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fontech ([personal profile] fontech) wrote2007-04-17 05:31 am
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I just finished the first chapter of the Asch/Guy epic!fic.

Excluding editing and start/end notes, it is exactly 7,000 words.


Is that a bit excessive for a single chapter? ._.; Might just scare people off. *ponders splitting it up...*

DUDE WTF WHY AM I AWAKE. *goes to bed!!!*

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Long!fic is good. VERY VERY GOOD.


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*echoes Holly* DON'T SPLIT IT. I love longfic ♥ I've got a fic where the first chapter is 7,051 words... and then the second chapter is 6100 words. I don't think it's long at all xD
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I know some people who would LOVE to read an Asch/Guy that long! of them being me. |D