breathing for about a minute. I'd feel sorry for the foreign lady who'd been giving me her order if she hadn't been screaming in my ear. Three hours later it happened again. How I love you, Pizza Pizza. No, wait. No, I hate you. How I hate you.

*kicks the day* *kicks it again*

I think the only good thing about today was that the RP started moving again. *gives Griff-kun a cookie* I knew he could do it. Hopefully Rhett won't die though, oO

On a more amusing note, randomness.

With Akai Kitsune:

My Kawaii Kawaii Sugoi Nihongo Namae is Kawaii Kawaii Bishie Kitty -Kun.
Take The Retarded Anime Fan Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

With Marcia:

My Kawaii Kawaii Sugoi Nihongo Namae is Magical Pretty Girl Sailor Masako -Sama.
Take The Retarded Anime Fan Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Yay me. I think I'll go hit myself with large solid object now. -_-;;
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Urge to kill... rising...

Disclaimer: I claim no hatred towards foreign people - just the following people who call me at work. )

Well now that that's out, I can move on to more amusing stuff. Since I've already made fun of the customers, I can now proceed to insult myself and fellow ordertakers - yes that's right, you guys get to see our screw ups, ^^;;

I was tired, really. )

I feel better now, ^^ I swear if anyone feels the urge to yell at me for this rant, though, I am telling you right now - BITE ME.

My parents tell me that yesterday they spoke to one of my friends who also applied to Mohawk College this year. Guess how many letters she got?


Does applying for a woodworking course automatically place me in the Stupid Applicants category? It certainly seems that way.

College people: Hm, she's applied for the woodworking tech course. She must be a no-brainer. Let's pester her with lots of letters until she pays us lots of tuition fees.

As if woodworking is little more than hammers and saws. I'd love to know how highly they view their art students. After all, it's just pencils on paper and slopping paint on canvas, right?


I sound awfully bitter in this post, don't I? ^^;; I don't mean to. I actually had a decent weekend. The RP has gone insane... Megumi and I wrote 56 posts between the two of us in less than three days. There was angst, there was comedy. There was much "yay-ness" in the chat windows. There will be much Akai-strangling when the end of the month rolls around and my Dad finds out I was online for five hours on Friday night. Yeah, we won't go into that...

I got a really, really nice email from someone about LSRV yesterday! I was at work, and we all know how I am at work, so it was a really awesome thing to get. I've been feeling down about that fic for ages - Mare-san actually woke me up to the fact about how it's sort of gone downhill since I finished the first Tokyo arc. And don't stress about that if you read it!! It's an issue I've been trying to avoid in the hopes it would improve eventually. But I can't keep ignoring it. I want to try hard and make the next chapter worth reading, rather than the trash I've been tossing together recently. But the review really was amazing. I almost cried, I was so happy to read it. I swear I get so caught up in worrying about that fic...

Anyway, this is pretty lengthy, so I'm going to shut up now. I'm expecting my brother to come by shortly. Hopefully he'll behave himself.
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I outsmarted a scammer today! *snickers* This guy called in claiming to be at a hotel with his wife since he just got married (he said this about seven times!), but for one thing, that wasn't a woman in the room with him... ^^;; The guy was really rude and impatient with me, and he kept interrupting and being an all around nasty customer. Near the end of the order:

Me: So is that cash or credit card?
Customer: Visa.
Me: Can I get the number please?
Customer *getting angry*: I'm not giving you my number over the phone! You bring the order and then charge me!
Me: Sir, the driver has to bring the receipt for you to sign. We don't have portable credit card machines.
Customer: Fine! I'll pay cash.

Jerk. If he had cash, why didn't he say so in the beginning? So when we're really unsure about an order, we're supposed to send it to verifications. I told the customer he'd get a callback to verify, and he got angry again.

Customer: No! Don't call back! Just send the order! *click*

Uh-huh, right. I sent the order off to verifs anyway, making a note that the customer hung up and the order needed to be confirmed.

