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2011-01-12 05:52 am

good morning world...

...oh good grief, this again?

Stating that what you're posting isn't yours does not mean it's okay to steal it )

Also, hi, I'm alive, really. Hopefully a better, happier entry coming soon. ...or at least a meme.
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2010-03-22 08:23 pm
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This morning I had a dream that I was playing dodge ball in the house with my brother, except I was Superman and I kicked his ass.

....Yeah I have no idea how that works either.

IN OTHER NEWS, my Celga package arrived which means SO4 goodies and a ton of TotA doujinshi, so I will cut this for those who don't want my tl;dr. |D

Click to see my shinies. )

That took longer than I thought it would ._.; Oh well, I needed something to keep me occupied.

As an aside this morning while waiting for my package to arrive, I started writing Ghost on a Stage again. Next chapter is now just under 3,000 words, and I have ideas for the next few scenes. It's nice to have progress even after so long... kind of weird, though.

Oh well, I'm happy anyway |D
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2007-08-05 06:19 am
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I need to stop being awake at 6am.

Sic Semper Tyrannis: Chapter 1

Finally. -_-; I might post it to [ profile] abyss_fanfic later, when I'm not about to pass out.

I had a point to this entry besides shameless ficpimping, but right now I'm too tired to remember what it was.


[ profile] manicalpha is love, because she drew fanart for the fic. FANART. FOR MY FIC.

sdhgashgdhsghs ♥ I so excited.

Also: ILU [ profile] sphere! (AAAASCH <3) And [ profile] glorious for making me giggle. And [ profile] fabre for sending me cracktastic YouTube videos and NEWEST MAE CD SDHJSAHDJKHASJKDHAS SO HAPPYYYYYYYY.


... wowsleepnow.
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2007-08-04 05:23 am
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That epic "oneshot" of doom I've been working on for ages? Guy-torture, the one that wouldn't end?


Exactly 20,000. Excluding notes/title/extra stuff. Story content of 20,000 words.

Holy crap. It so wasn't supposed to be that long. I don't even remember who I was originally writing it for, but wheoever inspired it... goddamn. O__o; INSPIRE ME MORE OFTEN PLEASE.

Anyone know the limit on LJ's post content? I'll definitely be uploading it in chunks. Geez. Maybe around 5K each or something... I'll see if it adds up.

I'm gonna be over here sleeping staring at the screen now.

Shit I still need a title. ARGH I THOUGHT I WAS DONE.
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2007-08-01 04:46 pm

I fail at life

"Oh Asch," Anise (Luke's annoying, hero-worship sister) swooned, "You're sooo handsome and smart! The girl who marries you will be so lucky!" She smiled as if she wouldn't mind if he married the next girl he looked at - namely, her.

But Asch wasn't looking at her. Asch was looking at the beautiful blond girl beside him, who had her face buried in her notes, reciting the names of Kimlasca's past kings under her breath as she flipped through the history textbook. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she was going to ace the test.

He'd marry her, he decided, if life wasn't so horrible for him. If he hadn't lost his parents at such a young age, if he hadn't been cursed by the Dark Lord Lorelei (He Who Shall Not Be Flamed) and forced to hear his voice in his head, if he didn't have to fight for his life again and again. If only he hadn't been the Boy with the Cockatiel Hair. If only-

"Asch," Natalia cut into his thoughts, looking worried. "Are you alright?"

"You look like you swallowed a Dark Bottle," Luke added in. "...Again."

Asch shot him a scathing glare, called him a dreck, and immediately felt better.

"Everyone quiet," Professor Van called from the front of the class, and everyone sat up, perfectly attentive. "Alright now, books away, controllers out! Now, practice the attack button..."

As Asch began to zone a little, he couldn't help but think that it was just another miserable day at Rappigwarts School for Fomicry.



Just think of it.

Asch fon Fabre and the Seventh Fonstone!
Asch fon Fabre and the Chamber of Badtouch! (courtesy of [ profile] sphere!)
Asch fon Fabre and the Prisoner of Akzeriuth!
Asch fon Fabre and the Order of the Cheagle!
Asch fon Fabre and the Replica Prince!

[ profile] fontech: I RAN OUT OF IDEAS.
[ profile] fabre: Hmm... D:
[ profile] fabre: I LIKE THAT ONE
[ profile] fontech: asjkdhasjkdhkjashdaskdja

No I am not really going to write this.

Meanwhile, this is the best fanfic ever.

