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Just wanna take a moment to thank [ profile] fabre for handling my odd wank today. It's been... a really frustrating weekend, x_X so I've been kind of high strung. Yeah. OMG AKAI ANGST WOES.

I miss my gaillardias, ;.; I had to leave them behind because I'm back in Kitchener now, but I'm only here for two days, so there's really no point in driving them up just to drive them back. I hope Mum takes good care of them. They're growing so fast, o_o I can't wait till they get bigger ♥ ♥

I've gone and hurt my leg somehow - I've been limping all day, x.X This does not bode well, considering tomorrow/Tuesday is the RIM Park convention. I'll be helping to man the Conestoga College booth both days, which means I get to be on my feet for six hours both days. How fun. (I totally would not complain if my leg wasn't bitching at me every step I take.)

Actually, leg aside, it really should be fun. I kind of hope we're close enough to watch the competition - it's the provincial contest for Skills Canada Ontario, and if Zach wins he gets to go to the competition in Saskatchewan. Lucky h0r. Might be interesting to see. I had a nifty time when I did the booth at the wood show in first year, so I imagine it won't be too bad.

I miss my PS2 already, -_-; I'm so obsessed. I guess if I get desperate I could play Valkyrie Profile, but all I can do now is level up my characters until the cycle ends. And PSP Katamari hurts my hands after a while.

I started chapter 2 of Ghost. (Oh glee. It's so funny to not call it epic!fic...) 1,500 words in, and Guy hasn't even reached Kimlasca yet xD Every time I plan for how big this sucker's going to be, it gets bigger...

Hopefully it'll get more interesting once he meets "Luke" for the first time~ I'm still kind of iffy on my narration style, but it's writing itself, and hell if I'm going to complain about progress.

OFF TO BED. Tomorrow's gonna be long. ♥

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I LOVE YOU, GUY. ♥♥ I'm sorry I was all WHEE SYMPHONIA instead of paying more attention to youuu because you deserve itttt. *loves* I bet the two days will go by fast and then we'll be right back to our ToA-playing ways, muahahaha.

Have fun at your fair...thingy. :3 EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A LATE COMMENT AND YOU'LL ALREADY BE THERE. >_> And obligatory YAY GHOST!FIC.