I'm so happy I did. Jace, who works in Customer Service, later told me he got the verifs order and the customer wasn't in the room. Stupid scammer thinks he can pull a fast one on ME, eh? Bwahaha. Sucker. No pizza for him.

Other than that... I'm pleased to announce that this month I had 2 errors per 1000 orders. That's a pretty sweet ratio. ^____^

Ah... it's so good to be happy again. And now I must be sleeping...

EDIT: Jace figured out the MPEG2 settings for the Kingdom Hearts dvd. I won't delve into the list of complicated terms he was using, oO (mostly because he lost me after the second-pass VBR...) but long story short, the dvd is going to look veeeeeery smooth once we burn it, ^_^

Check it out:

Now keep in mind that this is a lower quality jpeg on a computer screen. Imagine how it will look in high quality dvd format, on a TV... *sighs happily*
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While working on the Traverse Town menu of the dvd, I was talking to Jace on AIM. I asked for more screenshots since we found out the 459 we were originally using isn't enough... and what does he find out? The background behind the world changes too much, and it doesn't begin to repeat until after TWO rotations of the world, not one. -_-;;

What does this mean? It means the KH dvd will not have rotating worlds on the menu. I'm willing to 600 shots per world... not over 1000. Can you imagine editing close to 13,000 screenshots? I think not, ^^;; So we'll just use a single background shot for each world. Still haven't figured out what to do for Destiny Islands and Dive to the Heart, though.

The good part about this lovely little development is that it'll probably cut the dvd's creation-time down by about half. I'm thinking that if we keep at the pace we're at right now, the dvd should be finished sometime in April-May. Optimistically speaking, probably earlier.

Exciting, ne?

I'm totally baked from work last night, -_-;; I didn't even go online when I came home... THAT is how tired I was. (Believe me, this is a big thing.) I had been working for about an hour or two, the woman who had trained me asked if I was willing to Y-cord with some new trainees. That meant that I'd work with them for a few hours, hooked up to the computer and two headsets, one for me and one for them. I would work for an hour or so taking orders, and they would listen to what I did. After that, we'd switch and the trainee would talk to the customer and I would type out the order. Then I'd talk and we'd type. I went through the whole thing when I was a trainee, and it was really helpful.

The problem is, I Y-corded the first time on a Sunday afternoon. I had a call every few minutes, so I had a chance to ask questions between calls, take a break and a breather because it was nerve-wracking at first. These poor trainees were Y-corded Saturday night. Everyone in the known universe orders pizzas on Saturday night. This is not a good time to be training newbies! What's worse, we were so short-staffed that I ended up Y-cording with not one trainee, but two. So there was so much switching around of headsets, I'm lucky I didn't get chewed out for going on Unavailable so often. It was neat to be able to do that and help out the new people, but on a Saturday night, in the middle of the supper rush? It's just not something you do. You don't do that to people you want to work for you. Honestly, it was brutal. I've been working there for five months, and even *I* was having trouble dealing with the number of calls coming in. It was endless, streamline calls from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. Hence my exhaustion.

Well, I did my best, and I hope the poor girls I Y-corded with tonight will be okay on their own, when they work Wednesday...
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Today has been... interesting so far, oO I went online trying to meet with my sister, but it turns out she couldn't connect to the internet. We called her instead, but the echo was kind of bad so we didn't talk long. I'll have to email her later.

Right now I'm being amused by my parents... they decided to give the Playstation 2 a try. Do you know how funny it is to watch a pair of 50-year olds who have never really shown any interest in gaming try to play Chocobo Racing? ^_^ My dad is actually really good at it. He keeps breaking my records in the time trials... -_-;;

Good news - I finally finished most of the shots for the Traverse Town rotation! I'm hoping to get them all done today or tomorrow, ^^ Then it's onward to Wonderland. Or te Coliseum, I haven't figured out which. I think if I do about 50-100 per day, it'll get done in no time. It only takes about an hour, anyway. I've brought it down yet again to about 20 seconds per screenshot. Not bad.