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2007-06-25 10:22 pm
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Okay, since everyone else is doing it...

Ask me about Taru!book. Anything and everything except maybe the ending, and I'll do my best to answer it. I'm not really working on it at the moment, but it might be good to get my thoughts together for it~

For those who don't know/might care, Taru!book is a yet-unnamed original fantasy that has been in the works (except not 'cause I only have like ten pages written and half the summary plotted) for several years now. Ambitiously charming of me, I suppose.


In other news, GOOD GOD WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO GET A RENAME TOKEN? I have the money. I can afford to buy it. I have the Paypal account. I have it all set up and good to go. But does LJ accept eCheques? Nooo, THEY RECQUIRE A CREDIT CARD PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Sonofabitch. Why must they make it so difficult for me to give them money?!!

I want a credit card. >|

*hisses and prances off to sulk and do homework*
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2007-06-10 03:34 am
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2007-06-07 02:50 am
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[ profile] manicalpha, I'm stealing your update template :3 ... Well, sort of.

Title: Ghost On A Stage
Word Count: 7,224
Summary: "For years, I'd promised to work together with Van to get revenge on the Duke. If I'd taken a slightly different path somewhere, I might have been on their side."
Warning/Pairing/Extra: None at the moment, but this will eventually become Asch/Guy. Quite possibly Luke/Guy. Quite possibly all three. The story's basically leading itself. >.>;

Chapter I: Today's Lesson

Chapter II: And You Were Beside Me

Now I can flop and die. *flops and dies!*
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2007-05-02 02:58 am
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For [ profile] fabre

Because Ghost totally needs some bloopers.


"I... I can really...?"

Susanne smiled, eyes tender, and nodded her head. Guy hesitated, swallowing back his nervousness, and gingerly reached out to lift the tiny infant from his basket.

"He's... not heavy at all," he mumbled a little shyly, cradling the baby close. The child in his arms stirred, blinking sleepily at him, and offered a barely-visible smile.

The baby's mother lifted a hand to her lips, stifling a small giggle. "Yes, but he'll grow. Mind his head, now."

"Huh?" Guy looked up, wondering why she'd given him the warning, just as his hand slipped and the red-headed bundle dropped from his arms, straight to the hardwood floor below.

(Sixteen years later...)

"And that's my theory on why you're an idiot."

Asch stared at his former servant for a long moment, taking in the casual smirk and the nonchalant manner in which he'd spoken. Then, finally, he asked in a strained voice, "You dropped me?!"

"Not on purpose!" Guy protested, though the smirk didn't falter for a second. "It was silk!"

"Shut up! KUZU!"

"A-AH! ASCH...!"
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2007-04-30 01:30 am
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Just wanna take a moment to thank [ profile] fabre for handling my odd wank today. It's been... a really frustrating weekend, x_X so I've been kind of high strung. Yeah. OMG AKAI ANGST WOES.

I miss my gaillardias, ;.; I had to leave them behind because I'm back in Kitchener now, but I'm only here for two days, so there's really no point in driving them up just to drive them back. I hope Mum takes good care of them. They're growing so fast, o_o I can't wait till they get bigger ♥ ♥

I've gone and hurt my leg somehow - I've been limping all day, x.X This does not bode well, considering tomorrow/Tuesday is the RIM Park convention. I'll be helping to man the Conestoga College booth both days, which means I get to be on my feet for six hours both days. How fun. (I totally would not complain if my leg wasn't bitching at me every step I take.)

Actually, leg aside, it really should be fun. I kind of hope we're close enough to watch the competition - it's the provincial contest for Skills Canada Ontario, and if Zach wins he gets to go to the competition in Saskatchewan. Lucky h0r. Might be interesting to see. I had a nifty time when I did the booth at the wood show in first year, so I imagine it won't be too bad.

I miss my PS2 already, -_-; I'm so obsessed. I guess if I get desperate I could play Valkyrie Profile, but all I can do now is level up my characters until the cycle ends. And PSP Katamari hurts my hands after a while.

I started chapter 2 of Ghost. (Oh glee. It's so funny to not call it epic!fic...) 1,500 words in, and Guy hasn't even reached Kimlasca yet xD Every time I plan for how big this sucker's going to be, it gets bigger...

Hopefully it'll get more interesting once he meets "Luke" for the first time~ I'm still kind of iffy on my narration style, but it's writing itself, and hell if I'm going to complain about progress.

