Aug. 1st, 2007

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Hiyo, new people on my f-list~! ^^ (Whoa, a friending meme where I actually made friends. It's a miracle!)

♥ Not much going on at the moment. Kinda sad, but eh. Roleplay and school has kind of eaten me.

I dropped quietly out of [ profile] toujourshotel - not much incentive for staying anymore. I miss it, but I feel like I don't know anyone there now. :/ It had a great run, though, and I had a lot of fun. I really need to go through the logs and save everything~ I hope it continues to grow. ^^ Even if it's without Zack and Guy. (Or mine, anyway.)

Meanwhile, [ profile] spiral_rpg is off and booming, and good lord, it's fun. :3 Rather empty of TotA, which sucks, but eh. Win some, lose some. I'm keeping Guy busy either way. And Tiki, of course. Mwahaha.

Speaking of roleplays, uh... [ profile] negativescore? What happened? :x It started off so well.


Roleplaying aside, I discovered that, in renaming, I dropped my kitsune identity. This is sad, yet necessary! It also brought on this conversation:

[ profile] fontech: .... I've dropped my kitsune guise.
[ profile] fontech: I've lost my identity D:
[ profile] rem_sama: are now a non-person. D: we all have an identity, furry or not. yet are nothing. you wander in limbo, nameless.
[ profile] fontech: .....
[ profile] fontech: I am a red fonbot.
[ profile] fontech: I'M STILL AKAI YOU H0R.
[ profile] fontech: taking my name.
[ profile] fontech: goddammit.
[ profile] fontech: *fonic-rapes*
[ profile] rem_sama: AAAAAAAAHHHHH. DDDD8
[ profile] rem_sama: oh man, that'd be great, tho. you're the raping fonbot. only, uh, painted red.
[ profile] fontech: .....
[ profile] fontech: mwahaha

[ profile] rem_sama: i am very vague. D: i am just...a thing. maybe i'm a box.
[ profile] fontech: *stomps*
[ profile] rem_sama: HEY. D8
[ profile] fontech: SHUT UP THING
[ profile] rem_sama: *BITES* >8(
[ profile] fontech: just broke your teeth lolz :D
[ profile] rem_sama: .....DDDDDx


And that is all.
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"Oh Asch," Anise (Luke's annoying, hero-worship sister) swooned, "You're sooo handsome and smart! The girl who marries you will be so lucky!" She smiled as if she wouldn't mind if he married the next girl he looked at - namely, her.

But Asch wasn't looking at her. Asch was looking at the beautiful blond girl beside him, who had her face buried in her notes, reciting the names of Kimlasca's past kings under her breath as she flipped through the history textbook. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she was going to ace the test.

He'd marry her, he decided, if life wasn't so horrible for him. If he hadn't lost his parents at such a young age, if he hadn't been cursed by the Dark Lord Lorelei (He Who Shall Not Be Flamed) and forced to hear his voice in his head, if he didn't have to fight for his life again and again. If only he hadn't been the Boy with the Cockatiel Hair. If only-

"Asch," Natalia cut into his thoughts, looking worried. "Are you alright?"

"You look like you swallowed a Dark Bottle," Luke added in. "...Again."

Asch shot him a scathing glare, called him a dreck, and immediately felt better.

"Everyone quiet," Professor Van called from the front of the class, and everyone sat up, perfectly attentive. "Alright now, books away, controllers out! Now, practice the attack button..."

As Asch began to zone a little, he couldn't help but think that it was just another miserable day at Rappigwarts School for Fomicry.



Just think of it.

Asch fon Fabre and the Seventh Fonstone!
Asch fon Fabre and the Chamber of Badtouch! (courtesy of [ profile] sphere!)
Asch fon Fabre and the Prisoner of Akzeriuth!
Asch fon Fabre and the Order of the Cheagle!
Asch fon Fabre and the Replica Prince!

[ profile] fontech: I RAN OUT OF IDEAS.
[ profile] fabre: Hmm... D:
[ profile] fabre: I LIKE THAT ONE
[ profile] fontech: asjkdhasjkdhkjashdaskdja

No I am not really going to write this.

Meanwhile, this is the best fanfic ever.

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Other people are doing it, and I fail at peer pressure.

Intro post - all about the fongeek )


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