So a combination of Megumi complaining about RSoD and Aros in general (*kicks Aros down the stairs for causing so much trouble*), Squeak's songfic for the next RSoD chapter, and being stuck with most of my own fics actually inspired me to... er... write my own RSoD side-story. *sweatdrop* Interestingly enough, it's not even about the characters I know well enough to write. It's an IRAKI FIC! *dies* I felt so weird while I was writing it. But for some reason the idea just spoke to me. It's another one of those bittersweet fics. I'm so addicted to writing those, especially for KH. I need to write some fluff or something, but I guess that just wouldn't be me, ^^;;

I don't even know if Iraki is in character... it makes me nervous. Anyway, Meg, you'll have to give it a read-over when I finish tweaking it and let me know if it's bearable, ^_^

I have a whole bunch of work stories to write out, now, ^^

Pizza Pizza )

Well, that's it for now, ^_^ Off to have meaningful dialogue with more of our wonderful customers.
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Yep, Pizza Pizza is a continual source of amusement. Probably the only reason I don't quit.

Today's story:

Recently a lot of ordertakers have been making mistakes on orders, and we get errors for it. To reduce errors, lately we've been Y-cording with supervisors - meaning a supervisor with connect his headset to the ordertaker and listen to them taking orders, then correct them on errors afterwards.

Today I was Y-corded with Ed. Anyone who knows Ed knows that he's an absolute riot. Here be the conversation we had before cording:

Ed: You been Y-corded today?
Me *trying to escape*: .... um, no...
Ed *sits down*: Okay, Go on unavailable.
Me: *grumble* I have a break in fifteen minutes, though.
Ed: That's fine. I'll do you for 15 minutes.
Ed: ... That sounded kinda sick, actually.
Me *just clueing in*: ED!

I got a coupon for a free slice of pizza out of it, ^^;; (That's dinner tomorrow, baby!) I guess it was bribery so I wouldn't report him or something. As if I would. *snicker* It was enough to see the look on his face.
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I'm at work at the moment waiting for a ride, so this'll be brief. I just had to write it down before I forgot it, ^_^;;

Got a call from a girl today... I answered the call, and it went as follows:

Me: Can I start w/ your area code & phone number?
Customer: *calls out* Are we ordering? No? *to me* Um, I'm supposed to wish you Happy New Year.
Me: Uh, okay. Thanks.
Customer: So, we're not ordering. I guess that's it.
Me: I guess. Bye.

Now it wouldn't be so funny if it hadn't been ten days late...

Some people, heehee...
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Well, this is long overdue. It's also going to be LONG. These are little snippets from Pizza Pizza that I've collected overtime.

Work stories! )

Hm. That's all I could find at the moment. ^_^;;
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This is a call that I didn't get, but my friend did. Just today, someone called in... heh...

Call #16: It's called a "For the Hell of It" charge

Customer: You guys charge for delivery?
Mike: Yes, it's $2.25 for delivery.
Customer: Okay. If I go for a pick-up order, do I still have to pay the delivery charge?
Mike: ......

I'll write up my own calls (hopefully) and post them later.
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*falls over* O_o

I am a dead cookie. A very very dead cookie. I feel like I've been seriously overcooked. Deep fried. All the really nasty things you can do to a cookie.


Yesterday. Oh boy, yesterday. Almost twelve hours at work. Noooooooot cool.

The funny thing is, if you work until close (4am for New Year's) you get a $25 bonus for your paycheck. They were sending people home at 3:30 because it was so AGONIZINGLY SLOW. (I'm dead serious, I had a lag of 20 minutes between calls at one point) But why would you ask to go home half an hour early? Twenty-five bucks, people! After you've been there for 11 hours already, half an hour is nothing. It's like... blinking. Like yawning. Oi.