OFF TO BED. Tomorrow's gonna be long. ♥
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2007-04-25 07:54 pm
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Title: Ghost On A Stage
Word Count: 7,179
Summary: "For years, I'd promised to work together with Van to get revenge on the Duke. If I'd taken a slightly different path somewhere, I might have been on their side." Spoilers for Guy's past.

Still debating posting it elsewhere. I might wait until I get more written. That's if I post it at all. xD *fails*


I never thought I'd get to post the damn thing, x.X Re-reading it, I was surprisingly happy with it for some reason... I hate it when that happens.

The exam today went alright. I hope, anyway xD; Guess we'll have to see how things go when the marks are posted.

I'm home again! Ergo boo on dialup, but hey, at least it's nice and quiet. I intend to enjoy my vacation as much as possible, write as much as possible, and play TotA till I drop. ... Yep, that's the extent of it. I may even go back and give Symphonia a try. Though I will seriously miss Free Run :x

*flits off to play stuff!*
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2007-04-17 04:33 pm
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(no subject)

Dear Tear (obviously conspiring with Winamp):

Singing the Grand Fonic Hymn while I edit the scenes involving your father's death is entirely appropriate. But.

... ow. That one stung.


Be nicer.

No love,



I guess 7,000 words it is? I'd love to post it later >_>

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2007-04-17 05:31 am
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(no subject)


I just finished the first chapter of the Asch/Guy epic!fic.

Excluding editing and start/end notes, it is exactly 7,000 words.


Is that a bit excessive for a single chapter? ._.; Might just scare people off. *ponders splitting it up...*

DUDE WTF WHY AM I AWAKE. *goes to bed!!!*
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2007-04-11 02:18 am
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(no subject)

Dear Winamp:

Please take care to choose more appropriate music when I am writing dramatic death scenes. I know I have well over 5000 mp3s to choose from, many of which are perfectly acceptable. Others, unfortunately, are not.

For example:

"Ha Ha You're Dead" is not a fitting song for Mary.

"I Wanna Stab You With Something Rusty" is not a fitting song for Fende.

Please behave next time.

No love,

- Akai


In other news, AIM SUCKS ASS. T__________T
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2007-04-10 02:07 am
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(no subject)

Gailardia smiled as Fende carefully tucked the blanket around him - he wasn't as good as the maids who often did that for him, and no one could compare to Mary or his mother, but he was still Van's papa, and that meant he knew all about little boys.


It took me about ten seconds after I wrote this to realize how horribly, horribly Badtouch it is.


... *keeps it that way anyway*

EPIC FIC AT 4500 WORDS AND COUNTING. YAY? (God I fail. So slooooow.)


In other news, I had a good Easter but a crappy weekend, I have too much candy, I'm addicted to playing TotA and talking on the phone with [ profile] fabre, I need to stop buying shit and staying up so freaking late. I'm exhausted and blah and yeah. Whatev.

Despite all of this, I'm in a surprisingly good mood.

I want that damned Edmonton job, but I don't want to move to Edmonton to get it. Suuuuuuck. xD

I love how this is about as emo as my LJ gets.

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2007-03-30 02:09 am
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Doujin and fanfics and FM, oh my


*oh utter glee*

*loves on [ profile] fabre* ILU MASTER. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Judging by the last time I got a doujin via Y!Japan, it'll take roughly a month to arrive. So I have that long to map out EXACTLY what I want to do with epic-fic to avoid getting snarked at for copying xD

Granted, the doujinshi is Guy/Luke, and the fic is going to be Asch/Guy... and I already have it mostly planned out, o.o; Even so. MORE DETAILS REQUIRED!

I love the flexibility of Tales of the Abyss pairings. I'm plotting for the epic!fic, buying doujin for Guy/Luke, meanwhile roleplaying AND drawing smut for Asch/Natalia...

And [ profile] fabre is requesting a Van/Guy thing on the side for the fic... o.o;

I need to write Asch more. This fic's gonna be hella-difficult without more practice with him.

Speaking of epic-fic: 3000 words.

I HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT HOUSE GARDIOS. WTF. xDD Then again I suppose there's a lot of ground to cover...


On the Final Mix+ side, I didn't get to play much, but that'll change this weekend >.>; Today was mostly for testing purposes, seeing what I could get to run. Chain of Memories works flawlessly on the HD, huzzah! So I won't need the disc or Swap Magic for it. Haven't checked KHII yet. Will do that next time. Really, I don't have to worry about anything except the Gummi missions... eh, we'll see.

