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One midterm down, five to go. I currently have 2 hours to kill before the next one, and while I have some homework/studying to do (for tomorrow's; today's second exam is a no-brainer practical), I'm taking a break to update because it's been a while, apparently.

School rambling )

RP/writing rambling )

*glares at snow* Go awaaaaay you are too cold.

My sister and her husband are going to Venezuela on holiday :| Lucky hos. Since they're away, though, I'll be house/cat-sitting, which means I get a bigass house and a little kitty all to myself |D The benefit is the house will be mostly quiet with just Apple (the cat) and I, so studying should be relatively easy. And I'm taking the wireless modem with me since Mom and Dad won't need it, woo. Probably bring the GameCube so I can work on Twilight Princess after Friday. ...Maybe a little bit before if I need a break. >.>;

I am slightly ashamed of the fact that I read Gamerz Heaven in its entirety and found it oddly compelling. Though it was almost too gay even for me. (The shota, it burnses me.) I will not app Rush somewhere I will not app Rush somewhere I will not app Rush somewhere. He'll probably be filed away in my ever-growing list of briefly-lived characters I get the urge to play now and then, like Aldred up there. *points to icon* Actually they're similar in the regard that idk how they could be played well without a certain other character... oi.

...Another thing I need to do: make a custom mood theme. I am tired of the unoriginal little kitties and I have a multitude of doujinshi I could use for material.

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Dear roleplayers:

Fuck you and your entitlement. Mods =/= servants.

Try being polite and ASK when you want us to do extra work that isn't even crucial to the game. You know, rather than demanding it when we're busy.

No love,


PS: I am just as entitled to bitch about you people when you're being retarded on my personal journal as you are on yours. Deal with it.


I checked my Paypal and the claim (from waaaaay back in October) stated they couldn't resolve it in my favour, but the summary list said "refund issued" and my Paypal was credited $15.50 USD. So I guess I got some money back, yay?

That'll be going towards paid accounts this month ~_~ at least I'll have one less to pay for this time.

Ahhhh I was in such a good mood and now I'm mad. >:| *wanders off to bitch*
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Note to self:

Unknown Mode + Mushroom Road = Ow.

Although, after the initial battle (and after promptly removing Luke from the party and bringing Natalia back in- the meatshields die too quickly without two healers) it got a hell of a lot easier, and I made it through the entire dungeon just fine. Maybe next time I'll do it with Asch. lololol.

Starting to get into writing again lately. I actually opened up Ghost an wrote a bunch for the next chapter. That only took me what, two years? Ugh, self.

Still not happy. It'd be really nice if people stopped mentioning the concert. Although in a bout of hilariously epic fail, at the college yesterday Tori was talking about not being able to go to an office party thanks to the math exam, and I was only half paying attention since I was doing homework. Tori left to heat up her lunch, and I got a text from Kailey with this:

Remember that she's pissed about not being able to go to a concert because of the math exam

WRONG RECIPIENT THERE KAILEY. Poor thing was so embarrassed. I did appreciate the gesture, though.

As a sidenote sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't be a mod.

Pondering doing an f-list cut, too. Hm. Didn't really accomplish anything with the last one.
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So it's kind of unfinished... someday maybe I'll continue it. This is kind of... ah... based on a scene I might be using later on, hopefully. I guess you could call this the first draft, ^^;

I'm over the max word count. Do I care? No, not really. Those things are just suggestions anyway, >.>

For [ profile] kmegumi2

A Slight Change of Pace )

Yeah, yeah, short and unfinished, x.x drabbles like this are hard!
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In which star and I have waaaay too much fun. (And I'm studying, really I am! but... anyone needs a break... >.>)

Let there be PINK )

... mwahaha.

And now back to your regularly scheduled exam cramming.
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Okay, I know I just posted like, 2 hours ago, but I had to, I really did. This one nearly killed me.