Anyway, I suppose other than the length (and the fact that I had the unfortunate trouble with sleeping afterwards, despite how dead I was) it wasn't so bad. Being a pizza place, the party in the lunchroom included free food, so I had lots of pizza and lots of Pepsi, ^_^ Unfortunately they didn't bring out much else. I would have liked to try the wings. Then when people ask me how things taste I could honestly answer, -_-;; Usually I end up stammering, "Well, everyone *else* likes them..."

In total I had a full hour and 1/2 of breaks, which is pretty nice. In such a long shift they'd better be generous with the breaks. And apparently my brother got sick from the food last year, but I haven't had a problem. Except that store 13 (I think that's the right number - the one below the call center) kept burning our pizza. Come ON, we're the employees, treat us well. :P

Well, can't complain. As much as I *wanted* to go home at 10, by the time midnight rolled around it was nothing. I was just tired. Needed more caffiene or something. ^_^;;

Any resolutions? Well, I want to try and finish as many fanfics as I can - those left unfinished, I mean. And there certainly are plenty. I want to focus on LSRV and the Kendo no Go sequel (title coming soonish, I'm still considering it, ^_^) while still expanding my horizons and writing the Kingdom Hearts fanfiction I have planned (had an idea for a second fic which is going to prove veeeery interesting - I hope). I want to create a balance without putting either fandom on hiatus. I *want* to continue writing RK fics... and if I have to, I'll force myself to write crappy one-shots until I get back in the mood, ^_^;; That's my one and only resolution, because I'm horrible for keeping them. Though I suppose I ought to start managing my money better as well. *sigh*

Aaaaaanyway... I'll have some stories to tell later, but right now I'm too tired. Have to have a nap before we start on the Chinese food, ^____^

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you had a good one. *tiptoes off to sleep*
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I am totally obsessed with this song. Love it, love it, love it. I play it like ten times a day. Ever since I saw that FF8 music video using it... soooooo well done. Anyone who hasn't seen Feanor's Final Fantasy music videos, watch them NOW! He uses the best songs...

Anyway, onto the funny stuff. (Gasp! Akai writes comedy? Of course, it's only funny because it's TRUE...)

Callers~ )

I got my Christmas haoliday schedule today. I have Christmas Eve off! WHEEEEE! I is so happy, ^_^ *the muse dies from the bad grammar* Oops, not again. Anyone got some Zombie Powder handy? ..... no? How about a Phoenix Down...

Anyway, now that I've totally lost focus... I think it's time to post another Kendo chapter. It's been a while. *bounces around, waiting for Lee-san to respond about LSRV so she can post it*

Speaking of LSRV, I wa actually able to write part of the next chapter, which is amazing. There wasn't some huge, month-long lag between pages, it was just end-chapter-on-to-next. I probably could have made it a little longer if I hadn't liked the cut-off point. And yes, I *am* evil, deep down inside. I love it. Bwahaha.

I haven't been having my waking-dream lately. I miss Sotaru, ;_; But lately all I've been thinking about is Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. Spaking of which, I was going to post mine... I finally gave the thing a title. *glares at the muse* Funny how I can think up names for April-san's fics pretty quickly, but my own always escape me... oh well.

Onward, into the world again...
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I'm feeling generous today. These are some actual (though abridged, since I try my best to forget most of the time) conversations with some of my favourite customers over the last few days. These are absolutely true; just last night almost every single customer I had responded in at least one of the following ways.

Callers~ )

It's very sad that these aren't just unique calls. I get one pretty much every day, if not several. Yesterday I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or start screaming. It was constant. Every. Single. Call. *dies* I bet today will be the same. Oi...

However, good news. I just got paid on Friday. *glomps Pizza Pizza* I wuv you...

I'm in a good mood. New chapter of KnG should now be posted.
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Is it legal to put 43 hours in four days of work with minimum breaks?

