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Okay, wow. Kind of dropped off the face of the planet for a while there, eh? Except not really, because I'm online all the time and roleplaying more than is healthy...

So, generic boring life update. AKA a summary of the last month and a half:

- fell on the ice about a month ago, twisted my foot up good. Nothing broken, just constant pain while walking. Yay.
- just finished up midterms, which means I get to enter group project crunch time. Yay.
- about a month and a half left of classes, and then I am finished at Mohawk College. After that I- ...will do god knows what. Be a glorified bookkeeper I guess. Or something. Sob I fear for my future still.


Um. So I started this, and it fizzled, and now I am giving up. Clearly I cannot talk about my life without some sort of prompting.


You know what I need? A meme. ...You know. Besides the ones I haven't finished yet.

Oh my god look at this rambling mess at 5am, what the hell am I doing. NO ONE CARES AKAI
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So, uh. Random question for everyone. Particularly those who have either finished school or are on a second run, whatever.

If you've switched career paths (ie. going from one job type to something COMPLETELY unrelated and totally off the wall/out of nowhere)... how do you deal with the WTFery of it? Are you giving up on your dreams, or just realizing it wasn't the dream you thought it was? Or maybe I'm just being crazy, idk.

oh my god why am I doing this I kept saying I was so happy to be out of school

In other news, my BFF is an endless source of relief and amusement and I love her so. She knows why. ♥


Completely unrelated, but I've been feeling a little discouraged lately at [ profile] luceti, and I can't quite figure out why. Then again I've been a little moody anyway, so maybe it's projecting. Considering I play a few normally-cheerful characters, this is not a good thing. (Makes me wonder if going for Will isn't such a good idea. >_>;)

I dunno. I always bounce back but it's been harder than usual recently. Which is weird because being at home makes me happier... maybe I need to get away from the computer and just focus on myself for a while. Goddammit you guys are too addictive.


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