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Sob, my sleep schedule is so fucked. I'm sorry, Eggy ;_;

Okay so, since I woke up at 5:30am and NO ONE WAS ON, in a fit of boredom I watched a bunch of Crisis Core videos and pondered doing another character analysis. So, here goes:

I've been meaning to nitpick at Luceti!Zack for a while now... )

Uhhh. Yeah that's all I've got right now. I may write more later |D
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I LIED, I FINISHED IT. Sorry for the double post, I wanted a separate entry for this.

This wound up as more of a threesome ship manifesto, oi.

In which I tl;dr about Zack's relationships )
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18 times.

That is Zack's very unlucky number.

(Yes, I counted the number of times he was shot. 4 to bring him down. The rest was for kicks. I am a fangirl to the extreme. Fear it.)
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Update for Crisis Core:

New scans have been translated. The mentor!SOLDIER is Angeal, the red-cloak dude is G/Genesis (from Dirge, I don't have all the details >.>;) and Angeal does indeed have the Buster Sword. Heeheehee.

Also, apparently Angeal has a high enough rank to give Sephiroth a lecture. This amuses me.

Oh, and Zack works with Tseng on a mission. Glee.

Ah! And I forgot. I'm such a bad fangirl.


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Official Art.


Is he not the CUTEST little hopeful recruit EVER?


Oh stop laughing at me.

Also. Random dude to the left of Zack? Zack's mentor in SOLDIER. From what I can make out in various screenshots...

... he uses the Buster Sword.



May. 9th, 2006 02:26 pm
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E3 Squeenix report:

"Crisis Core is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII that tells the story of Zack, a young recruit working for Soldier, the elite private military of the Shinra Corporation. Zack is eager to prove himself and achieve First Rank in the organization. However, an older character who seems to be somewhat of a mentor to Zack tries to temper the young fighter's eagerness.

The trailer showed lots of heated discussions between Zack and this other character, and eventually Sephiroth came into the picture. Sephiroth is a legendary soldier, and Zack vows to be even stronger. Eventually Zack and Sephiroth meet and Project Genesis is mentioned and it seems to be a point of contention within the organization.

Very little actual gameplay was shown in the trailer, but from what we did see it seems that the game is very action-oriented. The combat sequences are fast and we saw several moments where Zack jumped from one enemy to another slashing with his sword as well as using a gun."



Source here.


I want that trailer yesterday omfg.
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On the 4th day till KH2 my EB gave to me~~~:

4 special Keyblades~



EDIT: Okay, that's not all. I appear to have lost some of my mp3s, so... a question to all you Firefly fans. Does anyone have a high-quality version of the theme song? I had one but it went poof :/



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