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:D *bandwagon jumped*


I've also sort of abandoned Tales of Vesperia to play Infinite Undiscovery. I'm still loling over the fact that the EB Games guy was like ":/ I heard it's bad... but Tales is out! :D"

I'm like "lol been there done that eh."

It's fun, but I'll be over here shipping Sigmund/Edward kthx.
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Since the whole world and beyond is taking Christmas fic requests, I decided to... BE DIFFERENT! Ahahaha. So. I'm making icons.

Give me requests! Dunno if I can guarantee something by Christmas, but... yeah. I'll try :D you can ask for specifics or just say "MAKE ME ONE, HOR." but for some I might require a fandom XD;

This is what I do during my study breaks. )

... kekeke.
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I have seen the world, and it is "Zack".

I swear I'm insane. But all I can process in my brain right now is Zack because I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE. I only write Blossoms. And I get miserable when I can't write Zack into the chapter! *is pathetic*

I ordered a pizza for a Zack the other day. He has good taste. *grin* I wanted to ask him what colour his eyes were.

I got a spam message from a Zach. He wants me to refinance my home by 3.25%. I said no.

Last week there was a Zack in ER. Luca could not help him. I almost cried.

Watched Canadian Idol yesterday. Judge Zack is hysterical. (But he's the mean one!)

And pretty soon we're going to do something evil to him in the RP. *insane laugh* And I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

And now... now... *wails* BIRTHDAY!

First off, apologies to the HoP crew whom I sort of abandoned, ^^; Turns out that phone call was actually my mom calling oneechan, so I ended up talking to her after all! ^___^ And even though I had to run off to work for ten hours, I have to say that this is the best birthday EVER!

Lowdown on the HoP gifts:

- two Zack/Cloud-omake pics from squeak (KAWAII!)
- a full doujin drawn by star (zackzackzackzack... oh, and cloud too...)
- omake piccie from jchan (revenge indeed, *grin*)
- massive daydream Zack-ness from Megumi (*wails* soooooo sad and beautiful...)

You guys... you're so nice... ;_;

BTW Meg, I finished the daydream, ^____^ The ending seriously made me cry. Zack... Fei... *weeps* But it was so good! Everything I got today was good! *is so happy*

You guys all rock. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...

And now... time for some fun.

Late writing = incoherency )

HUUUUGE book meme )

I guess that's it. Thanks again everyone... I had such a great day...
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This is a post just for star, so she'd better appreciate it. I promised I'd post this, so... here goes.

First, the irony of bad judgement. (When discussing that eeeeeeevil evil picture in the Zack doujinshi...)

And I meant it - at the time... )

This one... I'll start by saying, as I was told to say, that this is NOT my fault, and that I was coerced into doing this by star. Thus, I shouldn't get yelled at.

(Unless of course you're complimenting it, in which case I claim full credit. *snicker*)

Fear it, for we are mad, I tell you! )


May. 5th, 2004 03:19 am
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Sorry... I couldn't resist posting this one.

if RSoD were real )

When authors are demented and love it, ^_^

I've been having waaaay too much fun with omake lately. All those chat sessions with Dagas, writing Pyramus and Thisbe for Megumi... Zack vs. Eon omake with squeak...I think the one that wins the grand prize, though, is the ongoing Reverse Side of Darkness recap/condensed omake I finally started working on again. I'm on chapter 3. *evil grin* Fear multiple Video Game Recaps references and the growing despair of the Foreshadowing Mallet of Doom.

And Aros makes fun of Sora.

AROS makes fun of SORA. And I am writing it.

Let your brain wrap its way around that one, disturbing as it may seem.

With that said, I bid you all farewell. ^_^
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I found Squallie! Finally! *huggles the Lionheart necklace* It's been a while, ^^;; Very distressing. I also finished numbers 2 & 3 on my to-do list (applying for residence) which is a good thing... I guess. ^^;;

Neechan e-mailed me yesterday asking about the plane info for my Zambia trip. I gave her the flight plan, so I may as well post it here so people know when I'm gone.

BA #202

Sunday July 4 - 6:20pm depart Detroit - 6:50am (July 5) arrive London.