Nothing new so far, but I'm still in Traverse Town in CoM. May I just say that the CoM opening movie is the worst cop-out ever? They didn't redo a damn thing. Wtf, Squeenix.

Ah well. I'm just happy to be playing. The card system is still really difficult for me to get used to xD I get hit... a lot. And there aren't nearly enough save points for my liking. But it's much easier than playing on the GBA, and... well, it's pretty. PS2 graphics and all...

Is it sad that I keep wanting to go back to TotA? And I used to be such a fangirl...
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2007-03-26 02:52 am
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(no subject)

This entry has two purposes:

1) Tales of the Abyss post-game fic for [ profile] fabre. SO YOU BETTER READ IT AND SAY SOMETHING NICE, DAMN YOU. >____>


[ profile] fabre: .....hey, didn't you say that you only type with two fingers?
[ profile] akai_kitsune: ....yes?
[ profile] fabre: ........
[ profile] fabre: Come fall, it's time for TYPING LESSONS WITH HOLLY
[ profile] akai_kitsune: .....
[ profile] akai_kitsune: DDDD8
[ profile] fabre: I will reward you with brownies
[ profile] akai_kitsune: BUT i TYPE JUST FNE
[ profile] akai_kitsune: ....
[ profile] fabre: .........
[ profile] akai_kitsune: the irony of that.
[ profile] fabre: That was epic win.

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2007-03-23 12:12 am
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(no subject)

Things are improving somewhat. Still haven't heard from the support at Jconserv. I'll give it a couple days and paw at them again.

I'm thinking of making HoP read-only until we're ready to move. People keep posting, O.o I've already saved the database, so, uh, anything that gets posted will be gone... not that anything important is being posted anyway. *shrug*

Must remember to keep the ban list when we move. TIM FOUND MY LJ. EL OH EL. I so scared.

Oh, to the TotA peeps who have me friended: [ profile] eldrant >____>

I got pissed off at all the people who steal the awesome usernames and NEVER USE THEM *eyes [ profile] gardios in particular!!* so I went ahead and stole [ profile] eldrant as revenge. And I am going to use it. Take that, fanbrats.

Honestly, taking it to save it is all fine and good, but way to spoil it for the rest by stealing it and letting it ROT. I was lucky to get a decent title for Guy's journal at Toujours...

So yeah. TotA fics will probably be posted there now, xD But I'll link to them from here, most likely. I've always wanted a fic journal, and I didn't want to see [ profile] eldrant wasted like a lot of the others.

Honestly, just look at [ profile] kuzu ;___; and [ profile] dreck! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

*is not bitter, oh no*

Luke/Mieu is coming along. As is epic!fic. God I am never going to finish that thing x.X

TO BED! I'll write more tomorrow.
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2007-03-11 10:20 pm
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Oh, so THAT'S where my fic muse went...

Oh god, I wrote the worst Luke!line ever today. As soon as I finished it I went "....SHIT. AUGH."

And the winner is:

Luke gave him [Guy] another cheeky grin. "House Gardios defeated by Fabre again!"


... *facepalm* Think before you write these things, Akai. Think. (I TOTALLY MEANT SOMETHING ELSE, I SWEAR.)


That aside, another Tales of the Abyss ficlet. I'll note that this is post-game (for once!) which means spoilers abound.

Also contains some fun stuff that kept randomly hitting me as I wrote it, so I can explain myself a bit afterwards.

Guy & Luke fuzzies. I hope. *cough*

'It's lonely being a servant without a master.' )

Lalala boring explanations. )

... Seeing as this is a oneshot, I will now shut up about it >.>; Feedback plz?
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2007-03-05 03:43 am
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(no subject)

Back from spring break. Ugh, I am totally baked. And out of touch. I screwed up my Lycos mail account and had noooo idea how to fix it (I think I set it to log in automatically or something...) so I couldn't check my e-mail at all xD; I fail.

I feel like I accomplished pretty much nothing that I wanted to do this week. *facepalm* Except beat Tales of the Abyss. I did manage that, which was the main goal. Yay?

This entry preeeetty much has no purpose, aside from the fact that I wanted to use my new icon. I feel like I should be posting something important but my brain is so utterly fried right now I can't be bothered.

.... Eh, what the hell, have a fic.

Do my laundry, Guuuuuy! )