I suppose it must be. They'd better not try to get me to work any day other than what they've already got me in.

I guess it really sucks being a good agent. Some of the new people I trained with get off at 10 on Sunday. I work until 2.


Oh well. Money money money. I'll certainly need it, ^_^;; Christmas is coming after all. Maybe I should think about shopping or something. *sweatdrop*

News, news! I WROTE LSRV THE OTHER DAY! (This will be the posts of extreme all caps)

It wasn't much, but it was something. I think I'm getting better, ^_^ Now I have to figure out how to finish off with Aoshi. Shouldn't be too difficult. (Says the girl who took two months to write half a fight scene)

Oh well. I also wrote three chapters of the Kendo no Go sequel. Looks like I'll be posting it sooner than I thought I would, although I still have a lot of planning to do. Oh, and finishing off KnG would be good too. -_-;;

I'll definitely have some new rules for my list soon, ^_^ People have been exceptionally intelligent recently, though. I'm starting to feel nervous.

And before I forget, here's that third chapter of the Shadow-story I said I would post like... a week ago. Yes, I know, my bad. Oh well.

Enjoy, if that's possible. :P *skips off to work*
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Okay, so I don't have *that* much to rant about... but like I care, :P

I have more rules, and rules are my rant. Love the rules, long live the rules. (pretty please?)

11) Welcome to Canada. I know they sound a little similar, but your area code is NOT your postal code! area code = phone number. Postal code = mailing address. It's not difficult. We don't need your PC. Listen to what we ask for. A-R-E-A C-O-D-E PLEASE!

12) For those of you who call in, give the order, and then call back two minutes later to cancel it because you suddenly realize you HAVE to go out... we don't like you much, but at least you have the decency to cancel the order instead of waiting for the pizza to arrive and then whine about it. Thank you.

13) When we send you to Customer Service, it means we can't help you. Don't ask us to help you. Don't whine to us, because we can't help you. Don't tell us to do something about the problem, because WE CAN'T HELP YOU ALREADY!!

14) Oriental people have the coolest names in the world, but they're hell to spell. Don't get angry when we ask you to spell it; spell it slowly, and say it loudly. I don't mind asking for it six times if you don't cooperate. Let's keep everything as simple as possible.

15) Keep it simple. Simple, simple simple. Follow our instructions, don't get ahead of yourself or us. We know how it's done, so settle down and let us do our job, and you'll get your pizza the fastest. Truuuuuuuust me.

Hm, I think that'll do it for now, ^_^;; Other than that... oh yeah, I'm posting a new chapter of Kendo no Go shortly. I may end up writing another one-shot as well... the idea is there but it's just barely out of reach... *sigh* Ah well, c'est la vie.

*pokes the partially-conscious muse*
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This new job has really messed up my sleeping habits, O_o I've turned into an insomniac. You'd think that coming home at 3am would make a person tired enough to SLEEP. No, no, of course not. 4:30 rolls by and I'm still awake. I have no idea what time I finally dozed off at but I'm not happy... *sigh* and I was to go back to bed by I don't want to waste the whole day... I work at 4 so that only leaves me a few hours, ;_;

Oh well. Only three hours, ^_^

I thought up some more rules for my pizza-ordering lessons. Maybe I should write a book, :P

6) We are a pizza store. We sell pizza. The name "Pizza Pizza" should give it away. P-I-Z-Z-A. It's not difficult.

7) Following the rule above, we do not sell Big Macs. We do not sell potato wedges. We do not sell garlic bread with pizza toppings on it. (what the...?) WE DO NOT SELL ALCOHOL SO YOU CAN GET MORE DRUNK.

8) If you are drunk (again) and wanting a pizza, but you order the wrong thing, don't call back saying we made the mistake. You're drunk, you probably don't even want a pizza anyway.