BA #255

Monday July 5 - 7:15pm depart London - 6:15am (July 6) arrive Lusaka.

BA #254

Sat. July 31 - 8:45am depart Lusaka - 5:55pm arrive London.

BA 3203

Sunday August 1 - 12:35pm depart London - 3:05pm arrive Detroit.

So yayness, I'll be back on a Sunday afternoon/night in August, ^_^ (I can't remember how long the drive from Detroit will be...)

I've been playing FFIX like crazy lately. Zidane is adorable! But Steiner is SO getting on my nerves, -_-;; It's a good thing he and Dagger have left the party. Right now Dagger's useless (Vivi is more or less the same except in boss battles since I'm paranoid about using MP) but I'm rather impressed with Zidane's new weapon. I had a new one forged, so now he has the Ogre... heh. 300+ damage done to every monster, and he's only level 8. Now that is what I call a cool FF game. I swear he changes accessories more than anyone else, ^^;; Freya's pretty good too, but no one holds a candle to my dear monkey-boy.

I'm done editing LSRV, so I'll be posting that momentarily. Now I must go do a cartwheel. *tries and falls over* Okay, maybe not such a good idea... well at least I'm happy, ^^;; I was reading Kendo no Go last night to try and get into the mood for writing Manslayer again... I don't know how well it worked.

Big Brother decided to call me up yesterday for some help on his fics. I ended up giving him a grammar lesson, ^^;; I was using stuff I'd learned from Stephen King's book - I even ended up quoting parts of it, which made oniichan laugh. But most of it is SO true. Especially his stuff about passive voice. I should quote that one, too. So many people use passive voice when it should be active. *raises hand* I'm guilty! I hope he didn't get too discouraged. I'd give him my old school notes if I had the slightest hope that he'd ever read them. He'll probably regret signing me up as his beta. *snicker* But if he's going to enter the big bad community of, he may as well make a good first impression.

Anyway, back to fics. I'm writing dual chapters of Blossoms this week (yeah, pretty insane, I know) because I can't decide which one I want to post first! The chapter itself, or Zack's little interlude? I think the interlude would be good because it finally gets us away from Hojo (JERK...) and poor Cloud, but I feel badly because I keep putting off the big rescue. If I were to post the Zack chapter first, it would end up delaying it... granted, it would probably be only a few days (considering how quickly they're both coming - I wrote for three hours last night) but still... ah, well. I'll see which one gets finished first and go from there, ^_^

Ah, I'm suffering from RP withdrawal. I feel badly for Griff-kun, who can't post, so maybe I'm just being really selfish. But with only a few months left and so much to get done before I leave for the summer... it's just hard having to watch and do nothing. And now Eon and Fei are getting worried about Zack!! *dies* I need to get Zack back to the inn before Fei starts a search party and finds him fighting Jericho... again. Honestly, it'll get to the point where Fei will have to lecture Zack about being reckless instead of the other way around.

Fei: Now what have I told you about doing cartwheels in front of savage beasts?
Zack: .... Watch out for broken glass?
Always fully extend arms and legs for a proper form?
Don't stick out your tongue so you won't bite it?
Fei: *whacks him with a rolled-up newspaper* Punk.

Plus I wanna beat up Jericho some more. Come on, it's ZACK! He's gotta do some damage (however minor) before running away, ^^

Here's a quiz I did the other day but forgot to post...

blah blah blah )

Earlier I went to visit a friend to keep her company while she burned a bunch of CD-RWs before she formatted her hardrive. We ended up watching old Fraggle Rock episodes that she'd been downloading. Talk about bringing back memories. That show it such a riot.

Red: Quick! Throw the horrifying round thing!

Boomer (I think): That's a rather spirited mosey.

*snicker* One day I'll have a gang of friends over and we'll have a Fraggle marathon. And we shall laugh, ha ha ha.

And that's life as we know it.
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Did you know that from a distance, a sign that says "chicopee" looks an awful lot like "chocobo"? (Yeah yeah, I'm a Final Fantasy freak. Leave me alone.)

