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Hee, fic. Which only one person will understand.

Reeeeeeeeeem lookit what I found! >:D

A letter from Wutai, addressed to the Count Saint-Germain residing in Mideel, from one Raazu Fae, an alias.

Hey, guess who!

Been a while, eh? You'd think being so long-lived, we'd have an easier time keeping track of one another. Yeah, I'm still up and kicking, same as you. Though you knew that already. The trouble with this blood bond is that it does nothing for location (at least not for me, not yet... didn't you say you could track others like you if you'd shared and were close...? Ah, I can't remember).

I miss hanging out with you like I miss home - it's nostalgic, but risky, just like you said. It was hard enough not eating around my dad. I thought I was gonna die after that little glass of beer I had with him; ugh, I'd never been so sick in all my life. (Life, haha...) I doubt it'll happen again, but I think he really needed it, y'know? Male bonding via alcohol. Heh. He's predictable and old-fashioned, but I can't stop loving him. I was surprised how easily he handled me being with Rem, though I think mom did a good job of breaking the news to him. One of the advantages of having a male partner is being able to excuse myself from having kids... not to say that has anything to do with why I'm with him... but you know my reasons. Heh, you know -me-, is what you'd say, isn't it? (See, I'm learning!) Well, it's true.

I kind of wondered, while we were there (and I hope this doesn't upset you) if it bothered you, both of us being... well, immortal, being able to stay this way without changing or dying as long as we aren't killed. I mean, jealousy seems beyond you (wonder if I'll learn that when I reach 4K...) but things can still hurt you... and I know you've said on at least one occasion that you want to find someone you can stay with who really accepts you for who you are. I find it hard to believe that in all your years, you -haven't- yet. I mean, even if they live and die without becoming like us, they have to accept you, don't they? Otherwise what they feel isn't sincere at all, and you'd be able to sense that, wouldn't you? I know what my mom felt for you was real, and... even if it was just that once, what we shared was real too, though it wasn't the same love she felt, or the kind Rem and I share. I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't give up on yourself. Whatever happens, you've still got us for friends, and I can't see Roger ever leaving you. You're not alone.

See, I'm slowly repaying you for all your lessons. Which, by the way, are definitely coming in handy. The jewels I've been making are nowhere near your level, and occasionally I get a bad batch of gold, but Rem seems to have an eye for quality, so I've been doing alright. Never really pictured myself an alchemist - too scientific, too picky about the details, y'know? And after all that's happened, I wasn't interested in getting into science at all. But... it feels different. Something about creating one thing from another, watching all your hard work come to life like that... I can see why you rely on it so much, for more than just money. I can appreciate it a little more now - science is okay, as long as the practitioners are sane.

Heh, I can see Hojo laughing in his grave to hear me say that. Rem says I'm just getting more tolerant with age, which I almost smacked him for. But I -am- getting old, aren't I? For someone who wasn't supposed to reach age 40, I'm doing pretty well.

Speaking of Remster, he's doing fine, just like me. Calling himself Naoki now, which was apparently his given name, back when he was human. You learn something new every day. He's having a field day here in Wutai - says it's "just like home". He's started dressing us up in those robes they wear here and spouting out random foreign words - again, his native language, he says. I told him he ought to teach me, but he seems to think it's a little complex for me. I guess we'll see. Though it seems that you know the language too, considering you called that sword of yours a "katana", which is exactly what Rem calls it. He looked like a kid in a candy store at the weapons shop (What the hell's a "samurai"?) so to humour us both I bought him a Murasame, which he immediately called Masakados, for some reason. (I haven't wrestled an answer out of him yet, but soon!) I may just have to teach him how to use it properly so we can spar. Though I really ought to get myself a smaller sword - Organics is too easily recognized for fighting out in the open, and it would probably be too overwhelming until he's good enough to match the size of it with speed...

Ah, listen to me ramble. This was supposed to be short! But I think I've said all I've had to say for now. I think we'll probably stay here for about ten years (maybe fifteen, since Rem seems to really love it here) so don't worry about us being gone for a while. That means you gotta write back, okay? Hope to hear from you soon. (And say hi to Roger for me - Rem says hi as well.)

