Mar. 30th, 2007

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*oh utter glee*

*loves on [ profile] fabre* ILU MASTER. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Judging by the last time I got a doujin via Y!Japan, it'll take roughly a month to arrive. So I have that long to map out EXACTLY what I want to do with epic-fic to avoid getting snarked at for copying xD

Granted, the doujinshi is Guy/Luke, and the fic is going to be Asch/Guy... and I already have it mostly planned out, o.o; Even so. MORE DETAILS REQUIRED!

I love the flexibility of Tales of the Abyss pairings. I'm plotting for the epic!fic, buying doujin for Guy/Luke, meanwhile roleplaying AND drawing smut for Asch/Natalia...

And [ profile] fabre is requesting a Van/Guy thing on the side for the fic... o.o;

I need to write Asch more. This fic's gonna be hella-difficult without more practice with him.

Speaking of epic-fic: 3000 words.

I HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT HOUSE GARDIOS. WTF. xDD Then again I suppose there's a lot of ground to cover...


On the Final Mix+ side, I didn't get to play much, but that'll change this weekend >.>; Today was mostly for testing purposes, seeing what I could get to run. Chain of Memories works flawlessly on the HD, huzzah! So I won't need the disc or Swap Magic for it. Haven't checked KHII yet. Will do that next time. Really, I don't have to worry about anything except the Gummi missions... eh, we'll see.

Nothing new so far, but I'm still in Traverse Town in CoM. May I just say that the CoM opening movie is the worst cop-out ever? They didn't redo a damn thing. Wtf, Squeenix.

Ah well. I'm just happy to be playing. The card system is still really difficult for me to get used to xD I get hit... a lot. And there aren't nearly enough save points for my liking. But it's much easier than playing on the GBA, and... well, it's pretty. PS2 graphics and all...

Is it sad that I keep wanting to go back to TotA? And I used to be such a fangirl...
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I'm home for the weekend! And... bored to death. HOW can I be bored. WTF. Seriously. I have so much to do and so much I can do. I AM NOT OF THE UNDERSTANDING HERE.

I discovered between January and now, I've racked up $16.80 for long distance calls to both the States (Texas) and NB (HOLLYYYYY). 17 bucks. SEVENTEEN. For like... 5 hours of call time.

... I love Primus rates.

Sollen was waiting on my bed when I got home. I now officially own (and have in my possession) a Tales of the Abyss doujinshi! And it's... oh gosh. Beyond cute, seriously. Little Asch and Guy! *squee* It's kind of short, but the sheer PRETTY of it makes up for that. It's so white, though... I'm afraid to touch it, xD When I get back to Kitchener I am totally scanning it. Because it's not exactly fluff but it's still damn adorable. (And who wouldn't want to see chibi!Asch ordering Guy around?)

It's inspired me a little, fanfic-wise, :3 I may do some writing later, if Dad lets me on the computer.


Back to Final Mix-land, I still haven't gotten anything new. I finished Traverse Town in Re:CoM and... got bored. x_X I feel horrible about it but I did. It's really bizarre, being so hyped up as it was downloading, and now that I have it, all I want to do is load up Tales of the Abyss and find Guy in Aramis Springs. (He's in his final battle costume. Purr.) I feel like a really lousy fangirl, :/

I didn't even get that excited about seeing the extended secret ending of KHII. It was mostly a lot of "WTF?" but... yeah.

The creepy dude gives me nightmares. FLEE THE UGLY SCARY MAN. He looks like a really really old Badtouch. >___>

Also, Rem? Holly and I have decided that the reason you are still fangirling KHII is because you haven't beaten Tales of the Abyss yet.





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