VICTORY! Meg/Akai Omake #2! )

Mwahaha. Fear it.
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Today was, um... long. I'm totally exhausted and have no idea why I'm doing this now, -_-; But if I don't it'll never actually get DONE. So... here goes.

Woke up at 11 - mum and dad were supposed to pick me up at noon to go to a woodworking convention for the afternoon. They show up at 11:15. Cue spazzing Akai. We finally got on the road at noon as we previously planned... so much for leaving early. If they had called to warn me maybe it would've worked... *shrug. But it actually worked out perfectly - I had to work the Conestoga College booth 3:30-6, and we finished walking about the con at 20 after 3. Good timing, ne?

But oh. My. Gosh. Akai was like a kid in a candy store at this place. Tools. EVERYWHERE. And they had exotic wood and tools and spray finishing and tools and demonstrations and TOOLS and the most amazing carvings EVER and TOOLS...

Um. Yeah. I had fun, ^^;; And the best part is I GOT SQUEAK'S PACKAGE!!!! *FLAILS* Oh gosh, I died. I read Jchan and squeak's letters on the way to the con, and I was just about to read star's letter and Zack!fic when we arrived, ;_; I had to wait six hours to see it... *wails* Probably because I spent too much time oogling the pretty pictures, ^^; squeak, your omake had me squealing in the car, seriously. And jchan? Winking Zack? *screams* Love. Forever.

And when I finally got home and got to read star's ficlet I DIED. Maybe times. With much twitching and writhing. So. Funny.

Then I had to go and watch an episode of FMA. It was 14 that I was on, not 15, silly me. Quite a nice episode. Then I thought, I'll watch Chrno just to pass the time. Was on episode 19.

Yeah. Akai died again. Squeak? Don't plan on watching that one unless it'll immediately be followed by 20. Just... don't. -_-;

So after that I was writing... I feel badly, because I've kind of abandoned Blossoms for this daydream I'm writing ^^; Not my fault Zack seems to like Hojo!torture, and Fei has always loved his maulage... *whistles innocently* I'll finish Blossoms... uh... later. Right now I really want to get this thing done. (Trouble is I have NO idea where it's going, oO) But I'm really glad people are excited about it. I was a little worried about the idea at first, but anything star approves of (and contributes to) must be fegging awesome, because she is.

But I think I'm done writing for the night... I'm so dead and I wrote maybe two-three pages, which is good for me right now, ^^; Apologies to Meg, to whom I promised I'd write more... *shrug* But you got Fei maulage, so...

... is it sad that that's all I could realy offer? ^^; Anyway, that's Akai's uber exciting day. Ooh, actually, I missed something...

I GOT MEG TO DO AN AIM OMAKE!!!! *bows muchly*

Darn, I'm good. After all this time, I did it, so GO ME! FEAR IT:

Victory! )

And now I'm going to bed. Got a bunch of homework, writing, and reading to do. Must read Lacan's ficcie... must watch Stargate... zzZZzzz...
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Because it amuses me to do so. The RP kids strike back - I present Eon (a la Fei) and Kiara (a la Zack), fnally RP'ed!

Zee Old Man )
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(Due to LJ tech difficulties I'm posting this twice. If I can delete the first one right after, yippy-skippy. If not, ignore it.)

I'm too lazy to do my final Zambia posts just yet, ^^; Since Meg finished hers while I was gone, and I finished most of mine, I decided to write my alternative version of her daydream, "Let's Run". Read that before you read this one, ^_^; Otherwise it won't make any sense...

Basic concept - the final scene in Meg's daydream doesn't happen. Many changes follow. *grin*

Silver Dancer - Part 1 )


Jun. 19th, 2004 03:29 pm
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Finally finished it! For the RP crew, here's what is probably my last daydream for the summer, ^_^

Enjoy! (I hope!)

Eon's Wish

Right-click and Save Target As... ^^
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You RPers, you... thinking we're all perfect innocents.