Best wishes from both of us,



Part 2, >D

Text of a letter from Gongaga, addressed to Conte Saint-Germano residing in Midgar, from one Zax Faelan, an alias.

Y'know, one of these days I'll take your example of etiquette and write a proper greeting on these things, but till then you're getting my unorthodox rambling!

How's life for you? Is Midgar treating you well? It's been way too long since I've been there. Hopefully Shinra's still behaving itself. Who's the prez now, Rufus's... great-grandson or something? (Or is it great-great? Ugh, I lost track after his kid died. It's not like I can go back and say, "Hi! You don't know me, but I was friends with your grandpa!" That'll go over well.) If you see him, you'll have to tell me if he has red hair. Ever since Queen entered the family tree it's been almost required...

As you can see, I've gone home. Figured I'd tie up a few loose ends - put a few years' payment (plus extra, just in case something happens) on my parents' house, making sure their graves are looked after, and Raazu's as well. I've also packed at least a dozen trunks worth of earth. I should be alright unless someone goes and steals my ship or something, heh. It's times like this I envy Rem; he can go where he likes without worrying about not having dirt in his boots. Then again, I wouldn't want to look like a walking lightbulb all the time, either, and he does always bring body paint around... guess we're a little even.

I'm glad you're letting us come with you and Roger. I know you can take care of yourselves - it's not that. But if you get yourself settled on this other world and then get restless again, how will we get ahold of each other? What if something happens? It never hurts to be cautious, even if it is just a fetch-quest for earth. ... Wow, imagine that, me telling you to be cautious. I wonder if that recklessness of mine is starting to fade. Wouldn't you be proud?

Not to mention I wouldn't mind seeing your home. You've seen mine, so it's only fair, eh? Sure sounds like it would be an interesting place. Heh, and you need to introduce me to that lady vampire friend of yours! She sounds fun. Though I bet she's mad you haven't been closer - you'd better apologize first, because I don't want to be caught in an argument!

While you're in Midgar, think you can do me a favour? If it's not too much trouble, drop a few flowers on the Iddou grave for me? It's been too long. Fei and his family deserve more attention from me, but even after so many years, there's always a chance that someone could recognize me from a history book or something. (It sucks being famous when you're immortal!) I tend to avoid Midgar as much as I can, though sometimes it hurts to do. It feels more like home than even Gongaga, though it doesn't have the same comfort. I guess it's because I spent so much time there - in a sense, it's where I grew up, and Rem and I made it home for both of us...

Getting nostalgic again. How does one escape that, I wonder, when you live so long? Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with the amount of memories I've collected over the years. It's kind of daunting, knowing there's so much more to come. And then there's you, who has over 4000 years behind him... old as I'm getting, I still feel really young compared to you, or even to Rem. I wonder when I'll "mature" properly. You guys are used to it by now, but even after all this time, I think I'm still adjusting.

It makes me appreciate Rem more and more, really; probably the same way you feel about Roger. It's lonely, watching people die, especially those close to you, but I bet it would be infinitely worse without a single person to empathize with. Heh, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be, even on the first day when I spent the whole time hiding in my room with the blinds down...

While we're on the subject of the others, have you had a moment to check on the underground city? From what I've heard, things are going well. A few problems have popped up now and then, but when everyone on equal standing, they're a lot happier. I know you're not too keen on so many vamps being in the same place, but they're used to it, y'know? Though some of them did decide to follow our example. I've seen one or two on my travels, and you probably have as well. Heh, even Celia's still up and kicking, though she's still a psycho-bitch. I don't think she'll ever appreciate life the way we do, but then, anything's possible.

Art contacted me a few months ago. It was brief - he's never been quite the same since Danny died, though it's not like him to be depressed - but it was nice to hear from him. I have no idea how he tracked me down. Life's full of surprises. He's back in Costa del Sol, which could also be why he was more cheerful; native soil always has that calming effect, doesn't it?

Which I ought to be packing more of, actually... heh, lots to do, not much time. The mail-cart (aka the chocobo - some things never change) is leaving soon, so I better get this out to the postbox. This should reach you before we're scheduled to meet, but if it doesn't, I guess Rem and I will just see you there.

Waiting (im)patiently,




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