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fontech ([personal profile] fontech) wrote2007-04-25 07:54 pm
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Title: Ghost On A Stage
Word Count: 7,179
Summary: "For years, I'd promised to work together with Van to get revenge on the Duke. If I'd taken a slightly different path somewhere, I might have been on their side." Spoilers for Guy's past.

Still debating posting it elsewhere. I might wait until I get more written. That's if I post it at all. xD *fails*


I never thought I'd get to post the damn thing, x.X Re-reading it, I was surprisingly happy with it for some reason... I hate it when that happens.

The exam today went alright. I hope, anyway xD; Guess we'll have to see how things go when the marks are posted.

I'm home again! Ergo boo on dialup, but hey, at least it's nice and quiet. I intend to enjoy my vacation as much as possible, write as much as possible, and play TotA till I drop. ... Yep, that's the extent of it. I may even go back and give Symphonia a try. Though I will seriously miss Free Run :x

*flits off to play stuff!*