9) Speaking of which, if you are drunk, order a pizza, but don't want it, then cancel the order and shut up about it. Don't whine, don't complain, don't ask for free food. We don't care if you're a brainless idiot when you're inebriated. (By the way, we're still laughing at you, but now we're pissed off.)

10) Please don't start the phone conversation with a... er... questionable bodily noise. It's really not a good first impression and it's just plain rude to go belching in people's ears before you order food. (well, any time for that matter, but...)

Hm. Sounds good for now. I'll bet I will be adding more, ^_^;; Actually this brings out a lot of the tension that comes from working there... I'm actually able to stay pretty cheerful for most of the hours, until the whiny people start complaining to ME...

It's COLD today! Oi! I know it's winter and all but why so freezing inside?? Outside it's like 4 degrees, and I'm beginning to wonder if the furnace is even on! I woke up shivering. That doesn't happen very often... brr...!

It's ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! The muse lives! *drags the muse out of a little self-constructed coffin* I wrote a whole paragraph of LSRV yesterday. Progress, progress... whee... ^______^ *ponders on how to wrap up the Kenshin/Aoshi fight* I guess I should post more Kendo no Go, too. I'm in a good enough mood today for anything!

Aaaaaanyway... *glomps the little Cloud Strife keychain* I'm totally fixated on this little guy. Got it as an early Christmas present from a VERY observant friend, ^_~ *waves to Mike*
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These are a few easy tips to help keep your favourite order-takers sane.

1) Figure out what you want before you order. There's nothing worse than hearing nothing but "uhhh, er, yeah... dunno..." when all you want is a basic cheese pizza. It's not rocket science. (really, I promise!)

2) Don't ask us what WE would want. What we want it for everyone to cook their own dinner so we can go home. Or for the world to explode. Whatever comes first.

3) Know where you live. Really. If you don't, we will hunt you down and make you a nice new home in your local graveyard.

4) Don't hit on us. We are not "dear". We are not "sweetie". We are not your "love". We will not go out with you, and no, we don't deliver without any clothes.

5) If you are drunk, no matter how polite we sound, we are LAUGHING at your stupid drunkeness. Thank you , we all need our daily chuckles at some else's expense.

And last, but certainly not least: We HATE YOU ALL.

You employ us, you pay us, you give meaning to our otherwise likely meaningless existence, but we hate you with the vengence of Dante's hells.

So keep us happy, and keep us sane.

And maybe you'll get pizza without freshly baked rat guts. *evil smile*
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I'm sorta peeved about this... forgive my ranting (which I must admit has happened more often since I started working) but I have to say this somewhere or I'll go nuts.

What is it with people who have NO IDEA WHERE THEY LIVE??!! I had about seven or eight calls today with people who said they were in one city yet were listed in another. It's not that difficult to know what city you're in. Especially if you've LIVED there all your life. I can understand for people who just moved there recently, but doesn't anyone get mail? Aren't the cities listed in the address bar on the envelope? I don't get it.

Okay, here's an example. I got a call from this one guy who said he was in Maple. First of all I had NO idea where the heck Maple was, and secondly he was listed as Markham. I told him this, and he insisted he was in maple. Well that's fine, but he's listed as Markham and I can't do anything about that - by changing it to Maple I can't track the store nearest him and I can't send the order to the store. Therefore, he can't get his order. I mentioned that MAYBE the computer is wrong, very politely, and is he fairly close to such-and-such intersection?

"NO NO NO!" he insisted. "I'm in Maple!"

And this is supposed to mean something to me...?

I tried in four different programs, several times. The guy decided that I was an idiot because I couldn't find his address in the database which is HUGE and has never given me trouble before, and hangs up, adding that he hopes he doesn't get me again.

Well that's just fine, I don't want to deal with that again either, -_- I just find it amusing (and annoying) that people pretend to know better than the computers that have worked for years.

