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This morning I had a dream that I was playing dodge ball in the house with my brother, except I was Superman and I kicked his ass.

....Yeah I have no idea how that works either.

IN OTHER NEWS, my Celga package arrived which means SO4 goodies and a ton of TotA doujinshi, so I will cut this for those who don't want my tl;dr. |D

The Faceplate

LOOK AT THE PRETTY. Okay so it would've been better with a few more characters but even so my XBOX is looking fine and sexy.

SO4: Final Guide

Thanks to the character bios, Crowe now has a birthday: September 5th! /o/

There's a lot of standard stuff; the guide bit, obviously, character bios, etc. There's a layout of the Calnus, which is pretty cool.


....And then my bliss wilted because there was no history section, no art section, no bonus section. It had nothing of the awesome the IU and TotA guides have, which means no insight on the Seeds of Hope or anything I was hoping to learn eventually by bribing translators. In short: they really did half-ass the game and won't explain jack, GODDAMMIT.



I got 19 altogether, and since I'm feeling detailed I'll list them all with explanations, woo. Overall I'm happy with what I got, even if some are a little weird. The Guy/Asch ones are cute, if a little unrealistic - but really, how do you realistically get them together in 20-30 pages >_>; Only one of them actually had sex, but it's the ones that didn't that ended up as my favourite, especially D.F.B.'s Shangri-la. So cute.

1) Title unknown, by Toluene; Luke/Asch. Asch and Luke look after a bunch of kids. I have no idea why. In the end Luke gives Asch one of those little worry dolls, which he keeps up until his death.

2) Title unknown, by like four artists I'm too lazy to list. Mostly random crack involving Dist, some silly stuff, Guy abuse, etc.

3) Title unknown, by Monmon; Ginji/Asch. Completely random PWP smut. Ginji is surprisingly devious (also he tops, wut. He's so submissive with Asch in canon). I'm so-so on this one because the art isn't pretty enough for me to ignore the complete lack of explanation for them getting together, and I'm not easily convinced by the feasibility of this pairing... hm. On the other hand, the cover art is fucking gorgeous.

4) Other Voices, other rooms, by kiri; Guy/Asch. Um... basically Guy screws Asch on the Tartarus before Belkend. I think because he misses Luke? idk. Not the worst, not the best.

5) Title unknown, by takohen; general. A collection of character stories- Anise and Ion in Daath, Natalia in Baticul, Guy in Sheridan, Jade in Keterburg, Tear in Yulia City, Asch and Luke in whatever nowhere land they ended up in post-game. Pretty sure it takes place during that year or so between endgame and Lusch's comeback.

6) The Carmine Headss, by Toukonsports; general. Sheer crack, kinda crappy art, not much to say about it.

7) Reconciliation, by STShaker; Guy/Asch. Just a cute little collection of scenes where Guy and Asch meet up and chat throughout the game. Less pairing-based than the cover leads one to believe, but that's okay. |D

8) Closed Room, by Kiri; Guy/Asch. Basically the blanket scenario with Guy and Asch getting locked in a room in Belkend (I think) for the night. Asch kisses Guy and gets kicked for it xD;

10) Attention, by HAuA!; Guy/Asch. This one's great, even if Asch is drawn kind of girlishly >_>; Asch comes back at endgame and Guy deals with it by treating him like Luke. The ending is cute but really shoujo-esque, so I'm not sure how I feel about it D|

11) Pieta, not sure of the artist; Asch/Natalia. Natalia's carrying some groceries back to the inn when some guys approach and insist on helping her; Asch cuts in (literally) and scares the pants off them, taking over as her escort. They have a nice long walk/chat before he wanders off. Really, really cute.

12) Marble*crunch, by ZBMO; Asch/Ginji. Mostly random work-together fluff between the two, no real pairing (or if there is, it's very one-sided on Ginji's part).

13) Chocolate Factory, by 1212; Asch/Natalia. Very short little random fluff with those two.

14) AAA, by Karumeru; general. Honestly I'm not sure what's going on in this one :| Asch is hanging out with the group for whatever reason. Luke is doing laundry. Tokunaga and Anise kidnap Asch. IDEK. Cute, though.

15) Deko Deko Nurse, by Harapeko Manboh; Luke/Asch. Luke and Asch dress up like girls. What. Other stuff happens. Luke kisses Asch and gets shoved off, cue spazzing.

16) Time to say goodbye, by Littera; Guy/Asch. Text-only, I didn't know that before I bought it |D luckily it was cheap, ohoho.

