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I need to stop being awake at 6am.

Sic Semper Tyrannis: Chapter 1

Finally. -_-; I might post it to [ profile] abyss_fanfic later, when I'm not about to pass out.

I had a point to this entry besides shameless ficpimping, but right now I'm too tired to remember what it was.


[ profile] manicalpha is love, because she drew fanart for the fic. FANART. FOR MY FIC.

sdhgashgdhsghs ♥ I so excited.

Also: ILU [ profile] sphere! (AAAASCH <3) And [ profile] glorious for making me giggle. And [ profile] fabre for sending me cracktastic YouTube videos and NEWEST MAE CD SDHJSAHDJKHASJKDHAS SO HAPPYYYYYYYY.


... wowsleepnow.

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I'll draw you better fanart tonight :DD


>_> Except I fail at action poses.

I need to clean up that other one, even though it's really not accurate, and do a different one where, you has correlation to your story. xD Factually correct, the like. But yay! I'll definitely try to draw today! *thumbs up and rereads story again* ♥

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Oh hay. o .o New layout. ...

xD "Suspension." Have you heard "Soundtrack For Our Movie"? Despite the obviously modern terms, I also think this is mega-GuyxLuke. ♥

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WH-WHAT'S THE CODE FOR THAT! I might have to abandon my Kazu layout for a TotA one!!!!!

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Well, okay. :< I'll search for my own then. ,-_-

OH HAY. Guess wut I just drew lol. The head-lap picture, and Guy's arms and torso came out looking godly. Like a GREEK SCULPTURE godly. D: I can't believe I drew it.

I'll scan it and show you when I get home >:3

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ONE MOAR HOUR AND I CAN LEAVE~ Luke is coming out pretty shitty, so I'll leave him for when I scan it, but at least you can see GUY'S TORSO ASL;DKFJALSKDJ. I never get excited over my drawings. BUT I LOVE HIS TORSO. I WANNA LAY ON IT.

>_> S-sure...I guess so, but I know you'll get fanart FAR better than mine, so I'll be annoyingly self-conscious and emo about it. Just as a warning.

LOL, yeah, I killed my Peony layout that way. -_-' I would like to try it when I get home, though!

...this is in very light pencil. :x I hope it scans properly.....

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>_> Don't get your hopes up. The torso is the saving grace.

...oh, but what a TORSO D:

>_> And you liking it isn't the issue and you know it. >_> I have to be insecure about it.

Thanks!!!! :DDDD I'm leaving here in like ten minutes, but it takes me almost an hour to drive home, so. -_-'

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Ouch... poor Guy...

Parts of that torture scene had me literally cringing...

Can't wait to see where this goes, though!

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ILU, TOO! I was having so much fun last night! XD