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For [ profile] fabre

Because Ghost totally needs some bloopers.


"I... I can really...?"

Susanne smiled, eyes tender, and nodded her head. Guy hesitated, swallowing back his nervousness, and gingerly reached out to lift the tiny infant from his basket.

"He's... not heavy at all," he mumbled a little shyly, cradling the baby close. The child in his arms stirred, blinking sleepily at him, and offered a barely-visible smile.

The baby's mother lifted a hand to her lips, stifling a small giggle. "Yes, but he'll grow. Mind his head, now."

"Huh?" Guy looked up, wondering why she'd given him the warning, just as his hand slipped and the red-headed bundle dropped from his arms, straight to the hardwood floor below.

(Sixteen years later...)

"And that's my theory on why you're an idiot."

Asch stared at his former servant for a long moment, taking in the casual smirk and the nonchalant manner in which he'd spoken. Then, finally, he asked in a strained voice, "You dropped me?!"

"Not on purpose!" Guy protested, though the smirk didn't falter for a second. "It was silk!"

"Shut up! KUZU!"

"A-AH! ASCH...!"

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