I can understand if the computer is wrong, but he said he had ordered from us before. Obviously the previous order-taker had made him understand that the STORE nearest him was Markham, and that his address was also listed in Markham. I don't know what the magic words are, but apparently I'm not that well-versed in Pizza Pizza ass-kissing lingo.

Ah well, c'est la vie. The rest of the shift was pretty good, and I went home early, to boot, ^_^ I just can't *wait* for the 10 hour shifts - mmmmmm, drunks. Just what I always wanted to hear over the phone...

Update on the Rooster-head Skull: I have yet to find one. Hallowe'en is over and I'm still looking, ^_^;; yes I'm obsessed.

Update on LSRV: Hiatus is fluctuating. I actually made some sliiiight pogess on it a few days ago. Aoshi is still giving me trouble. (jerk.)

Update on KH fic: Still no title. I wanna POOOOOST! I'm on chapter five and I'm totally into it. Maybe this is why I can't write anything else. *sweatdrop* Well, whatever gets the muse going I guess...

Update on life: It's boring. Plain and simple. The only plus is that now that I'm employed, I'm one step closer to Zambia and visiting my sister, ^_^ Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (well, more like baboons, but let's not start any arguments...)
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*ponders how Ayumi can reach those notes... O_o*

Anyway, today was my first shift at Pizza Pizza all by my lonesome. I have a few funny stories so I figured I'd share them, just because I can, :P

First of all, I don't like using the Anzio program. I already said that multiple times probably. However, when we got there we ended up using Oracle (the "happy" program) the entire time. Problem is, Oracle is very similar to Windows because it CRASHES constantly! Grr. in the 4 1/2 hours I was there it crashed four times. Every time it crashed at the end of a loooong painful order, >_< The last time it crashed was at the very end of my shift, but I'll get into that in a sec.

I got a lot of people with accents, and a few people who ordered using their university meal cards. Talk about a chore! This one girl from Laurier was SO funny; she kept changing her order and giggling with a bunch of people in the background. She apologized a million times and at the end of the order asked for my name again, so maybe she'll call back and tell Customer service that I was really nice, ^_^ It got me a good laugh, even if having a 13 minute call on my record doesn't look very good.

My second story is about a call from an RCMP building in Ottawa (yes we do take calls all the way from there, ^_^;;). It took about ten minutes to get the info straight because it involved VERY long directions (ie. go past the security gate, turn right by stop sign and go to the back-right building, call one of two numbers in the lobby up the stairs... I remember all this, including the numbers, since I had to read it several times because the computer was being annoying, O_o) so I wanted to get it straight. After I took the guy's order, as well as his credit card info, it was like 1 minute till the end of my shift, so I was really cheerful. Who wouldn't be? Just as I was clicking "Send order" and telling him to have a nice day... ORACLE CRASHED!!! I was so mad!! I ended up fiddling with Oracle and Anzio for a while before giving up and transferring him to Customer service.

Thankfully the poor guy was very nice (which apparently is rare for Ottawa callers, so sayeth my friend who also works there) and said it was just fine. It wasn't a very good way to end a first shift though, -_-;; Meh, what else to do.

So those are some amusing stories. I can laugh about them now, even though I probably got some errors today. I just know someone is going to whine about it later. *sigh*

Other than that, it was a good day. A lazy day for the most part, besides having to work. Though this makes me a little afraid of Hallowe'en... it's the busiest day of the year, and it'll only be my third shift... I just know I'm gonna be slow, and they won't like that. Grr...

Stupid busy people wanting pizza. Pizza is now evil. I won't want to eat Pizza for a LOOOONG time now.

Quick fic update: I'm now officially hooked on KH fics. I'm on chapter 4 of my own fic. LSRV is still on hiatus, but I'm sending what I have of the next chapter to my betas tonight to hopefully they'll give me some ideas on where to take it next. Keep all fingers crossed, you people out there!

I'm beginning to hate my muse. Anyone want to trade? ^____^


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