17) Shangri-la, by D.F.B.; Guy/Asch. This one is skjdhkjaf. As mentioned above, it's my favourite. I'm not sure on the story itself- Jade sends Asch into Guy's room, and Guy's either sick or too drowsy to notice who it is and drags Asch into bed with him for cuddles, idek. Asch is suitably D8 and the expressions are really the best part of it. ...Honestly I have no idea what Jade is up to in this one, he's either acting like Asch's guardian or matchmaker, or both... either way, Asch and Guy have a cute conversation and that's it. I'd say it was a G-rated doujin if not for the rather steamy sketch at the front of it :|;;

18) An Unnecessary Toy by hoimi; Luke/Asch. ....I don't know what the hell is up with this one. The art is kind of jagged and half-assed, Asch is a weepy bottom with Luke, it has one of those lame magical healing sex to fix the "I was raped as a child" issue...

Oh, right. And they saw fit to give Asch a vagina. He's not genderbent or anything. Still has the usual bits. He just. Randomly. Has a vagina. And then Luke started putting it to use and I closed the doujin and moved on :|;;

19) Title unknown, by Be There; Long-haired Luke/Asch. Fabulous, albeit short. I don't even ship them but Be There can make anything amazing. The expressions are hilarious. Also when Luke kisses Asch he gets bitten; so many punished kisses in this batch |D Tough looove. I love Be There, they draw such lovely angry smut.

Asch manga: volume 2

FFFFFFFFFFFFF so amazing ;_; I love the art in this. *plots more icons* Goes from Akzeriuth to endgame. It's pretty obvious that the artist was forced to rush things closer to the end, which is a damn shame, because they totally could've gotten another volume out of it. The Tower of Rem section was skipped completely. They also followed the anime adaptation of a lot of events, probably to save time... I'm glad I got it, but it really is a damn shame it's missing so much. Still, hopefully I'll learn a few more things once I get the chance to study it more carefully. And maybe eventually get it translated. |D

That took longer than I thought it would ._.; Oh well, I needed something to keep me occupied.

As an aside this morning while waiting for my package to arrive, I started writing Ghost on a Stage again. Next chapter is now just under 3,000 words, and I have ideas for the next few scenes. It's nice to have progress even after so long... kind of weird, though.

Oh well, I'm happy anyway |D

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Huzzah, yay for hauls. ♥

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Ah, for the record--1: "Yumegiwa, Mezame". 2: "Han Rice Oomori". 3: "Aisatsu to Tsuugyou". 5: "Ongaku no Youna Kimitachi ni Uta wo Okurou to Omounda". 11: Circle is Yacchuu Panda. 19: "Boku ni Kasanattekuru Ima".

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What a pretty XBox 360 cover! I've yet to play SO4, but my brother loves it~

jfdlksajfld So many of the doujinshi I have or want/need! D8 I'm always happy to see people other than me buying GuyAsch, cause sometimes I feel like the only fan out there. XD Man! So lucky to get "Shangri-la"! My friend scanned that one for me, and I actually translated it if you'd like to see~?

I also own "Other Voices, Other Rooms" so I can tell you that your assumptions are indeed correct. :|b Guy is using Asch for Luke-sex. He's actually quite surprised in the end that Asch... isn't angry with him for it. Actually, Asch thought Guy was calling him "Luke" at first because he remembered him for who he used to be. He realized later that he was wrong, of course. TT A very sad one. With Ochazuki's group order, I'm hoping to nab Kiri's newest GuyAsch book, "Time to Kiss You Goodbye". Looks like a good AU. |D

Oh, and Takohen!! I love her LukeAsch stuff, though I've yet to read this one. And if you were curious, the title is 「音楽のような君たちに歌を贈ろうと思うんだ」, which translates to something like "I thought I'd send a song to you who are like music"... if I understand it correctly. XDD I'm sure Matcha could give you a better translation.

Isn't it sad that we won't see any more Senketsu no Asch? ; ; The art was absolutely gorgeous and I'm so sad they had to skip around the story so much with Tales of Magazine over. Ah well, at least we got one more book!

Annnd sorry for the long comment. I tend to get wordy orz

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Alright! I translated it while I was in Japan, so you'll just have to give me a bit to find it on my other computer. XD I'm actually really happy to be sharing these! My friend didn't want anyone else to have the scans, so I haven't been able to share in the GuyAsch cuteness with anyone else. <3

Oh man, a request? Really? It's so hard to choose! Of the ones I haven't seen yet, #1 "Yumegiwa, Mezame" and #19 by Be There look pretty interesting. I would love to see either of them! XD But is Be There's a copybon? I can't tell from the picture, and I certainly wouldn't want it to get hurt if it were. Even if you don't wind up scanning either, thank you! TT

Yes, it seems that was the case... I have a few of the magazines and I know there were several other Tales of manga published in it, so I can only wonder if they faced the same, sad fate. It really is a shame... There was so much left undrawn that I would've loved to have seen. :

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I--... I'm seconding "Yumegiwa, Mezame", because I like Toluene. ♥?
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...The Asch manga's only two volumes long? DDD:
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...That is a shame. :\ The art was amazing, so it's a shame to see that the story had to be cut short like it was. It could of at least gone on for three. >: