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fontech ([personal profile] fontech) wrote2007-06-25 10:22 pm
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Okay, since everyone else is doing it...

Ask me about Taru!book. Anything and everything except maybe the ending, and I'll do my best to answer it. I'm not really working on it at the moment, but it might be good to get my thoughts together for it~

For those who don't know/might care, Taru!book is a yet-unnamed original fantasy that has been in the works (except not 'cause I only have like ten pages written and half the summary plotted) for several years now. Ambitiously charming of me, I suppose.


In other news, GOOD GOD WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO GET A RENAME TOKEN? I have the money. I can afford to buy it. I have the Paypal account. I have it all set up and good to go. But does LJ accept eCheques? Nooo, THEY RECQUIRE A CREDIT CARD PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Sonofabitch. Why must they make it so difficult for me to give them money?!!

I want a credit card. >|

*hisses and prances off to sulk and do homework*

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