Just got back from a tour of the woodworking program at Conestoga College. It was the perfect opposite of the sort of weather you'd want for a drive from Hamilton to Kitchener and back, but we managed it safely. I hadn't been to Conestoga in 4 years, and I was yet again amazed by the campus. We had a tour of the woodshop... Oo It's HUGE! Bigger than I remember. It's like two giant football fields side by side. I was in shop-class heaven, ^____^

One of the tech course faculty managers took a group of us hopeful students through a course outline, reviewed costs, that sort of thing. It was a ton of info crammed into one hour, but it answered a lot of my questions, which is nice. I left pretty set in what I wanted to do - that's more than I had when I got there.

After that my parents and I went out for dinner. To all you Kingdom Hearts fans, guess what restaurant we found? *grin* Would you believe I went to the Sora Japanese Restaurant? Heh. I was so amused. The dinner was fantastic, too. I didn't have maki this time, though, which is sad (since it looked really good...) but the meal was so big I wouldn't have been able to eat it all. Had the Sora Teriyaki Special (this would -so- be sequel fodder for my KH cooking fic); shrimp salad, shabu-shabu soup (beef broth - mmmm...), these wonky chicken-on-a-stick appetizers, white rice, teriyaki with tempura strimp and veggies, and orange sherbet for dessert. Talk about being worth every penny. Green tea was awesome, too, ^_^

All in all, a good day. Early to bed though - I'm going to work on the dvd tomorrow afternoon, and then later I'm going to see Hidalgo! (Aragorn on a horsie. Good stuff.)

Oh wow. I have so much stuff buried in my harddrive - just today I was looking at a bunch of old, old AIM logs, way back when I was still on Bitcom net service (a step DOWN from dial-up, if you can believe it...) and had to use my brother's internet to chat with people. Way back when I had to download images... it's so funny to look at this stuff. Logs from like four years ago, when I was still into the cheesy anime on Fox kids, just discovering the world of Zelda games, and still thought Dragonball was the ultimate of animes. *snicker*

A glimpse of ancient history )

Ah, memories.

Anyway, to bed. Carp Dios, peeps. (Hey, to a 14-year old, it *does* mean "seize the day"... or something...)
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My brother sent me this link...

Here are my results:

