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Things are improving somewhat. Still haven't heard from the support at Jconserv. I'll give it a couple days and paw at them again.

I'm thinking of making HoP read-only until we're ready to move. People keep posting, O.o I've already saved the database, so, uh, anything that gets posted will be gone... not that anything important is being posted anyway. *shrug*

Must remember to keep the ban list when we move. TIM FOUND MY LJ. EL OH EL. I so scared.

Oh, to the TotA peeps who have me friended: [ profile] eldrant >____>

I got pissed off at all the people who steal the awesome usernames and NEVER USE THEM *eyes [ profile] gardios in particular!!* so I went ahead and stole [ profile] eldrant as revenge. And I am going to use it. Take that, fanbrats.

Honestly, taking it to save it is all fine and good, but way to spoil it for the rest by stealing it and letting it ROT. I was lucky to get a decent title for Guy's journal at Toujours...

So yeah. TotA fics will probably be posted there now, xD But I'll link to them from here, most likely. I've always wanted a fic journal, and I didn't want to see [ profile] eldrant wasted like a lot of the others.

Honestly, just look at [ profile] kuzu ;___; and [ profile] dreck! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

*is not bitter, oh no*

Luke/Mieu is coming along. As is epic!fic. God I am never going to finish that thing x.X

TO BED! I'll write more tomorrow.

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I don't think we ever actually told people not to post, and most probably aren't thinking about it. But yeah...I can't believe there's only a week left in March o.o;

Your LJ username rant was cute. *pets* Enjoy your fic journal!