And then we turn around and do exactly what we did last night.


Fear the conspiracy that is hidden perversion. )

Yeah, so we went a little nuts, ^^; But it was fun... I think what I love the most is that we were so repetitive... between the dying and the comments on how it was "so much fun" we probably repeated ourselves dozens of times...

Now for random memes.

Memememeeeee! )

Well, that appears to be all, folks... oh, as a note... I'll be at the cottage until Wednesday night, so I won't be around (obviously), ^^; Miss you all, and see you then! *waves*
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This one was for Meg's sake. I was determined to write a fanfic so her lovely dream of "Huggle Me when I'm Gone" was not tainted by yaoi and whatnot! So fear my non shounen-ai Zack/Fei fluff - FEAR IT!

Daydreams )

*dashes back to writing Blossoms*
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I've been poked into it, so I am posting the RP daydream. No, you don't get all of it, ^___^ The ending is top-secret! You guys can pick between the decent ending or the evil one. I shall leave it up to you.

The 'Good' Ending )

The 'Evil' Ending )

There we go. *waits for the lynch mob* Well, you asked for it!! ^^;;


Jan. 25th, 2004 04:10 am
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I've been trying to get this song for ages! *glomps Megumi for recommending it*

Anyway, subject. AGAIN! I never have anything interesting to say anymore. Grr. It's always work, eat, sleep. What a wonderful life it is, >_<

Okay, a few semi-interesting things. I talked to my sister today for the first time in three weeks! She finally got her computer working again, which is nice. Now she's back to bugging me more a definite date for when I'm going to visit her... -_-;; Oi. I need to contact the leader for Kids Alive! so I can find out for sure if I can travel with his group. They're heading to the same place as me (well, I don't know if they'll be going to Lusaka or Mongu, but either way my sis can meet me when the plane lands) so it would keep my Mom from having a heart attack. She'd do that if I had to travel alone.

Although it would be SO cool to see London like my sister and my parents did, ;_; I've never been further than Ottawa or that week in Indiana so my travel experience is kinda limited. Even if it was only for 7 hours, a tour around a bit of England would be kinda neat, ^^;; I mean, they can't possibly expect me to sit on the plane for 7 hours!!

... but chances are if I leave, I'll get more lost than Ryoga. *sweatdrop*

Anyway, I'm thinking July would be a good time to go. KA will be going then I believe, plus the weather will be decent. At least that's what my sister tells me.

Monday I'll be working on the Kingdom Hearts dvd again, ^_____^ I'm getting so excited about it!! So far we (I and my partner in crime, BrorJace) have captured up until Deep Jungle. Not bad for only 1 day of work, ^_^ If this keeps up, we should be able to get the whole thing captured in about 5 sessions - if we work on the for the whole time, and if we keep up the pace.

Back to work: Tomorrow I have a nice short shift. I plan on dabbling a bit with my Kenshin fics - maybe get the next chapter of Battousai of the Teahouse sent over to Lee like I promised, oh, two weeks ago, >_< I also want to plan out more chapters of the Kendo sequel. It would be nice to see me get *some* progress done.

I also joined a new Kingdom Hearts RPG. As if I'm not part of enough already, ^^;; But Lacan bugged and bugged until I registered to Unbound Hearts, the RPG run by Rem-chan from I think that since I'm already using Zack for the rpg at HoP, I could try working with Sotaru, ^___^ It would cause a few spoilers for what I have planned for the poor kid in my original fic, but considering how little progress I've made on that, I may as well go for it.

Aaaanyway, that's life. In a nutshell, or whatever. ^^;; As I said, not very interesting. Except for Zambia of course.

Actually, one odd little tidbit. I had a dream the other night about being eaten by a crocodile. Not a nightmare or anything, it just... happened. So today I told my sis that when I finally go to Zambia, she'd better keep me away from the river. *grin* I suspect she makes no promises about hippos or stampeding elephants, though.


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