akai is proud to be affiliated to the no 1 kickboxing organization in the world today (I am?)
akai is run by the executive committee of akai which is elected each year at the annual agm (I am??)
akai is referenced to an external vid (I... ?)
akai is as closely associated to sampling as the brand name hoover™ is to vacuum cleaning (... damn straight!)
akai is still the true heavyweight here (... how rude!)
akai is a real 24 track 24bit recorder (but I have a bad memory!)
akai is pleased to announce the release of the pt5492 projection television (can we play DDR on it?)
akai is the program (is it running on that big-screen tv?)
akai is (... just because!)
akai is built like a musical instrument (lalala...)
akai is very expensive (Click Here to donate to the Kitsune charity fund!)
akai is on or is starting with more modest means (... does that mean I'm broke?)
akai is not making great claims for the audio section (HEY! I like my music!)
akai is concerned (and the fact that I need a website to tell me that is bad?)
akai is fed directly into the soundcards midi inputs to achieve the most reliable connection (sweet! I'm a midi support!)
akai is the last or first device (isn't that a biblical statement or something?)
akai is introducing a new product (I don't suppose it can read the future release of my next fanfic chapter...)
akai is part of videocon's efforts at attaining global status (do they fail or suceed? *grin*)
akai is not included in the total dispatch figure (I feel so left out...)
akai is capable of recording up to 250 virtual tracks (multi-tasking! Boo ya!)
akai is my main sound (I told you my music was good...)
akai is extremely suspicious of other magics (
akai is copyright himself (herself... I thought...)
akai is the lad who accidentally discover the hyperdolls secret (but I'm a girl!)
akai is 98 % (but I'm PERFECT!)
akai is not good (... not evil? How sad.)
akai is best (number one best?)
akai is altijd erg actief geweest op het gebied van video (pardon my German)
akai is the industry (I RUN the industry! Bwahaha!)
akai is both receiving midi data (what is it with all these midi comments...)
akai is with videocon (can't I go to an anime con instead?)
akai is a different cut from the windjamm'r (how about Windwaker?)
akai is a analog synth and has only 6 voices and very few parameters but it is really good for midi (again with the midi...)
akai is tegenwoordig een merk dat een groot aantal producten op de markt brengt voor de jonge en kritische consument (hm, I'm a German midi player! YES, that's it!)
akai is out to kill oburi because he knows that akai and kanie killed sawa's parents (damn that oburi... we shall use a katana and flying ninja monkeys!)
akai is now shipping spatializer® (free shipping with over $200 purchase!)
akai is obviously targeting the dj market with this one (all radios will now play jpop only!)
akai is making efforts to minimize risk in relation to the year 2000 problem (problem solved in year 2003!)
akai is not interested in her and even less when she turns into such a pest (... who called me a pest?!)
akai is getting really suspicious of her (I'll be watching "her" very carefully...)
akai is the fruit of a brainstorming session at the frankfurt musik messe '97 (we were plotting with the monkeys on how to kill oburi!)
akai is betting that you'd rather have everything in one pedal (like flying katana and ninja monkeys in one push!)
akai is really good about updates (okay, now I KNOW they're lying...)
akai is then encased by ice (help! It's cold in here!)
akai is shipping (and it's free! See above!)
akai is proud to present a 32in widescreen home cinema beauty with lull (ah... lull... my greatest wish...)
akai is offering though (offering... what?? Do I want to know??)
akai is paying him well (to kill oburi! No skin off my neck!)
akai is very loud (little person. Big vocal chords, ^_^)
akai is famous for (GAH! and they won't even tell me...)
akai is beyond okay (... good to know?)
akai is proud (because I'm perfect, remember?!)
akai is the most popular format for 3rd party sample libraries (whee... I think.)
akai is at the underground shooting range (guns are sometimes more efficient than katana... oburi is a sneaky fellow.)
akai is a relatively simple machine (hey, so's the pencil... just look at what IT can do!)
akai is also sawa's parental figure and lover (hm.. but didn't sawa's parents die? EWWW! Sex with dead parents!)
akai is the police detective that 'took her in' when her parents were killed in a brutal double murder (is this the same "her" who I'm suspicious of? maybe "she" killed them... heh heh...)
akai is advancing (god-speed! Watch out!)
akai is open to all clubs and associations who wish to give their students the opportunity to compete in a truly international arena (especially kendo! yay!)
akai is the first not to feature roger linn's signature (and I'm so happy I didn't!)
akai is the use of 3 (hopefully not in that MJ song...)
akai is different (didn't I say I was proud?!)
akai is written with a kanji that means "scarlet" in particular (I'm gone with the wind! farewell!)
akai is also the actor in the documentation of west bali (whee. what about the dinner theater?)
akai is the name of a tv object (am I the midi soundcard?)
akai is a simple "clone" theme for lsbasic (is it a midi file?)
akai is under the heading (it says AKAI IS PERFECT, ^_^)
akai is receiving (money? *hopeful*)
akai is basically the only sampler module we use (because I'm so good at sampling, you know...)
akai is nailing down the loose ends (with a really really big hammer!)
akai is set to master control the atari using midi clock at the relevant bpm (yay, now I'm a midi in atari!)
akai is opening up a new world of entertainment backed up by futuristic technology & imagination & feel products that make the most of significant ideas (... does this mean I get a free Gamecube?)
akai is only widespread due to the huge number of s1000's sold (oh, now that'd degrading...)
akai is at the top as far as their gear goes (I'm top quality gear!)
akai is the noisy background and pulsing frame (hm... well, I did say I was proud, so...)
akai is een stuk beter dan de oude (I'm a stuck pulsing German?)
akai is a pretty good name in electronics (of course I am!)
akai is a snap (but not easy!)
akai is responsible for her parents deaths and still sticks around with him (oh dear... is that sawa, my son/lover? did I kill them with the monkeys?)
akai is masao kobayashi (any relation to Rikudo?)

Well that was... hm... er... interesting, ^_^;; (and LOOOOONG...)


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