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I have marketplace access at Den of Angels.

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It's been ages since I did a real update :/ I hate it when life kicks you in the balls and you lack the energy to think. Plus the downside to having a roommate you can actually talk to is that you tell everything to THEM. ... Probably a good thing. You lucky bums. :3

Christmas was alright, ignoring the funeral like two days before. Then again there was talk of it being on December 24th so I really shouldn't complain. At all. Ugh.

I'll try to compile some sort of actual entry at some point, but for now, I wish to squee over Guydoll, for he is finally starting to look like himself! I recently got his wig, shirt, pants, and EPIC BOOTS OF EPICNESS. So now I will spam you with my creepy doll. \o/

Enter the Amazing Guy )

[ profile] fairness will yell at me for posting a pic of him with flash. lolfail.

So this Christmas the grand stash was:

-cheesecake pan and all ingredients from my sister and her husband (squee~ ILU CHEESECAKE)
-jar of nuts and bolts from poor aniki :3
-bunch of little bath related stuff
-gift cards for Tim Horton's, Cineplex, and Walmart
-sex from holly
-a new shoulder bag
-MANGA MESSIAH. Which actually isn't as funny as I hoped it would be D:
-the Eragon movie. My mother had no idea how much I loathed it until I pulled it out. Do not want.
-$100 food card for No Frills. THANK GOD. ~_~
-a jar of pickles. Sadly this is one of the more exciting gifts becausesomeone actually knew what I wanted.

I think that was it. Nothing particularly exciting but I think that had to do with the prelude more than the gifts themselves. With the Walmart card I got Eight Below, and the South Park movie for a whole $4. I love you Walmart. Srsly. We also went a bit crazy at Old Navy since someone got a shitload of gift cards. *eyes [ profile] fairness* I got myself some fuzzy PJ pants. \o/

Music World is going out of business so I also got a shitload of anime dvds, Mae's Singularity, and two AFI cds. Anyone heard of the anime Noein? I got that and Hellsing III. Yay Pip~!

I plan to go to Walmart and HMV and buy a bunch of cheap box sets. WOO I LOVE SALES. Though it'll probably be over by the time I get paid. >:/ Oh well. I still can't find Mae's Everglow though. God I want that CD.

Um... that's it, really. I guess it was sort of a real entry? :/

HAPPY NEW YEAR BTW. I hope 2008 is wonderful for everyone.
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[ profile] glorious, did you manage to get the Hod anthology like you wanted? (I forget if you ever mentioned it...) If so, is it good?

I made another Celga order xD My excuse is I wanted to try more of the FFVII potion, but really I just love Abyss doujin D: Getting another Alstroemeria since Crimson was the most gorgeous freaking doujin ever... and another Guy/Asch one I found because it looks adorable :D I've become such an addict for that pairing, I swear. I blame [ profile] sphere entirely. >_>;

Besides that there's some Guy/Luke and FINALLY FINALLY OH DEAR GOD I'M GETTING THE ROKU!GUY ONE. Not Lost Score (duh, already got it) but a shorter one. TAKE THAT HAPPY HOOPER, YOU SHALL NOT GET MY 60 DOLLARS. >:|

I'm finally getting Guy!doll's wig, too! Is pretty and cheap from Ebay, woo. [ profile] fairness says it's the seller she got Sora's wig from, so I know it'll be good :D Getting some clothes from her, too, since I feel like spoiling myself. Is Christmas after all.

... This entry has mostly no purpose. :/ I'm constantly torn between bliss and misery right now. Life is kinda shitty so I'm burying my head in fandom. RP is saving my sanity ~_~; I'm a bit behind in some, though D: Sorry Luceti people. I try this weekend! \o/ Spiral's kind of slow, which is sad, but we're finally doing the curse slot arc, so this fills me with a crazy amount of squee. ... Yeah. >_>; I'm hopeless.

Nothing else to say, really. :x I gotta scan more and link those pages together, so maybe I'll do that tonight. Busy busy~
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So I had my first doll scare today. D:

Me: Yay Guy! I am taking you home because I can't bear to be away from you for three whole days. *totally pathetic and unashamed* But since I am newly established in my lovely apartment, I shall not let my family see. *HIDES HIM IN BACKPACK* And for extra security, backpack shall go in the Africa room. Yei!


Mom: *from upstairs* Can you get the cleaning basin for me?
Me: ?
Mom: I spilled Coke everywhere.
Me: ..... what.
Mom: o.o In the Africa room.
Me: .... dashkjdhajdhasjkhdahskjhdkjash

Of course he's fine. But STILL. GOD, MOTHER.


This, friends, is my current source of happiness and the sole reason for the soon-to-be hole in my bank account. Yeah, I've signed my life away. >_>;

Because I'm a nice person you should click me nao )


In other news, my sister is getting married in less than 48 hours. Hoshit. This is going to be one crazy weekend. .__.;

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I... understand the doll love now.




He's gorgeous.

Pics coming when [ profile] fabre sends them to me.


Sep. 13th, 2007 07:45 pm
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[ profile] fabre convinced me to order an EL like five minutes ago.

Goddammit, I said I'd never get one. (He's so pretty though...)

Also, since LUTS is being anal and not doing custom face-ups, uh. I'm doing my own.

...Oh boy.

(The good news is if I screw it up I can just send it to someone to redo it for me >_>;)


work post later maybe.


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