Mar. 11th, 2007

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God this icon makes me giggle.

So, uh, I'm sitting around being horribly bored despite having a crapload of schoolwork, and I'm like, LET'S DRAW A PICTURE. Yes, this is what I do at 3am. (This is also like, the fifth pic I've done in Photoshop this week, O___o WTF, brain. WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING FICS.)

For Meg, who is pretty much the only person who will get the connection and who seems to need a giggle or two?

Elion, the wisest of the three, looked at the other two and said, 'STOP LAUGHING AT ME.' )

:D ♥ (Ruiz is totally trying not to laugh btw)

The whole Elion thing still kills me dead. I need to write more Tarubook...
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Oh god, I wrote the worst Luke!line ever today. As soon as I finished it I went "....SHIT. AUGH."

And the winner is:

Luke gave him [Guy] another cheeky grin. "House Gardios defeated by Fabre again!"


... *facepalm* Think before you write these things, Akai. Think. (I TOTALLY MEANT SOMETHING ELSE, I SWEAR.)


That aside, another Tales of the Abyss ficlet. I'll note that this is post-game (for once!) which means spoilers abound.

Also contains some fun stuff that kept randomly hitting me as I wrote it, so I can explain myself a bit afterwards.

Guy & Luke fuzzies. I hope. *cough*

'It's lonely being a servant without a master.' )

Lalala boring explanations. )

... Seeing as this is a oneshot, I will now shut up about it >.>; Feedback plz?


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